Cari Tiket Murah dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung

Cari Tiket Murah dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung

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Boston (BOS)
Kota Taichung ChingChuanKang
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Harga rata-rata perjalanan pulang-pergi

Rp 6.659.886 (rata-rata 2 minggu terakhir)

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Rp 455 atau kurang

FAQ untuk Memesan Penerbangan dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung

Bagaimana KAYAK menemukan harga yang begitu rendah untuk tiket dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung?

Bagaimana alat Prakiraan Harga tiket KAYAK membantu saya dalam memilih waktu yang tepat untuk membeli tiket pesawat dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung?

Apa opsi Asia Tenggara Mix untuk penerbangan dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung?

Fitur "tanggal fleksibel" KAYAK itu maksudnya apa dan apa gunanya saat mencari penerbangan dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung?

Maskapai terpopuler yang terbang dari Asia Tenggara ke Kota Taichung ChingChuanKang

Peringkat berdasarkan ulasan pelanggan KAYAK

Cathay Pacific
Peringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 6.300 ulasan
Naik Pesawat
Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai

Pro: "nothing"
Kontra: "3 hours delay for a flight of 1 h 45 min"

Pro: "Conformt ,enjoy and on time"

Pro: "seats are comfortable"
Kontra: "flight as always delayed, food and inflight entertainment system choice are very poor - crew always on the PA for non sens announcement in 3 languages"

Kontra: "terrible food - poor entertainment system with very mited choice - flight delayed as always"

Kontra: "all except the seat - always delayed"

Kontra: "flight delayed as always"

Kontra: "short hall business class not comfortable - flight delayed as usual"

Kontra: "flight delayed as usual"

Kontra: "short haul business class seat very uncomfortablev- flight delayed as usul"

Pro: "I paid $190 for extra legroom for an economy seat by an exit door, however the remote for the entertainment screen encroached an inch on the already VERY narrow seats - I'm six foot three and 215 pounds and both hips were in full pressing contact against the sides of the seat - TOO NARROW!"
Kontra: "Seats too narrow in Economy."

Pro: "Food and drink good and staff served any time when asked no payment needed for alcoholic drinks"
Kontra: "Nothing"

Pro: "I don't know why now there was no little gift or stuff keep kids busy during the flight, but only movie."
Kontra: "keep providing little gifts for kids"

Pro: "not too bad"
Kontra: "not too bad"

Pro: "Crew was polite. Clean cabin."
Kontra: "Electronic entertainment system appears a bit old. Lacks USB sockets."

Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "The baggage of all first class passengers was delayed beyond the time of the later flight .. ridiculous .. also flight delayed as is usual tor all flights in and out of Bangkok. The food on the flight is not appealing .. the front of the seat fell down onto the legs.."

Pro: "On time, safe, standard service"

Pro: "Good quality plane with good entertainment options. Staff were good but seemed stretched, perhaps not enough staff?"
Kontra: "Plan was 2 hours late departing, my daughter also took this flight 6 weeks beforehand and had similar delays."

Pro: "Cleanliness and no disruptions"
Kontra: "The crew were slow to clear the food trays"

Kontra: "The stopover in Hong Kong was longer than I would have liked."

Kontra: "Original itinerary was not followed. Plane from manila to hongkong left late and was transferred to a different flight for hongkong to Auckland .Seats not even together. Was put on 2 lay overs instead of just 1 (hongkong to Aussie then Aussie to Auckland. With no compensation at all. Sorry is not enough."

Kontra: "The seats seemed like they had no padding and it kept stabbing me in the back. Seat belts were so thick and hard i couldn't lean in any direction to get comfortable as it would stab me. My partner and I were also seated separately. Painful flight, disappointed."

Pro: "Friendly staff"

Pro: "Little more leg room!"

Pro: "All went to schedule and flight attendants very good"

Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "After my flight from Nanjing was delayed the next two flights to Sydney been overbooked and I was put on a flight to Melbourne to then go from there to Sydney. No Lounge access possible and no food vaucher offered. I had to ask to even get a small food vaucher. Bad!"

Pro: "I am frequent air traveler that logs about 100k miles a year and this is the first time I felt like writing a review about an airline. I traveled with my 4 year old son on this trip. Excellent service, high quality food options and flight amenities. I really enjoyed the food as did my son. My son left his backpack behind on the first leg and the airline staff retreived it and delivered it to the lounge in less than 15 minutes. I was astounded and had almost given up on seeing the bag again, given my experience with other airlines in the past. This is going to be airline of choice for future trips!"

Pro: "Great service and smiley staff"
Kontra: "the fact that it's a 14 hour flight, i hope someone invents a faster plane soon."

Kontra: "The system was unsatisfied by me, they made my name wrong on The ticket and say that was a flaut to me and I have to bear the extra cost to onboard. I never use it and recommend everybody not to use it anymore."

Pro: "Was in premium economy from Hong Kong to London. Fairly comfortable seats. Managed to sleep about 7 hours. Food was decent."
Kontra: "Crew appear disinterested in the service."

Pro: "Crew were excellent, taking the time to introduce themselves and always responding promptly to requests"
Kontra: "Service at times seemed a little disorganised. A minor issue though when compared to the overall service"

Pro: "Staff were superb from check in to landing. Service from MAN to HKG was impeccable."
Kontra: "Seat was a touch faulty"

Pro: "N/A"
Kontra: "Gate staff was not patient and friendly. No advanced notification before flight cancellation. Poor communication after flight cancellation. No instructions for remediation for flight cancellation only tell customer to get checked in luggage bag and go home. No initiative to handle the incident. We waited for 2 hours at the counter for explanation and information for re-arrangement for the flight. Really disappointed with this flight."

Pro: "Boarding was orderly and efficient, the polar opposite of the mad rush that can sometimes happen when cabin crew don't take charge of the boarding order. Crew were courteous and multilingual. Leg room felt a bit better than average for an international flight. Food was very tasty. The inflight entertainment selection and screen quality was excellent."
Kontra: "They managed to run out of the Western breakfast option (which I did not want anyway, but many British tourists had to make do with yoghurt and fruit due to unfamiliarity with congee). The entertainment system is controlled by touchscreen only. An elegant solution that is simple to keep clean, but you get tired of holding your arm up at eye level."

Pro: "food was awesome. the seats were pretty comfortable. the in-flight crew were always so helpful and smiling. there was quite a collection of movies to choose from which is nice."
Kontra: "The ground staff at the departure lounge were most of the time chatting or walking in circles and chatting. Also they were not as organized nor as accomodating than expected. Kinda shows a lesser level of professionalism than the crew in other countries."

Pro: "Crew were pleasant and courteous throughout. Food was not bad, but not excellent either, just airline food."
Kontra: "Boarding was somewhat chaotic, with people queuing up early and no assigned groups. Seems to be the norm for Cathay unfortunately."

Pro: "super comfortable seats, complete amenities (pillows, blankets, TV and a plug to charge your devices). flights are also on time and the food is great! I've been flying through budget airlines until now; although I flew economy with Cathay, the flight experience felt very premium."

Pro: "Food was good and seats were comfy :) Quick boarding and timely departures which I really like coz it got me to the destination pretty on time compared to other airlines."
Kontra: "Staff seemed a bit stressed at times. Service seemed rushed but acceptable."

Pro: "CX starts throwing out some old movies, it's nice to see some vintage from my kid age."
Kontra: "How about some new Hollywood release please"

Pro: "- Crew friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "- very uncomfortable flight - seated with someone who whined and complained the whole way - could not sleep as the person behind me snored loudly the whole night - Was sitting in the isle seat and kept getting hit in the arm every time the trolley went by"

Kontra: "Nothing as such"

Pro: "Good crew"
Kontra: "Cathay Pacific forgot to send paperwork for departure which resulted in 1 hour delay and then given us furthest possible gate on arrival in HK"

Pro: "I managed to miss my flight in Hong Kong (my mistake) and Cathay managed to get me onto the next flight. Thanks Cathay!"

Kontra: "Plane got delayed for an hour, WITHOUT any air conditioning. I forgot what the captain said about the HKG airport not capable of providing air conditioning to the plane. Anyway, I began sweating after 10 mins, and it sucks."

Pro: "Luggage allowance, in-flight meals, good flight, arrived early"
Kontra: "Cabin a bit "dull""

Pro: "The plane actually arrived an hour earlier than expected."

Pro: "Seated 19K in business class on the 777 from Manchester. Crew was fantastic and responded quickly and enthusiastically. Breakfast muesli was really good"
Kontra: "Food could be better. Lamp rump steak cooked well but potato on the side not washed properly. Breakfast option not appetizing"

Kontra: "when can CX remove those terrible sliding seats?"

Pro: "Typical Cathay"

Pro: "The extra space was nice, but expected as I paid for it."
Kontra: "My wife's and my seats were sticky and difficult to recline. my headphone socket had lose fitting and neither the airline supplied headphone nor my Bose QC headphone were able to work constantly. The service from the two hosts was poor with very little to no engagement or pleasantries. I compare this with Premium Economy class flights with other airlines I have flown and I will elect not to fly Cathy Pacific again. I also found the food and the service below average. No option for wine on this flight, just red or white."

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