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Singapore AirlinesPeringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 3883 ulasan
8,8Naik Pesawat
8,6Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai
Pro: "Again seats space could be better. Crews were very attentive."
Kontra: "Other passengers reclining their seats could be a nuisance..."
Baca selengkapnya tentang Singapore Airlines
Pro: "Again seats space could be better. Crews were very attentive."
Kontra: "Other passengers reclining their seats could be a nuisance..."
Pro: "Crew very helpful. Seat was very good, food excellent."
Kontra: "More storage space in business"
Pro: "Just ok"
Kontra: "The crew and the service"
Pro: "The crew was great although I needed to ask them for my meal cause they passed by me. They thought I had my meal already which I didn’t. I don’t think they did it on purpose so it was just misunderstanding. My flight was on SQ 38 from Singapore to LAX on October 30 2019 Other than that. All is amazing. I will still highly recommend Singapore Airlines to other people."
Kontra: "I think I have nothing in mind about improvements because I can see they have been training very well. I would like to say keep up the good work"
Pro: "everything, the crew was efficient"
Kontra: "more African entertainment to be added on the Johannesburg route"
Pro: "Entertainment system was new and easy to use. Seats in premium economy were quite comfortable."
Kontra: "A vegetarian / pescatarian option on the menu would have been nice but other than that, all good."
Pro: "I always like Singapore Airlines. They should continue to be the best."
Kontra: "Some flexibility to select food choices even if we book the flight in short notice."
Pro: "Excellent crew and very well dressed and always smiling"
Kontra: "The lights were switched off for a very long time. That can be avoided"
Pro: "Crew was attentive and made extra effort to meet special requests from passengers."
Pro: "Flight attendants were very friendly, professional and helpful"
Pro: "One of the best seating I have ever had. Compared to Emirates the seat was spacious."
Kontra: "Food was good but was not full compared to emirates."
Pro: "The crew was very helpful and courteous."
Kontra: "The flight was delayed and I decreased my time in Singapore"
Pro: "I can say all the crew was amazing"
Kontra: "They are doing excelent job."
Pro: "All Crew members was friendly seats i found comfortable."
Pro: "The crew did a wonderful job of anticipating needs and having all the little ammenities you could want."
Kontra: "They gave you a menu at the start of the flight but didn't serve any of that food, and the food wasn't very good"
Pro: "I like everything in Singapore airlines"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Flight was canceled. They moved passengers to the Lufthansa but didn’t tell us even though we checked with the counter every 20 min. Apparently a text went out that we didn’t get"
Pro: "Crew was polite."
Kontra: "For such a long journey, the plane could have been nicer."
Pro: "Seat was very comfortable, crew was very nice,"
Kontra: "food is average. TV screens are so bad that you cant watch a full movie. Seat is comfortable. Over all the plane was old and worn out"
Kontra: "Seat space could be wider for working"
Pro: "Well organized boarding, friendliness of staff, food service"
Kontra: "Flight was delayed by about an hour."
Pro: "Got bumped to Business Class"
Kontra: "Excellent flight service no"
Kontra: "Boarding didn’t give priority to passengers with children"
Pro: "Nice and attentive crew"
Kontra: "Seat in the economy class is cramped and although the movie selection is quite ok, but the lack of touchscreen is quite annoying"
Pro: "The main course"
Kontra: "Items missing or substituted in the veg but was ok in regular meals. In one veg serving, no salad or dessert was included. Margarine instead of butter for only in the veg meal."
Kontra: "I Booked a flight that stated that it only had one stop in singapore, then direct to SFO after arriving in singapore i was told that i had to go to a transfer counter, that there was a problem with my ticket. after arriving at the transfer counter they took my boarding pass for my dircet flight to SFO, & told me that i now had a stop in hong kong, that the direct flight to SFO was over booked!! this is not right i wouldn't of booked this flight if they had been truthfull about the extra stop. i will never use singapore airline or kayak again!!!"
Kontra: "In spite of ordering vegetarian food, was offered a non-vegetarian option and was told that is Asian vegetarian. Food quality was bad too."
Pro: "The cabin crew was great."
Kontra: "1. Flight seats are too congested on flight.. 2. Not too many indian movie choices 3. Some reason, while booking the flight, the KAYAK site had not asked for food choice. And the airline does not carry any extra vegetarian food. This had caused some inconvenience."
Kontra: "Seats in economic class are not too contraint in space, food was good and entertainment system quite nice with large si play screen and large movie selection"
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "My flight was delayed by 2 hours so I missed my connecting flight in Singapore. There was a huge queue of people who missed their connecting flight cos of an accident in the runway. The airline did nothing to prepare for this situation. It took hours to get another flight organised, communication was non existent and refreshments took ages to come. Airline didn't help with finding a hotel for stranded passengers."
Pro: "The seats seem to have more leg room, food was actually good, and the staff was delightful."
Kontra: "It was a 17 hour flight, but they made it bearable."
Pro: "Crew members were very friendly n helpful."
Pro: "I love traveling on Singapore airlines. They have excellent service and always on time. Their entertainment system is very good. I won't say excellent as I've seem Emirates and they still have along way to go to catch up."
Kontra: "They did not give us the landing cards and we had to fill them in at the airport. Many were like us and I am surprised. Also for business class passengers they don't get into a priority lane as you see in Emirates and other airlines. while Singapore airline is very good, they still lack in the details."
Pro: "Excellent service. Good food. Very attentive and responsive flight crew."
Kontra: "Space was too tight"
Pro: "Service was nice."
Kontra: "Comparing to recent businesses class flight on Emirates; Singapore airlines seat does not recline to flat bed. Boarded flight st 11pm and arrived at Singapore at 7am. Toiletries like tooth brush and paste, razor etc. were not provided. Emirates provides, so we did not pack in-flight."
Pro: "Service was great."
Kontra: "Bit on the cold side."
Pro: "Crew was overall friendly"
Kontra: "Old plane, entertainment system very old and doesn't work properly, wake you up in the middle of the night for breakfast, service not efficient as half of the plane orders Indian food and get served first"
Kontra: "Food was very poor."
Pro: "Such incredible staff. Always Willing to go above and beyond! I flew 17 hours with them and they made the flight a breeze. Great airline, will be flying with Singapore again"
Kontra: "Really nothing. I loved flying with them."
Pro: "Crew was very friendly and good service."
Pro: "Nothing specific"
Kontra: "No real dramas"
Pro: "Overall just a really great experience."
Kontra: "Nothing negative to report."
Pro: "The food was ok. It didn't set my heart on fire, but I did finish it."
Kontra: "The plug to the ear buds was loose to the entertainment unit, and so most of the time I couldn't hear anything! When I could the sound was dreadful."
Pro: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
Kontra: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."
Kontra: "No room, seats too tight. So close, my neighbor spills over. Toilets too small."
Pro: "Spacious, comfortable seat"
Pro: "Lots of movie and game options"
Kontra: "Staff was slow to tend to my needs (i.e. Water), continually bumped into my shoulder or leg. Would not accommodate moving my seat next to my wife's because a couple wanted to have an entire row to themselves. Very frustrating"

At CGK, need to walk from one gate all the way to the other gate to board the plane. Which makes me wonder, why can’t we just gather at the correct gate in the first place?

Boarding from gate to airplane very hot

Take Off dan Landing nya sangat nyaman hampir tidak ada getaran, saat di udara juga sangat nyaman... Terlebih lagi jadwal penerbangan nya sangat on time,,, semoga selalu seperti ini dan akan lebih baik lagi kedepannya, sukses selalu Garuda Indonesia...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jadwal keberangkatan pukul 13.50 terbangnya pukul 14.25, tiba fi Palembang jadwal pukul 15.00 realita tiba pukul 15.25, dalam penerbangan sangat baik, kru juga profesional,status di udara sangat nyaman termaduk take off dan landing sangat soft...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Pro: "Comfortable seats"
Kontra: "Cabin was very warm for a long time. Boarding could be more organized. Food - fish for main fish and tuna salad. I like fish, but really?"
Pro: "The seat was comfortable enough."
Kontra: "Boarding is disorganized. Food wasn’t heated properly so the fish just had coagulated oil coating it."
Pro: "Crew was better"
Kontra: "Improve food quality. Garuda is moving backward in quality of food."
Kontra: "It's impossible to contact them to arrange infant seats, their HK office phone number rings out and isn't manned and the other country offices keep on redirecting our queries there. They also changed and cancelled our flights 6 times."
Pro: "Crew was good on flight and food was delicious."
Kontra: "Weather delays but worst was that crew staff couldn’t notify us of times. Caused me to miss work today and had 2 major delays to and from"
Kontra: "It was ok"
Pro: "The flight was in time. Boarding didn’t take long. Crew was friendly and worked fast distributing snacks for a 25-minute flight. In-flight magazine is informative and colorful."
Kontra: "Phone check-in until 1 hr before departure would’ve been helpful."
Pro: "Seating was comfortable."
Kontra: "Different selection of food."
Pro: "Everything was good"
Kontra: "Baggage claim in Bali very slow"
Pro: "Perjalanannya Tepat Waktu... Dan pelayanannya Sangat Baik Dan Ramah"
Kontra: "Terus pertahankan Pelayanannya...."
Pro: "On time smooth flight"
Pro: "Void Jancok"
Kontra: "Void Jancok"
Pro: "It was a direct flight. The greeting crew member at boarding was nice."
Kontra: "The flight was late. Food and beverage was average. Crew were unengaged. Seating was squashy and I was placed between 2 men."
Pro: "On time and good service from. Cabin crew"
Pro: "Quick boarding, good entertainment"
Kontra: "n/a"
Kontra: "The flight was on time, everything on schedule. Everything was good"
Pro: "The boarding procedure from CGK T3 is pretty smooth and good!"
Kontra: "The food... taste quite weird. It’s a far far cry from the standard of an Indonesian food."
Pro: "Although not asked, I was reseated to a front row seat, which has more space."
Kontra: "Delay of 30 minutes without any explanation. Contrary to other times, the food was tasteless."
Pro: "Boarding on time, efficient flight, handled well, on time at destination."
Kontra: "Long check in queue, many counters closed, counter staff seemed very busy with talking to their colleagues while checking in passengers. I am used better from Garuda."
Kontra: "Delayed"
Pro: "Garuda is the best"
Kontra: "I like all"
Pro: "new plane list of movies"
Kontra: "food quality is not good to and fro flights"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly. The airplane was on-time, clean and comfortable. The food was delicious. There was no in-flight entertainment, but that's ok. The flight was short."
Kontra: "There was no in-flight entertainment, but like I said it was ok since it was a short flight."
Pro: "Non stop"
Kontra: "Delay by 2 plus hours!"
Pro: "Crew still manage to provide their excellent services instead of all of the problem related to boarding."
Kontra: "There's no dedicated Garuda counter for internet checked-in international passengers at Soekarno Hatta T3; you need to queue together with the other passengers. I've put a formal suggestion before to Garuda several months ago; seems nobody care. Gate information is confusing, initially shown gate number at *domestic* terminal; then changed again twice. In the end they took you on a bus-ride to domestic gate; need to climb a couple of narrow stairs (good luck for older people); the escalator next to it is set for descending only while the ground crew doing nothing. Then your plane are on the 7th queue for another 20 minutes. Food is mediocre, in flight entertainment suddenly went blank and resetting for several minutes."
Pro: "Absolutely nothing - your Arline’s cancelled our flight and could got us out in 1 instead of 3 days late. You even tried charge a change fee or $ 800 more for business class Tix to depart earlier!"
Kontra: "see message above"
Pro: "Garuda is still the best over the other international airlines. The crews were so kind and helpful. Its pilots handled the bad weather very smooth. During the flight they kept giving foods and drinks."
Pro: "The quality of the food was truly outstanding. A personal chef on board - very happy to vary the food to get it just right, Also to suggest an alternative. I asked for something with a little spice. The flight attendent suggest one dish but then discussing it with the chef he suggested alterning another. Presentation expectional."
Kontra: "The cabin is good but the style is a little old fashioned compared to other airlines - although the cabin wasn’t tattty. In the same way that Emirates is really old fashioned to westerners eyes."
Pro: "..service great - I normally fly Singapore airlines - but now I will always consider guruda"
Kontra: "...had same movies going to Indonesia ...and on the return journey to London being a 14hr 20 min flight to Jakarta I had watched many of the film's - I was a little disappointed to see the film list hadn't changed when I was about to sit through a 13 hr return trip !!"
Pro: "Fiod, flight experience, boarding. The flight staff was very good and helpful, as was the ground crew"
Pro: "Staff, food, seats."
Kontra: "Nothing really."
Pro: "Gr8 service on land and air way to go Garuda"
Pro: "Organised, well turned out, polite and efficient, a refreshing change to British Airways"
Pro: "One thing that i love about garuda indonesia is their service"
Kontra: "The entertainment system need more variation"
Pro: "The flight attendants were friendly and helpful. The seats were spacious and comfortable."
Kontra: "The food could have been better."
Pro: "We were warmly greeted and quickly checked in ...very efficient. The plane even left a bit early...don't be late!"
Pro: "Food, flight, service, entertainment, free checked bag"
Kontra: "Nothing!!!"
Pro: "Crew service and punctuality of takeoff/arrival"
Kontra: "Leg room too small"
Pro: "Crew members were friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "Knee room was very tight.."
Pro: "Pretty on time"
Kontra: "The food is bad"
Pro: "Their lounge in Soekarno Hatta is cozy with a lot of food choices."
Kontra: "Now, they won't give you a choice for the meal. The movie selection has been stagnant for three months. Boarding in Soekarno Hatta is based on first come first based basis, not based on class/membership/row number."
Pro: "The crew are polite."
Kontra: "Insufficient information about boarding , no announcement. No information screen. The food was a bit strange."
Kontra: "Sin-Jkt Fish with Rice: rice was very salty"
Pro: "On time boarding"
Pro: "Great service and food"
Pro: "The ground staff, the inflight staff were great with outstanding service and care for passengers."
Kontra: "There is nothing I find not liking."
Kontra: "Food options!"
Pro: "The crews were super excellent. Kind and warm hearted services. Airplane is old but it is a short haul and does not matter much."
Pro: "The staff was friendly, fast, and the on boarding was organized. Not like other airline, China Airlines has made an impressive impression with their staffs friendliness, organized policies, and great movies to watch."
Kontra: "I got economy, the seats were uncomfortable"
Kontra: "The food from Canada was very Canadian, but on the way back way more traditional chinese"
Kontra: "It would be better if the chair a little bit bigger! But overall you still have the best service so far! Thank you very much!"
Pro: "Love China air. Comfortable. Lots of movies. Food okay"
Pro: "The staff were actually very nice and possibly the only good thing about this trip."
Kontra: "The turbulence was the worst I had ever experienced in my life. Granted, I understand nothing can really be done about that but, the captains made little to no effort to inform us when we would be hitting turbulence. All he said was “Crew, take your seats.” People just had to assume we were about to hit turbulence. And gosh was it horrible turbulence. 13 and 1/2 hours and at least 7 incidences of really hard turbulence. I got no sleep at all, cause I was much to afraid to even close my eyes. I wish the capitains could have said something to calm us down. It was frightening."
Kontra: "3hr delay on the tarmac due to maintenance issues after an aborted takeoff."
Pro: "Very clean and on time"
Kontra: "Legroom was tight. Much less than the sfo/Tiapie leg"
Pro: "Perfect landing. On time!"
Kontra: "I got sick on this flight, and the concern expressed by the crew was about 0. Also, they don't understand the meaning of ice water. Water, with lots of ice! Serving an American destination, they should know how much ice Americans like in drinks. Normally not a big deal, but when you really need to cool down to keep from barfing, it is important."
Pro: "Comfortable and relaxing!"
Kontra: "-"
Pro: "Transit was smooth and efficient."
Kontra: "-"
Kontra: "fter serving a meal, it was 7 hours later we received any beverages. the cabin air was very dehydrating and everyone started coughing because we had been given no water. this is how people get sick and spread diseases. the plane definitely needed to consider hydration. and when they finally served us the meal, they didnt offer water rather coffee or tea and i had to ask for water and juice. the cabin temperature also fluctuated from hot to cold."
Pro: "The fact that the flight was on time the service was grate ."
Kontra: "Delayed multiple times."
Kontra: "Great services on board"
Pro: "Easy flight from TPE to SIN. The plane was clean and the crew were attentive and pleasant."
Kontra: "The plane was older and starting to show signs of wear and tear. The snacks were okay, but the meal served was nearly inedible. Limited selection of beverages. The entertainment system was slow and did not contain as much content as other international lines I've flown."
Pro: "I haven't verified this with seat pitch measurements, but the economy seats on this flight (Airbus A350) felt roomier than the economy seats we've had on US airlines. Flights in economy seating haven't been truly comfortable for me in a while, but this one was decent."
Kontra: "You booked my flight with wrong middle name. Had to. It new flight. Please call me or I will be calling. I was told by china air in Denpasar that it was refundable"
Pro: "My very first time flying china airlines and loved everything about it... food, service, comfort, etc."
Kontra: "Nothing."
Pro: "good leg room, excellent food, service in Economy better than I've had in some other first class."
Kontra: "A350 seat cushions are a little short for us tall folks."
Pro: "We were lucky to have an exit row. The flight was smooth and pleasant."
Kontra: "The food was not great but got the job done. Could use a wider movie selection."
Kontra: "I was flying with todler and they dont have food option for kids also the menu was only left to one choice, and it's too spicy for todler to eat, so it was bad in food choice."
Pro: "No delays, new aircraft, great service (only comparable to JAL)."
Kontra: "Flight attendants are too cute and look too young, I would like to see someone more experience (or give me assurance that they are experienced)."
Pro: "Enough legroom & space in economy"
Pro: "Entertainment system"
Kontra: "Narrow seats, narrow aisles"
Pro: "Crew was very efficient with great customer service"
Kontra: "Food was awful. Would bring my own food on future flights"
Pro: "The crew memebers were very kind and assisted in any way possible."
Kontra: "The seats were not that comfortable and very close together. Very booked flight"
Pro: "I really liked the good selection of movies and my individual screen."
Pro: "I particularly appreciated having so many employees assist those passengers (including me!) who needed to connect in Tapei with the flight to Bangkok. Our flight arrived a bit later than scheduled, and I was concerned that I would miss the connection to Bangkok - but our connecting flight was held for us, and several employees were available to direct us to the correct gate for boarding. thank you all!"
Pro: "Aircraft wasn't crowded and the staff were great"
Pro: "Friendly staff with fast pace. They can serve food within the 2 hour flight. We flew from Taipei to Hong Kong and did not expect a meal."
Kontra: "China Airline changed the flight schedule and delayed 1 hour departure time. :-("
Pro: "Good seats"
Pro: "I got business class and I'm not sure why? Was it because it was my birthday?"
Pro: "The crew was nice. We did get dinner and breakfast which had decent selections for both."
Kontra: "The airplane got so dry at one point I felt like I couldn't breathe. The entertainment wasn't updated from the last time I was on the plane so I had seen everything. This flight had earphones which kept falling out of my ears and even at full volume, it was still too low. It was super cold on this flight compared to other flights too."
Pro: "Nice staff and fast boarding"
Kontra: "Terrible seating and mediocre food"
Pro: "T has good customer service. Good media selection"
Kontra: "The seats are pretty narrow and not enough leg room"
Pro: "Great Taiwanese airline. It's not a Chinese airline despite the confusing name, so there is no safety concern and the passengers are nice and civilized people. Great service similar to other airline from Taiwan (EVA Air)."
Pro: "I was provided an extra pillow upon request. All the flight attendants were friendly, nice and always have a smile on their faces. The airline counter in Hong Kong offers the special candy from Taiwan."
Kontra: "There was no toothbrush/tooth paste provided on the return trip from Taiwan to Los Angeles. They didn't offer and soda from Los Angeles to Taiwan. The return trip was delayed from Hong Kong to Taiwan and Taiwan to Los Angeles. Both delays were only announced at the time of the original boarding time."
Kontra: "Boarding was delayed"
Pro: "Entertainment"
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "The flight in Premium Economy is a good experience, worth the price of the ticket. I am accustomed to very long flights between Southeast Asia and Europe: this one compares favorably."
Kontra: "Nothing wrong with the flight. Being a frequent flier I used the very short line in LAX to get my boarding pass. All other passengers were queuing up a very, very, long line. Since every single passenger has to go through a face to face session with a physical person, CI should really have more personnel available at LAX for the check-in procedures. The business lounge, provided by Korean Airlines, is a big disappointment. Food not worth mentioning. Going through security at TPE for passengers in transit there is no short line. The only line is very, very long, although quick enough. The facility for this procedure should also be renewed."
Pro: "The crew members were nice."
Kontra: "The seats are small. The food was not that great."
Kontra: "Was told I had a window seat but actually had a center seat in the center section"
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "Got to the gate and flight was booked, no seat, I was not on the list. Have trying to get refund by phone and e mail without response. Will never buy anything ever with kayak unless I get fully refunded."
Kontra: "they lost my oversized baggage both ways - arrived a day later both times ."
Kontra: "They lost my luggage and their response was "we don't generally track Our baggages. Our system doesn't do that.""
Pro: "Flight landing delayed 30min, cutting into transfer time. China Airlines was amazing in making sure I didn't miss it. They moved me up towards the front of the plane and had personnel at jetway to escort me through baggage claim and customs. Thank you for the great customer service!"
Kontra: "Very nice crew and great food"
Pro: "Very nice airplane and pleasant crew"
Pro: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."
Kontra: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."
Pro: "Information sharing by pilots and crew. Economy class leg room is good."
Kontra: "All good up to the level"
Pro: "Decent price for economy comfort seat, 4A."
Kontra: "The flight was delayed about 80 minutes and they did not informed until when I got to the Airport. I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate.."
Pro: "The crews were pretty great!"
Kontra: "The regulating of the temperature."
Kontra: "Information on arrival time was not correct"
Pro: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"
Pro: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"
Pro: "Great plane and staff"
Kontra: "Delayed"
Pro: "Seat was uncomfortable. There was nothing to like. In past I have traveled by KLM but this time it was worst."
Kontra: "No proper food service. Even to the passenger of Amsterdam no dinner was served. No inflight service. It looks like domestic flight. I will think twice to travel by KLM. The check-in staff at counter was absolutely arrogant. Staff ar boarding gate was nice."
Pro: "General flight journey"
Pro: "the drinks"
Kontra: "seat reservation. having to pay for luggage...."
Pro: "The crew"
Kontra: "Seat comfort"
Pro: "The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly."
Kontra: "The seats could have been bigger."
Kontra: "We had 4 hour delay causing a stop over at 3am. So yeah"
Pro: "Crew was great and professional."
Kontra: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Pro: "Like the overall KLM experience"
Kontra: "Food could have had better quality and the stewardess served it all at once versus in the various courses."
Pro: "The crew was nice and helpful (our flight was 2h late so they put us on the one before in business class for us not to miss our connection)"
Kontra: "A lot of delays, on both flights. We spent twice as much time waiting than flying."
Pro: "The crew were really helpful with people who had tight connections because of the delayed flight"
Kontra: "I wish they had WiFi"
Pro: "Seat space a bit tight . I should have upgraded to more leg room . Next time!"
Pro: "The flight started with a visit in the recently renovated KLM crown lounge in Amsterdam airport. I liked the various seating options and of course the upstairs bar. The service on board was attentive and efficient, the food options I really liked (especially the Chinese dish) but also the little touches like the nuts & gouda cheese which were served in small porcelain bowls. The seat itself was very comfortable when sitting and the structure gives a lot of privacy. However for couples or friends travelling it's a bit cumbersome to have a conversation even when sitting in seats next to each other. Overall my expectations were fulfilled."
Kontra: "This seat is not ideal for sleeping for taller persons (I'm 185cm tall) as the space to put the feet is very narrow and it's uncomfortable when lying on the back (as one cannot put them in the natural resting position). Cabin temperature could have been a bit lower for my taste. Crew needs better training with regards to transfer procedure in Chengdu."
Kontra: "Trouble checking in regarding a visa issue?.. no other trouble at the other airports.."
Pro: "Last year I flew Lufthansa which was my worst experience flying ever. I thought the new standard was so low I would never fly to Europe again. I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. The food was even good."
Kontra: "I would have to dream something up."
Pro: "short, sweet and to the point. 1+ hour flight is usually an easy hop."
Pro: "Face recognition was amazing"
Kontra: "Too hot on plane"
Pro: "Restrooms clean, decent food and drink, nice cabin crew."
Kontra: "No complaints"
Kontra: "Food had only vegetarian choices. No charging place and ambiance was noisy"
Pro: "Food was excellent, service from staff was friendly, and entertainment options were great."
Kontra: "Not a lot of shoulder room being in the middle seat. But it had adjustments options for a lot of other things which were good."
Pro: "More than adequate room, And very good service from a very professional staff. Head and shoulders abovevany American carrier, and several European lines I have flown."
Kontra: "Can't think of anything."
Pro: "Great"
Kontra: "Great"
Kontra: "Unaccompanied minor flying to Lisbon overnight. Bag was lost. No real effort to assist. Bags of unaccompanied minor should be treated with priority."
Pro: "The staff was very helpful and professional. Promp response to calling for attention."
Kontra: "Wish there was better lumbar support for the seats. The food could be a bit more exciting with simple addition of lime pickles. Overall can not complain for economy standard!"
Kontra: "Bit cramped for space"
Pro: "The staff the facilities the food all ******. Will definetly look forward to choose both delta and KLM"
Pro: "The staff were professional and friendly The food was very good and plentiful The inflight entertainment has lots of choices The bathrooms remained clean All in stark contrast with BA with who I did the same flight 2 weeks ago and all the above points were very poor"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Kontra: "It was announced I can choose between fish and chicken meal but when I requested for fish meal, I was told it’s finished. My seat was 21, and it surprised me. If something can be changed about that then your services would be much appreciated. Thank you."
Pro: "Service provided by the staff"
Kontra: "The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly"
Kontra: "Per usual, KLM can't seem to figure out the order of boarding the plane. Should be business - priority - everyone else. Instead they do priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Strange choice of in-flight movies; no accounting for taste, I guess."
Pro: "Loved the service...everything was excellent"
Kontra: "The bus class seat was a bit narrow at the feet"
Pro: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Kontra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Priority boarding was appreciated and the flights were on time. Service was fine. Schipol was good."
Kontra: "They didn’t let us board the plane. Allegedly the plane was changed and make us travel by train!! They offered us a compensation but we haven’t heard from them yet. Not good experience at all."
Pro: "The flight was delayed due to fog, but the staff was amazingly helpful to make sure everyone got to their destination."
Pro: "Service"
Kontra: "Only one queue for boarding. Flight late on arrival."
Pro: "Same as above"
Pro: "The service, entertainment, food, the crew, the aircraft were excellent."
Kontra: "They put us in a Transavia plane."
Pro: "Very friendly and the food and drinks never stopped and no additional charges, a very nice experience over the bargain airlines, free in-flight movies, and entertainment, no cost."
Kontra: "No complaints."
Pro: "Excellent service and comfortable flight"
Kontra: "Flight delay roughly an hour"
Pro: "It was very comfortable"
Kontra: "The crew was great"

The flight is awful, food isn’t very tasty or good, entertainment sucks

Personable, friendly service. Crew interactions always naturally pleasant and polite. The crew really enjoy their job and interactions with one another. Public Addresses are all smooth, clear and unambiguous - this instils confidence. Landing was butter-smooth in what seemed to be challenging and turbulent conditions - Kudos to the flight crew. Boarding and airport experience were good also.

Kontra: "MH hospitality has gone down. Those days they were the best of the best. Now, there is hardly any hospitality at all. Very disappointing."
Pro: "Amazing crews"
Kontra: "Nice seats"
Kontra: "The entertainment unit was constantly malfunctioning"
Pro: "Seats"
Kontra: "Crew"
Pro: "we had extra legroom travelling with an infant"
Kontra: "the staff could have been a little considerate when serving food to you while you're holding a sleeping baby"
Kontra: "the food could have been nicer"
Kontra: "I am more than pleased with the service I received, keep up the work Kind regards Shane"
Pro: "Crew are nice,but the seat need to improve"
Kontra: "The seat need to improve"
Pro: "Boarding was organized"
Kontra: "Vegetarian food wasn’t great"
Pro: "The flight was on time."
Kontra: "Bathrooms could be cleaner."
Pro: "The crew was extremely hospitable, and the food was excellent."
Pro: "Price were amongst the cheapest"
Kontra: "Terrible cabin cleaness and rude crew members. Nothing matches the Malaysian hospitality promoted."
Pro: "Everything was really good"
Kontra: "But the flight left and arrived 30 minn late!"
Pro: "The flight was pleasant, the staff were delightful, and the plane (a new 737-800) was very comfortably configured."
Kontra: "Check-in took an intolerably long time (45 minutes)."
Kontra: "This is the second time - once on the way to Kuala Lumpur and on the way back that we boarded late and thus missed my connecting flight. Sadly Cathay and Malaysia air (which was the airline Cathay used for the return leg of this trip refused to help and put me on an earlier flight forcing me to stay an extra 6 hrs at the airport while being sick."
Pro: "Food was good."
Kontra: "The delayed flight and consequently lost luggage afterwards."
Kontra: "Quick transfer"
Pro: "The crew was very pleasant and professional. . The food bland but warm. But the seats were microscopic"
Kontra: "Seats were tiny. My knees pressed to seat in front of me. I’m 73 inches tall"
Kontra: "Incorrect information of boarding gate reflected on the boarding pass for the third time already. And to make it worse, this was the most difficult problem that me and my friends encountered throughout all the flights that we took. We nearly miss this flight as we actually went to the boarding gate that was reflected incorrectly on our boarding pass as stated earlier. There was also an unannounced delay. Flight estimated departure is at 1720HRS, but the flight only took off 1750HRS."
Pro: "Attendants were kind."
Kontra: "Frequent delays to flight timings, and it was hard to find where the flight gate was as I couldn't find one on the screen. It was a little bit crowded. No food was given (probably because it's only 50mins flight but I wished there were snacks or drinks given for us)"
Pro: "Easy and efficient boarding"
Kontra: "Too hot onboard"
Kontra: "* Business lounge was pathetic with NO food, only drink and snack. * Boarding was not efficient and took longer that it should have so had a late take off. * Business class.... Ran out of food!?!?! What the heck! only water available for 6 of 16 seats! Pathetic * Terminals not updated so had to take transfer to another terminal to get my arranged ride."
Pro: "Short flight."
Kontra: "One of our luggage was delayed during transit."
Kontra: "The boarding process from at Langkawi airport could have been better if more staff are to deploy to do the processing.As the que is not in one line, it could create misunderstanding among other passengers."
Pro: "Quick on and off boarding."
Kontra: "Food was average at best."
Kontra: "There wasn't a food preference option when booking through kayak."
Pro: "Larger seats"
Kontra: "Food was below standards. Really need to improve."
Kontra: "Losing my luggage"
Pro: "Good was great."
Kontra: "Flight was late approx 1 hour. Seems like a regular occurrence which is not good"
Kontra: "Bags didn't arrive at the destination"
Kontra: "I wasn't aware I was in Malaysian airline, I thought it was silk just as it was when I arrived... could of been a little clearer but other then that everything was great"
Pro: "Malaysian airlines airport crew at least tried to get us back to Singapore."
Kontra: "Malaysian airlines did not offer us any incentives or better seats after removing us from our flight. We were seated separately and all in the middle row."
Kontra: "No beer or wine in business class! Did not want a meal, so I got water and a tiny pack of peanuts."
Pro: "Seats and entertainment"
Kontra: "Bad landing,"
Pro: "Cabin crew are attentive and helpful."
Kontra: "The luggage was found opened, a belonging was tied outside of the luggage. When I tidy up the luggage, I found that my toiletry pouch went missing. MH609 was delayed from 2305 till 0030, all passengers board the flight and we were told to alight again due to technical faulty. Switch to another flight and delayed till 0230. By the time we arrived in Singapore, it is almost 0340. Collected the luggages, clear custom and arrived home is almost 0500. There was absolutely no refreshment provided in between, and have to switch between gates which are far apart."
Kontra: "No alcohol"
Pro: "Just fly."
Pro: "Clean plane. Nice staff"
Kontra: "Delay"
Pro: "Left and arrived on time. From just the flight point of view, it was correct but traveling now is more than leaving from A in order to arrive to B"
Kontra: "I could not select that we wanted a vegetarian menu on the website of this company. The KUL airport is not very big, not many things to do there, very few restaurants. The issue is that if you fly with this company you arrive at KUL. Steward was kind but rough - efficient like a robot... and the headphones are very poor, I could hardly understand what was said when watching the films."
Pro: "same"
Kontra: "same"
Pro: "Staff are courteous"
Kontra: "Departure was delayed an hour"
Pro: "Prompt and great service."
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Two hour in late and still waiting for boarding. Awful experience..."
Kontra: "Crew Service is horrible. They get angry very easily."
Kontra: "Seats feel super cramped"
Pro: "Crew was good in flight."
Kontra: "The flight was excessively delayed. What was supposed to be a flight leaving at 2:25 AM left only at 4:15 AM or so. This is AFTER my original flight which I had booked for 1 AM was changed to 2:25 AM."
Pro: "The ice cream is a pleasant surprise."
Kontra: "prepacked juice. Could be more option."
Pro: "Flight was smooth. Cabin crew was courteous. Seat was comfortable."
Kontra: "More thought should be given to the snack offering as it was heavily sugar laden. Flight was delayed by almost an hour to accommodate 1 family."

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