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Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.241.400
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.331.140
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.675.142
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.032.007
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.271.313
Nonstop, mulai Rp 448.699
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.720.012
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.854.622
Nonstop, mulai Rp 2.049.058
Nonstop, mulai Rp 957.224
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.241.400
Nonstop, mulai Rp 508.525
Kuala Lumpur
Nonstop, mulai Rp 852.528
Nonstop, mulai Rp 1.824.708
Nonstop, mulai Rp 2.123.841
1 transit, mulai Rp 5.399.342
1 transit, mulai Rp 5.504.038
1 transit, mulai Rp 5.698.474

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Rp 658.092

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Rp 1.128.477

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Rp 507.628
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  • Cari tiket murah ke Asia? 25% pengguna kami ketemu tiket ke Asia dengan harga berikut atau lebih murah: Dari Jakarta Rp 1.022.086 satu arah - Rp 1.661.407 pulang pergi, dari Surabaya Rp 1.374.439 satu arah - Rp 2.207.088 pulang pergi, dari Kota Padang Rp 2.151.735 satu arah - Rp 2.972.410 pulang pergi
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  • Musim ramai biasanya Juni, Juli, dan Agustus. Bulan paling murah untuk terbang Indonesia adalah Februari.
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Singapore AirlinesPeringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 3883 ulasan
8,8Naik Pesawat
8,6Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai
Pro: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Kontra: "Better service from the crews."
Baca selengkapnya tentang Singapore Airlines
Pro: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Kontra: "Better service from the crews."
Pro: "The crew was excellent."
Kontra: "The business seats at B777-300ER was very uncomfortable for a long distance trip with duration of 14,5 hours."
Pro: "New aircraft"
Kontra: "The willingness to provide a better quality service by the entire cabin crew and improved food quality."
Kontra: "Entertainment and access to Wifi"
Pro: "Super good crew."
Pro: "Nothing special."
Kontra: "Meal was disappointing. Beef was overcook and hard. Service quality is just okay."
Kontra: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Kontra: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"
Pro: "Efficiency, good."
Pro: "Handset to control screen didn’t work. Airline reimbursed me with $75 voucher for inflight duty-free shop."
Kontra: "Singapore Airlines is so wildly overrated. The service is frequently poor, and the cabin environment dirty and old unless flying on their very latest planes. Even their A380s are now stale and musty. Not nice."
Kontra: "Aircrew took my carry on away while I was waiting to board saying it was too large; left me without the essential items I wanted during the 19.5 hours in the air and two plane changes. Other people were allowed to keep carry ons bigger than mine so I don't understand why they did this."
Pro: "The plane was new. The in flight entertainment system was good, although I never got to experience it fully because the Flight attendant kept switching it off, as I had paid extra (an arm and a leg) for a “bulkhead seat”"
Kontra: "The service was beyond awful! The Flight Attendants had a “could care less” attitude. I had special ordered a meal, and they gave me the wrong one. I did not want to make a big deal, so I just ate it. Then they did not offer any beverages when the meal came! I literally had to beg them to make me their famous “Singapore sling”. Shocking really!!. When I had my coffee, my request for cream and sugar went ignored THREE times. Finally they grudgingly gave me only cream, rendering my coffee undrinkable. .....And the list goes on. Never ever will I travel on this horrid airline again!"
Pro: "Seats are big as old plane"
Kontra: "Very old plane, entertainment system therefore very old too. Service was slow, 2 hours after start till they serve dinner, another 1 hour to clear. No special boarding for staralliance gold members"
Pro: "Satisfied and feel good on Singapore airlines, definitely will consider next trip"
Pro: "Quick boarding. Great entertainment system Good staff"
Kontra: "Not comfortable seats"
Pro: "We loved the service, quality of food, entertainment, and cleanliness of Singapore Airlines flight!"
Kontra: "Economy is still tightly packed with limited leg room considering the distance traveled."
Pro: "Friendly crew I like that a lot. The diabetes food choice ecselent Thank you"
Kontra: "The toilets were very dirty"
Kontra: "SQ860 flight on 4th April morning delayed and greatly affected my today trip scheduled."
Pro: "Crew members very friendly. Foods are excellent. Kids have priority to have their meals first."
Pro: "Boarding, friendly crew"
Kontra: "Very slow service, took 2 hours. Entertainment system didn't worked for first half of flight."
Pro: "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines. they delivered!"
Pro: "The service from the Singapore Airlines is always impeccable. The food is delicious. The business class seat is spacious and wider than all the US airlines. There are plenty storage space in your seat space. The entertainment system has many choices and has a lot new release movies and shows."
Kontra: "Unfortunately, the ride on Boeing 777 is not as smooth as the Airbus'. The noise in the cabin is louder. The seat is comfortable but the bed is not. First, the flat bed is not transformed by a button and it needs a physical person to flip it over. The mat is thin and I can feel some hard edges while lying down. The noise from the engine transmits to the bed and it is hard to sleep even with the noise cancellation headphone."
Pro: "I've always flown Singapore airlines wherever possible. Standards are unbeatable until this flight..."
Kontra: "The dinner was terrible. I am a long time customer of Singapore Airlines and I know where the standard are. The food on this flight was the worst I've seen. The starter (vermicelli) was overly salty, dry and severely undercooked. The main course was acceptable but the portion of chicken was more like side dish not main. Missing sides."
Pro: "food. schedule was on time"
Pro: "Classy cabin staff"
Pro: "Non stop to HK"
Kontra: "Staff wake you up very aggressively when meal time. Other airlines leave stickers. This is a long flight, be respectful. Will avoid for future."
Pro: "Overall experience"
Kontra: "Could have had a better selection of movies"
Kontra: "Foods serving were too slow for economy class. Not enough selections for entertainment."
Pro: "Entertainment even in economy class was excellent -- tons of movies, games, etc. Cabin crew were friendly. Bathroom was very large."
Kontra: "In economy, seating was incredibly tight (very little legroom) and at least in my seat, very little reclining. For a 14 hour flight through the night, it made it very difficult to actually get any rest. Food was OK."
Pro: "Efficient, courteous and attractive crew. Good food and drink selection and great entertainment system with large screens."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Helpful crew. Full food service!"
Pro: "Crews are truly nice and patient"
Kontra: "Crews are very nice, food are not really good"
Pro: "New plane- Airbus A350 with latest in seats, entertainment system, and cabin fittings. Decent wine. Highly courteous, attractive and attentive crew."
Pro: "The hot towels twice during the flight was great"
Kontra: "Really just the food"
Pro: "Crew was super nice. Amazed at collection of Chinese movies and music. Great alcoholic beverage selection."
Kontra: "Hope that there were more time to order and enjoy beverages."
Pro: "All went great"
Kontra: "I liked all - end to end excellent service"
Pro: "Everything was smooth. Although we took of a little late but we landed as per schedule. Service was personalised! Great trip."
Kontra: "Nothing....."
Kontra: "They reschudle my flight beaucase I have anxiety. It's my birthday today. I'm suppose to be in China celebrating me and my grandma's birthday right now. Apparently anxiety is something that Singapore airline are very concerned about me, that needs a doctor note to prove that I'm okey to fly. poor coummcation skill and power play"
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "Friendly staff."
Kontra: "Kids' meal didn't have fruits. No cellphone charger."
Pro: "Overall treatment of boarding & crew staff was courteous, friendly & helpful. Movies selections were great but I was too tired to watch."
Kontra: "Food can be improved. Couldn't eat pork or shrimps, so wished they served either vegetarian or chicken noodles instead of pork or stuff with shrimps. Fish, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options are better options."
Kontra: "Headphones were not functioning properly"
Pro: "Excellent experience as usual by SIA."
Kontra: "The plane is a bit aged in SIA standard. No USB charging. IFE screen is not bright enough."
Kontra: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold in the plane"
Pro: "again, the crew anticipated our needs"
Kontra: "The food was very poor indeed, the entertainment system was not working in my seat or the seat behind, I had to move to another seat"
Pro: "Onboard Crew was great. I sympathize that they have to rush a service on a 1hr 20min flight with turbulance."
Kontra: "I have started taking SQ instead of budget airlines hoping for good service and on time travel. However, both times travelling from SQ from jakarta was delayed. Yesterday, I got home 1.5hrs later than I should have. I have also to pay for additional surcharge due to midnight cab fare. Further, when I wsa travelling to Jakarta - none of the inflight entertainment was working. So it has been disappointing."
Pro: "Service is amazing! I loved that airplane had Christmas decorations on the walls and great choices of food and beverages."
Pro: "Just as previous reviews mentioned, this is a top notch airline even when flying coach. The staff was courteous and attentive, the food was good and the flight overall was comfortable. I'd fly with Singapore again in a heartbeat."
Pro: "Great services considering the extraordinary conditions associated with continuing to provide services during the Coronavirus pandemic."
Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "Seats"
Pro: "Spacious and comfortable"
Kontra: "Food was pretty bad"
Pro: "The quality of the ground handling is very good and the attitude is friendly! Handling things quickly"
Kontra: "Children's meals can be changed a little more, then the amount is a little less!"
Kontra: "It was lovely to have a meal but there was no beverage service. Not even water. It may have been because of the strike."
Pro: "The crew were friendly."
Kontra: "The boarding takes too long, we delayed the departure. A guy wears Eva uniform in white, was a bit rude on directing passengers at boarding gate."
Pro: "Crew is very friendly! And overall plane was clean."
Kontra: "Better control of rude/upsetting passengers around."
Pro: "The crew was very attentive and the seats were comfortable."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Superb flight all around. Excellent seat, entertainment, food and crew. Cute Hello Kitty/Sanrio items too."
Kontra: "Rather long delay in turning off the seatbelt sign after takeoff, despite smooth flying."
Pro: "Good service ground staff. Washrooms are clean."
Kontra: "Flight attendant on economy not friendly. Seats were a little tight. Don't offer drinks or water during the flight which is normally done every 1-2 hours."
Pro: "Seat was ok"
Kontra: "Everything could have been better"
Pro: "I enjoyed their seafood and lactó ovo meals. There are many vegetarian options i can choose."
Pro: "Efficient service, no issues! Awesome customer service agent was able to get us on this flight VS later which was a HUGE plus."
Kontra: "Wifi is too expensive to be that slow. Please do better with your wifi. Not beneficial to business travelers at all."
Pro: "棒棒棒,飛機舒適空間有人性,服務人員友善,長途無感,讓人快速忘記時間,餐飲滿分。"
Kontra: "Awesome and excellent50"
Kontra: "The seat smells like it was not clean. They did not serve snack between lunch and dinner. You need to get it at their station. We were really thirsty and a bit hungry..."
Pro: "The 1st class treatment by the flight attendants. And the excellent meals served."
Pro: "Food was fresh and tasty. Games and movies made the time go faster. Extra leg room made sitting easier"
Kontra: "If meal times were posted, it would be easier to plan. Sleeping and snacking"
Pro: "Exit row seats"
Kontra: "Food was okay. Service especially drinks were sparse"
Pro: "Very accommodating"
Kontra: "Nothing to report"
Kontra: "food not that good"
Pro: "Crew friendliness"
Kontra: "Food"
Kontra: "the temperature on the plane fluctuates a lot. Sometimes very cold and sometimes too warm."
Pro: "Great landing"
Kontra: "Everything was solid."
Pro: "The service was implacable. Flight attendants are super polite, nice and helpful. The plane is large and comfortable, very clean and they offer essential oils and creams in the bathroom,makingbthe experince even better."
Kontra: "As a vegan, I was very happy that they offer a vegan meal and were very nice about it. The food could've been a little better and at this day and age they should have some sort of protein in it, like tofu. Regarding entertainment, I felt that they could've have a bit more variety. Other than that everything was great"
Kontra: "Food ia not that good. Need to have more flavor"
Pro: "I had a good seat"
Kontra: "Stewardess at Zone 3 too noisy"
Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "Customer service and entertainment were awful"
Pro: "Food was great, metal utensils were a plus."
Kontra: "Seat’s reclining angle is about odd/uncomfortable for me."
Pro: "on time departure and arrival, good food and entertainment, courteous flight staff"
Pro: "Seat reasonably comfortable in Eco Plus"
Kontra: "Eva runs a sloppy operation: 3/4 of my flights were delayed, boarding consistently happened late, and flight attendants consistently forgot drink orders. Not sure what's happening as they used to be very good but will not be traveling with them again unless they right the ship."
Kontra: "Some provided movies showed no subtitles as movie setting."
Pro: "The flight is on time. The staff is wonderful. The seats had good legroom. Overall I had great experience flying with EVA"
Kontra: "The food is mediocre at best. I wish there was more movies to choose from."
Pro: "Plus points: Boarding slightly late but OK once it got going. They seemed to have a reasonable drinks selection on board. Cute safety videos."
Kontra: "Once boarded some people move around and "re-allocate" their seat. Some recline seats during the meal service and staff are reluctant to tell them off depending on their age. Food unimaginative. A321 narrow-body - only one movie on main screen (inaudible but with Chinese-only subtitles) and no seat-back TV on a 3-hour flight. Overall not so good but another flight I took, widebody (A330) service, has seat-back TV and so is more tolerable."
Pro: "The movie selection was ok. Could be better."
Kontra: "Is there anyway to get the tv screens to be less bright? The guy in front of me had movies playing and I could not sleep because the screen was shining right in my face. The food. ick. Airplane food is bad as it is but this was terrible. I had some pork over rice dish that was grody with an overly sweet dessert cake/pudding concoction. The breakfast congee was ok."
Pro: "The service, the food, the crew, everything."
Pro: "Comfortable seats. Godd leg room. Nice staffs. People sre friendly. Clean bathrooms all througout the flight. Impressive airline"
Kontra: "None"
Pro: "The service and Flight staff were superb! The food was pretty good too considering. Thanks!"
Pro: "I don't have kids, other people do. The attendants give each child a play package to keep them busy and bring out their food early to keep them from making a fuss. There's more than enough to keep adults busy; movies, games, shows, food"
Kontra: "The 2.5 hour flight was delayed by 2.5 hours due to F.O.D. on the tarmac. Plane had to be towered back to the terminal for refueling. Ground crew in Manila was not helpful in assisting passengers with connecting flights."
Pro: "I flew business class and the staff was attentive without being overbearing. I would fly EVA Air again."
Pro: "Service by flight attendants, food, cleanliness, overall travel"
Kontra: "One attendant was bit rude at Taipei airport EVA boarding counter"
Kontra: "None"
Pro: "Overall service was amazing."
Kontra: "Flight attendants were walking too fast in the cabin. Sometimes right in front of my face while I was walking to the lavatory without warning. They just sneak and cut you off without saying excuse me, sorry, or simple letting me know they're passing through. I don't mind but I was afraid that I would crash into them and injure either of us."
Pro: "Great amount of legroom in economy. No issues for me and I am 6'3''. Very nice staff"
Kontra: "The food was always a bit strange and the crew never came by to give out drinks. The toothbrushes in the bathrooms were a nice touch. Also when giving drinks out with food they didn't have beer."
Pro: "Great flight and polite crew. The aircraft was clean and comfortable."
Pro: "All in house services A mask be provided to people who cough."
Kontra: "Nothing at all"
Pro: "I like the crew they're very generous and kind"
Kontra: "The choices of the food, and need more movies and music,not just asian music but also american"
Pro: "Hello Kitty jet added to the fun of the experience."
Kontra: "The food was not good."
Pro: "Portion of the food"
Kontra: "More food for long flight"
Pro: "All was good service, seating comfort and food.."
Kontra: "Entertainment content can be more popular in terms of film and television programs"
Pro: "Everything was as expected. .sevice, food and seating was good not cramped. ."
Kontra: "The seats can be a tadd hard after 14 hours.entertainment is good enough although film and other programs could be better served if if the content was more popular .."
Pro: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Entertainment was good though do expect some random editing and bit blocked out. Seat width was fine had lots of leg room."
Kontra: "Food was very average - fine just nothing very interesting. Snacks were available. Seat was hard."
Pro: "seats and airplane are in superior state"
Kontra: "the food and boarding"
Pro: "Yes indeed. Polite and listening."
Kontra: "Snacks at the beginning, dessert, and inflight duty free."
Pro: "The crew were very good and attentive."
Kontra: "Although the film choice was ok, the more recent releases were absent. The cabin was uncomfortable with too much chilly air being circulated. Blanket over the shoulders was the order of the day."
Pro: "They are friendly and able to be approach when we have"
Kontra: "The flight was new."
Pro: "Service, food served."
Kontra: "Economy class legroom is too tight and not comfortable."
Pro: "I Like The Flight is On Time"
Kontra: "Don’t really like because I had booked RB from kayak and they never give any e-ticket number nor booked number and made me cannot check in online and need to wait for almost 30mins just to get the check in, Hope when you have a corporate with another online company please let them provide any e-ticket number or booking reference number, thanks"
Pro: "Flight attendants were fantastic and thoughtful. It was a lovely flight. Great entertainment options, good food, overall a super pleasant flight!"
Pro: "Boarding time was fast, very efficient, food was excellent - much better than the previous flight! Great entertainment"
Kontra: "Immigration"
Kontra: "Immigration"
Kontra: "Change to HiFly plane - noticeable difference in most aspects"
Pro: "Very nice flight and very comfortable with extra leg room"
Pro: "No problem"
Kontra: "Service can b warmer"
Pro: "No problem"
Kontra: "Service can b warmer Practically no entertainment, just a common screen"
Pro: "Crew were ok"
Kontra: "Delayed Not enough blanket Seat angle too upright, not comfortable"
Kontra: "They ran out of 1of the choices of the meal and I was forced to take the remaining meal which was fish cakes, which I don’t eat. There should be enough food to cater for passengers and regular snacks on board."
Pro: "Their Dreamliner plane is spacious, well fitted, not cramped."
Kontra: "Unable to listen to movies with their headphones - too much static"
Pro: "None....RBA shld give everyone a free voucher. Flight is supposed to arrive at 23:30. We landed 02:15. And they let people starved serving the snacks an hour late as promised. Then passengers were moved from one gate to another. It was inhumane and no explanations at all about the delay."
Pro: "Comfortable seats"
Kontra: "Can improve food."
Pro: "Entertainment is very up to date Crew striving to help Nice all in all"
Kontra: "Boarding usually late"
Pro: "legroom good despite A320 being much inferior to B387 Found an aisle seat helpful to older passenger flight on time cabin crew friendly and efficient selected fish meal.bangus..very good did not miss alcohol captain spoke normal English happy with travellers prayer good airbridge on arrival with nearby toilets pleasant arrival procedure for overnight stay"
Kontra: "A 320 necessarily lowers the quality compared with dreamliner eg access to toilets and aisle width and entertainment system at manila the`woman at checkout spoke very poor english so had to repeat several times... and she expressed doubt about any seat vacant as`i was late in the queue.. she resolved this by passing me to her supervisor no other problems"
Pro: "Friendly crew, always available and happy to help"
Kontra: "Boarding was late"
Pro: "Love the 787. Best windows best toilets, 3by 3 seating. Love daytime travel. Am senior and given bes t possible aisle seat. Friendly check in a t Melbourne. Super cabin crew all smiling and keen to assist...all very smart dress.Good movie selection on average screen. Good service pillows blankets. Above average lunch with quality beef. Good follwup refreshments. Good air quality. Good use of shaded window effect.Liked"
Kontra: "Worst was slow moving line at Melbourne. Not enough check ins. Missed the tail and fuselage cameras on 780 and 750. Seat covers look cheap and worn. Coffee and orange flavour not best. Screens not best eg Cathay and Qatar. Women cabin crew good to dress islamic but too restrictive. No t easy th o hear captain messages. Seat design only average. Bandar airport ver y beautiful but need better restaurant."
Pro: "Super crew. Boarding full plane very efficient. Airbus A320 inadequte to serve great meal to full plane. Gangway too narrow. Big struggle for cabin crew. Captain message hrd to hear. On time. Good landing. Entertainment bad flip down screens not good enough."
Kontra: "See above. Aircraft not ok for busy sector. Eg A330 required"
Kontra: "Dont know why I can not choose seat, it automatically give me a seat next to exit and in the middle, I cannot change it."
Kontra: "airplane is a little bit old."
Pro: "Service was outstanding and i rate them high her than Singapore airlines! Amazing crew who provide regular service With a smile and provide extras ! I cannot speak highly enough of this Arline. They just ooze class!"
Kontra: "I was sitting around a lot of families with kids"
Pro: "The crew was really friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "I didn’t like nothing"
Pro: "We were in transit and I checking-in was orderly. Grateful for friendly crew."
Kontra: "Not much legroom but understandably as the plane was smaller. No entertainment unit. Very hot, didn't know if the air conditioning was on at all. Didn't like the hot meal much."
Pro: "Very clean aircraft, very good service from friendly, helpful crew, entertainment system is very good."
Kontra: "Didn't like the hot meal much. Preferred that crew gave extra water during meals even without asking. Fruits should have been offered, too."
Pro: "Gave me aisle seat, great service"
Pro: "Dreamliner appears to have more room, the seats recline to a greater angle, and it is not cold like a lot of other planes. Cabin crew were friendly, helpful and attentive. The break up of flight legs between Australia and U.K. into 3 legs of 7 or 8 hrs is a great alternative to the 1x9hr & 1x12hr."
Kontra: "The entertainment system functionality is great, but choice was a bit poor, although numerous. Food generally quite good, only one meal I was disappointed with."
Kontra: "The flight delayed for 5 hours and then cancelled. While I understand this happens, it was completely unorganized. They didn't have any plans to try to get people on other flights (passengers ended up organizing this), they provided a hotel but we had to sit there for over an hour while they tried to find one, and when trying to get flights gets the next day, staff was not proactive...the only way people got rebooked was if they told them what to do."
Pro: "The cabin crew were very friendly, organised and polite."
Kontra: "The flight was delayed 20min from the outset as the pilot explained to all onboard that we weren't allowed to land early at Dubai airport. Towards the end of the flight the plane was delayed for over another hour as we circled the gulf waiting to land. This wouldn't have been so inconvenient if the lights were dimmed again as it was 2-3am local time and passengers wanted to sleep."
Pro: "The cabin crew were very friendly, organised and polite"
Kontra: "The layover at Brunei airport was a little boring as there's not much to do for three hours."
Pro: "Best crew I have ever had"
Kontra: "Leg room is too small."
Pro: "Crew are just the best"
Kontra: "Boarding was disorganised, excellent service otherwise."
Pro: "They were able to accommodate my request to move to an aisle seat"
Kontra: "Sticklers for luggage weight and the plane was small"
Pro: "I Have booked true which is Byojet is absolutely disgraceful I'll be seekong to recover alm fears gro Byojet they been absolutely Nightmare"
Kontra: "BYojet shouldn't be with Kayak get rid of them."
Pro: "Short and sweet flight."
Kontra: "Very short flight means may not have time for loo visit. Be warned! Use the airport loo before boarding!"
Pro: "The food!!!!"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Service with a smile. Great manners."
Kontra: "Nothing. Great crew, food, flight."
Kontra: "Everything was good except for the food. It was average"
Kontra: "I like the flexibility of the staff re changing seats. Ground and air staff were very friendly Flight cost was cheap"
Pro: "Everything but mostly the leg room. Not sure if it's due to the airline type (Dream-liner) or just the seating arrangement but makes for a very comfortable long haul flight. Excellent wide screen entertainment system, not like the majority of aircraft with undersized and poor screen quality."
Kontra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Everything but mostly the leg room. Not sure if it's due to the airline type (Dream-liner) or just the seating arrangement but makes for a very comfortable long haul flight. Excellent wide screen entertainment system, not like the majority of aircraft with undersized and poor screen quality. And unlike previous comments, actually enjoyed the fact I had to disembark at Dubai on flight from Brunei to London allowing us all a chance to stretch our legs, go to the toilet and get a good cup of coffee."
Kontra: "Nothing."
Kontra: "Extremely bad service at the ticket counter. Really disappointed, really disappointed"
Pro: "The entertainment system has huge offerings."
Kontra: "The food could be better."
Pro: "The crew were amazing and attentive."
Kontra: "not much choice in the movie selection"
Kontra: "The crew should be friendlier while they deliver their service."
Pro: "Conformt ,enjoy and on time"
Kontra: "One really bad movie."
Pro: "Everything was excellent, crew, seat, food"
Kontra: "The person on duty at the desk of the lounge in Johannesburg was very unfriendly and even rude."
Pro: "nothing..."
Kontra: "Airplane was extremely hot, service was poor"
Pro: "seats are comfortable"
Kontra: "flight as always delayed, food and inflight entertainment system choice are very poor - crew always on the PA for non sens announcement in 3 languages"
Pro: "Seating space for short people..not average height people"
Kontra: "Wider space for seats"
Kontra: "Food extreamly salty and makes you gassy. Bathrooms were always dirty and out of items. Economy cabin was freezing cold and the blankets provided are paper thin."
Pro: "So nice, smile everytime, clear information and direction"
Kontra: "I really hope they will serve wine or liquor but that is okay"
Pro: "Good food"
Pro: "Boarding on time"
Kontra: "Food was not fresh. Some crews could not understand English well"
Pro: "On time departure and arrival, in flight service and comfort."
Kontra: "Entertainment system seems old, latest movies are not there and the flight maps interface looks like as of it is from the 2000s."
Pro: "Nice crew"
Kontra: "Seat on up position are too straight"
Pro: "More leg room"
Kontra: "Flight is an hour delayed ☹️. I don’t like the fact that u can’t choose ur own seat online"
Pro: "Service was great and friendly and attentive"
Kontra: "Setting chart was not accurate. It showed a space between my seat and next to me and there was no space between."
Pro: "Up and down at the right time and place. Great experience."
Kontra: "The check in crew were not very helpful. I was asking for help but he didn’t even suggested a solution. Instead he kept ok saying he can’t do anything which is really disappointing. He is in a customer service area, he should be more accommodating."
Pro: "The ground staff helped me get on board the flight despite a transit delay that caused me to arrive at the check-in counter a few minutes into boarding time. I have no complaints about the in-flight staff. Our flight arrived a few minutes early to our destination."
Kontra: "It would be nice if the meal menus had allergy information printed on them. The plane was equipped with an older entertainment center, and some of the control buttons were a little unreliable. These are minor complaints, however."
Kontra: "Hard to just get out of seat to go to bathroom, it’s to cramped"
Pro: "On time Good service Nice crew"
Pro: "Liked the bit more leg room, wish I had that plane on my San Francisco leg"
Pro: "Food and attentive staff"
Pro: "Crew behaviour"
Kontra: "Food was bad..more snacks needed...movie list was not updated ...should be more Bollywood movie"
Pro: "Customer service and food was great"
Kontra: "Planes are old do not have larger entertainment screens and don't have wi fi"
Pro: "The crew was polite and efficient."
Kontra: "I had requested special vegetarian meal. Although I did receive this meal, it was barely a meal, the full course was not provided. Only the main course and salad was provided. The bread(bun) and dessert were missing. It's not clear to me why vegetarians would be deprived of a full course meal."
Pro: "The food was great, 2 free bags checked, free food and free movies! Very nice staff all around amazing."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "This route is covered by an A350 which was nice to discover."
Kontra: "Despite the brand new aircraft, the Economy section seats are not comfortable which was quite disappointing. The service could be better too. Not what Asian airlines are usually known for."
Pro: "None"
Pro: "I had two flight crew that went out of their way to exceed my expectations on my BKK to HKG flight. One was the onflight manager, Bingo, and the other was the flight attendant, Carol. They are a testament to Cathay Pacific, and they should be acknowledged for their exceptional customer service!"
Kontra: "Delayed from boarding at 1 am until 5 am when they finally announced it was cancelled. They made announcement updates every 10 minutes meaning that people had to be constantly alert to see if anything changed in the next 10 minutes. When the flight was cancelled, the employees could not offer any information about how to get ticket prices refunded, or how to get to the destination. They could not even connect passengers to the managers because the managers are in Hong Kong. The number they gave out to passengers for customer services could not be reached because this it is an international number. People had to miss connecting flights, meetings, important appointments, and are still trying to figure out how to get refunded for an expensive flight. Terrible experience and customer service."
Pro: "Smooth operator"
Pro: "No issues with airline just other passengers. Plane was older model but very clean. Noticed flight attendants cleaning washrooms frequently. Meals were timely and quite tasty. Even though did not partake, liked how there were snacks available."
Kontra: "Boarding process was disorganized (no zones or group boarding, just everyone getting in line at once), but still departed on time."
Pro: "Amazing service and food"
Kontra: "Little cramped bit not bad"
Pro: "I liked the smothered flight and the management of time that the crew implemented"
Kontra: "The food was almost not edible . I would feel guilty feeding it to my dog"
Pro: "Boarding was fast seats are comfortable"
Kontra: "The food was very minimal"
Pro: "Excellent services! With mileage credit, seat selection, on time departure, baggage allowance, food, wine entertainment and more, why taking budget airlines again? Truly a wonderful experience for this family trip!"
Pro: "Cathay had agent waiting for me at my landing gate and guided me through the change of flights and led me to the proper gate for my new connection. They were very customer service oriented."
Kontra: "Flight was late into Hong Kong and I missed the connection to the United flight to San Francisco."
Pro: "Cathay Pacific has the most attentive flight attendants of any airline on the planet. We had a tight connection in Hong Kong. They accommodated us, by having us move up to Business Class just before landing so that we could get off the plane first. We made our connection without any problem."
Kontra: "The blankets and pillows were dirty and worn out. The plane was the same."
Kontra: "Passenger seat is very hard and after 12-15 hours in most uncomfortable."
Kontra: "Seat can not be reclined, where it makes you slouch, very uncomfortable position. Meal time is rather odd, should be re schedule since we depart on early morning hour."
Pro: "I had difficulty finding my booking reference on cathay website until it was very late. I am marco polo member but that was picked up late so my meal preferences were not picked up. Also we had pork sausage for breakfast to me one of the items tasted sumilar to beef and not pork. I would prefer that all meat sources be listed so i can make an informed choice"
Kontra: "See above otherwise it was good"
Pro: "The crews on Cathay Pacific set the standard by which all airlines could learn. Experienced, professional, helpful and courteous. Gentle with the elderly, going the extra mile to make them comfortable. No bickering between flight attendants, they work as a team and made my first time experience flying into another country enjoyable."
Kontra: "Most airline food is awful. It is what it is. The fruit appears to be frozen and just thawing making it a bit tasteless. However, it is better than most while traveling within the USA."
Pro: "Food was good and service was satisfying. Staffs are really nice and polite."
Kontra: "Seat is a little bit too small, probably cuz im too tall. But still u guys should have a specific section for people 6ft1 and above xD"
Pro: "I enjoyed the meals during the flight. The meals that were provided has a salad, main course, fruits and desert. Good amount of leg room, comfortable seating and enterntainments of movie and music."
Kontra: "I don't really like the buzzing sound when the plane was in motion (as most planes were, I believe)."
Pro: "Cathay Airways offer spacious leg room and a very polite and helpful staff. Cathay prefer to board passenger based on their sitting locations than their ticket class which makes more sense as the last rows board first and don't clog up the plane. Cathay crew kept pumping out noodles and snacks during the flight. it almost felt like being on an airborne restaurant!"
Kontra: "Nothing negative."
Pro: "I love china and china east air, its my favorite!"
Kontra: "Everything was good, better boarding lines, people get worked up when lining up"
Kontra: "Six empty seats in the “emergency row” I was not feeling well and needed the extra space.5 hours into the 13 hr long haul to Taipei, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate, they charged me $120. Bucks for the privilege. Kosher meal was unbeatable."
Pro: "Nice space on the seat!"
Kontra: "Washroom could’ve been bigger"
Pro: "Very great!"
Kontra: "Hard to get better!"
Pro: "I liked everything about the Flight, and Crew"
Kontra: "Flight was delayed but no reason was given or announced."
Pro: "The flight"
Kontra: "Nothing everything was good"
Pro: "Fast and efficient boarding process. Nice selection of movies."
Kontra: "Seats (economy) can always be more comfortable."
Kontra: "It would be better if the chair a little bit bigger! But overall you still have the best service so far! Thank you very much!"
Kontra: "Boarding was slow and tedious. Airline officials did not board according to zones printed on boarding pass. Arm rest in seats were locked in place and did not pivot up to allow using the adjacent empty seat."
Kontra: "Seats very uncomfortable. Food awful. For a long flight-impossible to be comfortable."
Pro: "seats were full configurable, tray table very logical and space all felt useable."
Kontra: "the seats in business class as 1-2-1 seating. each seat has aisle access! flight was super smooth, seats comfortable, although the ‘2’ seas had no arm rest on the isle side. took a little getting used to. There was no overhead bin for the center “2” seas, had to share with the outer window occupants, but plenty of room. IFE was a huge screen with great programming. it looked like.a 16 or 18” screen. meal service was above average and wine selection was strong. featuring both old world and new."
Pro: "Friendly staffs & price"
Kontra: "Not much legroom for economy"
Pro: "Service, extra blankets and pillows."
Kontra: "Very full flight. A little chaotic in SF airport. Rules for hand luggage different / ended up having to check one bag that I didn’t have to with Alaska Air."
Pro: "The staff was friendly for a very late and very long flight"
Kontra: "Almost 70% of the plain was stuffed into economy seating while 60% of the economy plus was empty and much more spacious. I feel like optional upgrades should be announced when this is the case, especially for a 16 hour flight"
Pro: "The staff was very friendly and accommodating"
Kontra: "Food was nothing special"
Pro: "Transfer is excellent."
Kontra: "Flight delays"
Pro: "Flight crew, food very tasty and good portion size, good selection of entertainment, bathrooms clean and well maintained."
Kontra: "A little bigger seat and a bit more leg room would be nice."
Pro: "Crew was friendly and attentive. Wide range of entertainment to choose from."
Kontra: "Boarding was done half the plane each, so I stood in line waiting to board for a long time. I also had the middle seat, which was uncomfortable for sleeping. I would upgrade for a window seat next time. There were only meat options for the food, and no main courses for vegetarians."
Pro: "traveling with a child on long haul CI's family couch is the top choice."
Kontra: "none."
Pro: "Nice, clean plane"
Kontra: "Food is the same all the time"
Pro: "Food was pretty good (for airplane food), staff was friendly and made sure everyone was comfortable"
Kontra: "Great services on board"
Pro: "better food"
Pro: "The food, service, and seats were all great in economy. I typically fly UA and China Airline's entertainment system and seat comfort are definitely on par on this 777 when compared to UA's 787."
Kontra: "I didn't like that we didn't have a free row since our flight was packed - but that's not really much of a negative."
Pro: "good leg room, excellent food, service in Economy better than I've had in some other first class."
Kontra: "A350 seat cushions are a little short for us tall folks."
Pro: "Great service. Terrific crew."
Kontra: "N/A"
Kontra: "Really delayed, almost missed connecting flights. No way to contact them about this aside from a phone number that we couldn't call internationally."
Pro: "Good selection of movies, staff was friendly. Seats were okay, fairly spacious. It was nice that they gave everyone both a blanket and a pillow."
Kontra: "Food was extremely salty and the selection was terrible. I was given the same pasta for two meals (first time I had a choice, second time only pasta again). Even the same type of pasta but the second time there was some chicken in it too. It was gross."
Pro: "I very much enjoyed the flight! The airline staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. They were kind and went out of their way to offer water bottle refills; a huge plus on such a long flight! The meal I requested was vegan and good. There were no loud announcements, bright lights or interruptions for many hours during the flight: very relaxing for sleeping and reading. I will absolutely be flying with them again."
Kontra: "The seats were not 'incredibly' comfortable, I'm a smallish woman and felt a little cramped, but overall it was pleasant. Just bring a puffy jacket or back pillow. I wish the juice and beverage selection were more varied (healthy options) and that they used more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices❗️My food came with a single-serving water cup that I requested they keep though I think even unused it was thrown away..."
Pro: "comfortable seating and leg room, great selection of movies for entertainment."
Kontra: "Plane delayed 7 hours for a maintenance problem and all I got for my wait was a $25 voucher. That is an insult!"
Pro: "Friendly staffs, decent leg room, boarding process was smooth"
Kontra: "A little limited on movie selections & food was ok"
Pro: "I have flown on many airlines to include many US carriers for domestic travel, as well as, many international carriers. I have flown around the world 4 times in the 2016-2017. These flights were flown in Coach. I have to say that China Air was remarkable in its service, cleanliness, on-time departure and arrival, and all around airline operation. The meals were decent, the entertainment was well rounded, the aircraft was clean, the seats were wider and had greater leg room, the flight attendants were responsive and trained, and the on ground support was very helpful. I don't have anything negative to say about China Air and I have crossed the Pacific on thief airline three times now."
Kontra: "Their web interface for miles account and general information needs a great deal of attention. I would love tosee them make improvements to their web and smart phone applications because they detract from the great service that they providein Air."
Pro: "Great schedule, great flight crew, gave me an exit row both directions, very flexible tickets (allow you to change date repeatedly with essentially no penalty), and all for an amazingly low price. All in all the best ticket I've ever bought!"
Kontra: "Nothing! It was great!"
Pro: "The crew was excellent. Ding Ding was very friendly and welcoming. This was my first flight with China Airlines, but it certainly won't be my last! An excellent experience!"
Pro: "Overall, it was a complete service. Crew was attentive, good entertainment, even though it was a short flight they offered pillows and blankets; nice experience."
Kontra: "I understand they prepare the food according to the region where the flight takes places, but maybe they can have a different option for those who enjoy more western food when flying in Asia, or vice-versa ."
Pro: "They should be concerned about food hygiene"
Pro: "This was my first time using China Airlines and it won't be my last. This was a superior flight with a wonderful flight crew and clean aircraft. We flew them roundtrip from Okinawa to Frankfurt. Highly recommended."
Kontra: "Nothing."
Pro: "comfortable seating and up to date entertainment."
Kontra: "Food was not that good."
Pro: "Anna at the ticket counter really helped me out and did a fantastic job!"
Kontra: "Wifi not included"
Pro: "Nothing."
Kontra: "Where to begin... Horrible online experience, outdated planes, rude staff, and overall bad experience."
Pro: "I loved that my knees didn't touch the seat in front of me. As a tall girl and a 12hr flight that would not have been comfortable at all."
Pro: "The food was excellent, service equals any other airline I've flown on and better than most. The seats were comfortable and the entertainment selection was outstanding."
Kontra: "I can't think of a thing that wasn't to my liking."
Kontra: "My baggage was damaged on an earlier flight and China Airlines is simply not available to fix the matter. Ground staff are not their employees and they do nothing about it except pass you on to talk to people at the next destination...who are also not able to do anything."
Pro: "Food was good. The screen of the first flight LAX-TPE) was big and new."
Kontra: "If the crew needs more rest please give them enough turnaround and breaks. They all look tired and unhappy. That's something the company has to fix, not the consumer to bear. The guy next to me didn't put his bag in the overhead cabinet, so it kept poking me or lie on my feet the entire flight. I'm sure this is something the airline would be able to enforce for security reasons."
Pro: "Customer service was great."
Kontra: "My daughters audio didn't work at all in her entertainment system and my audio was really terrible. We did expect to watch movies and was unhappy that the audio wasn't working on a business class flight."
Pro: "The staff was friendly and helpful. The pilot was very impressive, I don't think I have ever had a smother landing! There were tons of movies to choose from. The food was decent, and there was lots of it."
Kontra: "The weight limit of 7kg for carry on bags is enforced. I have never had my carry on weighed before, but China Airlines does. My bag was twice the weight limit, and the man checking my weight offered to check it for free. However, I did not want to check it because it had my DSLR camera and laptop computer with some other things. The weight limit is very small. I took everything out of my suitcase except the laptop and camera bag and it was still too heavy. Then I put some of my lenses in my purse took the camera and other lenses out of the bag and wrapped them in a scarf and managed to get it under the limit. So if traveling China Airlines make sure your carry on is less than 7kg, and good luck if you have electronics you don't want to check."
Pro: "Service, Seat, food, and movies."
Kontra: "having to get up and ask for more beverages"

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nonstopIndonesia AirAsia
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1 transitMalaysia Airlines
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Asia - Indonesia

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Rp 1.720.012
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Rp 15.644.631
Rp 2.632.366
Rp 1.465.749
Rp 1.196.530
Rp 3.350.284
Rp 2.288.364
Rp 2.677.236
Rp 1.675.142
Rp 2.452.887
Rp 792.701
Rp 1.914.448
Rp 1.032.007
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Rp 1.660.186
Rp 1.286.270
Rp 5.025.426
Rp 1.555.489
Rp 4.247.682
Rp 7.448.400
Rp 1.136.704
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Rp 1.061.920
Rp 5.055.340
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Rp 1.869.578
Rp 3.125.935
Rp 4.442.118
Rp 3.484.894
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Rp 792.701
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Rp 3.410.111
Rp 4.606.641
Rp 852.528
Rp 4.726.294
Rp 1.405.923
Rp 3.469.937
Rp 23.526.772
Rp 20.834.580
Rp 4.187.855
Rp 5.892.910
Rp 4.890.816
Rp 5.788.214
Rp 792.701
Rp 32.007.180
Rp 3.649.417
Rp 6.162.130
Rp 12.339.216
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Rp 2.108.884
Rp 4.875.860
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