Temukan tiket murah dari Houston ke Surabaya


Temukan tiket murah dari Houston ke Surabaya

Pulang pergi
Houston (HOU)
Surabaya Juanda
Jum 30/10
Jum 6/11
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Berapa lama penerbangan dari Houston ke Surabaya?

Maskapai mana yang melayani penerbangan dari Houston ke Surabaya dengan harga termurah?

Bandara mana yang akan saya gunakan saat terbang dari Houston ke Surabaya?

Bagaimana KAYAK menemukan harga yang begitu rendah untuk penerbangan dari Houston ke Surabaya?

Bagaimana alat Prakiraan Harga tiket KAYAK membantu saya dalam memilih waktu yang tepat untuk membeli tiket pesawat dari Houston ke Surabaya?

Apa opsi 31193 Mix untuk penerbangan dari Houston ke Surabaya?

Fitur "tanggal fleksibel" KAYAK itu maksudnya apa dan apa gunanya saat mencari penerbangan dari Houston ke Surabaya?

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Peringkat berdasarkan ulasan pelanggan KAYAK

American Airlines
Peringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 44.801 ulasan
Naik Pesawat
Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai

Kontra: "Gin availability"

Pro: "This was a quick flight - 39 mins I also got an upgrade too"

Pro: "Wide choice of films on the flight, boarding was hassle free."
Kontra: "Crew could have been much politer when asking about the food wishes of others. Seemed to have no idea how to walk through the aisles, hitting my head and shoulders more than once while walking through."

Pro: "Very attentive crew"
Kontra: "Boarding gates"

Pro: "The crew were great, entertainment was good."
Kontra: "After sitting on the plane for an hour they found a problem and so we had to deboard and wait for another plane. Obviously better than taking a less than optimum plane but added a lot of waiting time to an already long day. Not great that on a 6 hour flight we had to buy food."

Pro: "The crew skipped me for breakfast and i had to ask for food."
Kontra: "The food was not very good. Bread rolls stale and inedible. The rest of the flight was good."

Kontra: "No food on the International flight from Kingston to Miami."

Pro: "Comfortable flight. New plane"

Pro: "Plane was new and clean..good leg room."
Kontra: "Being told to shut window blinds and spent most of the journey in darkness. No hot drinks. Long gaps between cold drinks. Staff not very friendly."

Pro: "Everything."
Kontra: "Waiting for 30 minutes a Dublin to dock."

Pro: "I liked the room."
Kontra: "There was no entertainment. Could not get seats together."

Pro: "Good legroom on economy"

Pro: "Awfully rude flight attendants Took multiple buses I guess American doesn’t pay good money to the airports"

Kontra: "Our last 6 flights have all been changed or delayed significantly. Then they loose our bags on a direct flight. Won’t fly America airlines again!"

Pro: "Asked a stewardess to turn the heat up and she did."
Kontra: "Freezing cold air conditioning. Every person I could see was wrapped up in their blanket before we had even taken off."

Pro: "eh, mediocre but usual service from a US airline. Just enough to get you from point A to B, but you’re exhausted once there."
Kontra: "too little leg room, and quite uncomfortable seats, couldn’t relax and was cramping from being unable to move more than an inch."

Pro: "I had a connection flight to JFK I came before the time about 15 min and crew saw me but she told me, sorry someone took your seats I lost around 4000$. This happened at Dallas airport."

Kontra: "N/A"

Kontra: "The food"

Pro: "The staff were very friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "Bag checkin had already been done online but did it again in terminal, weigh in lady not helpful or friendly, quite abrupt. Onboard seating cramped and worse when front seats were reclined."

Pro: "The help on getting on the plane and the pleasant staff on the flight"
Kontra: "The food"

Pro: "Smooth flight, got in early."
Kontra: "Breakfast was average. Could do better"

Pro: "Moved seats together, great plane and serviceN"
Kontra: "Delay getting landing slot"

Pro: "Dreamliner plane"
Kontra: "Terrible service from get go which continued when landing in Melbourne with hopeless Qantas."

Kontra: "No movies or other entertainment that I could find"

Pro: "Plane and staff were great. Very easy boarding process and we landed early in Dublin airport after an hour delayed take off. Food and staff service was very good, no complaints."
Kontra: "No idea how they messed up the take off and landing times so greatly. left an hour late and arrived an hour early. No personal entertainment screen and plugs were not working."

Kontra: "Staff were so rude"

Pro: "It was on time. Crew were very good."
Kontra: "Plane seemed very dated. No individual entertainment No USB chargers Not much space"

Pro: "Seats quite comfortable. Crew ok."
Kontra: "Pitiful food offering and no entertainment at all when on previous 1.5 hour AA flight choice of movies."

Kontra: "Had a middle seat and didn't have the option to pick another seat without paying over 250 USD"

Pro: "smooth check in and boarding etc"
Kontra: "Wifi wasn't working so no entertainment"

Kontra: "Dry / borderline rude staff and hostess. Dated plane. Tiny seats. But that is pretty much the baseline of airlines in the US. When will carriers start to take note from International carriers..leaps and bounds ahead."

Kontra: "There was no food offered. The stewardess was not happy to be at work."

Pro: "Short flight times, lovely staff , food and wine ok, not so crowded so more space"

Pro: "Eventually we made it"
Kontra: "Plane was delayed because a door wasn't working (old). Business class entertainment was a tablet that was collected an hour before we landed. Food was very bland."

Pro: "Boarding the plane from the back first saved longer queues. Unfortunately people cheat and the boarding officers don't send them back to the right queue. Toilets were clean. Staff excellent. I was glad all my flights were stuffed to the gunnels. Presumably that is best for the environment rather than lots of planes with fewer passengers in each."
Kontra: "Passport control with new computer ID checks was fast. Baggage was slow coming. I booked through Netflights and they didn't book me a good seat. If I could have changed it myself they should have told me. On the way to Tampa on 3rd March I couldn't check in within 24 hours and had to wait half an hour while they changed our plane. BA used to do short science programmes which I loved. Shame these have finished."

Pro: "The staff were amazing. Very accommodating and with great dispositions. Boarding was easy."
Kontra: "For an international flight the seats were extremely tiny and the plane itself only had a few tv screens posted in the middle of the plane so everyone had to watch the same thing."

Pro: "New plane with leather like seats and good entertainment system."

Pro: "- It was on time"
Kontra: "- No food although I was entitled to free snack with my status - Service was inexistant - Premium seat (front row) thanks to my One World status but no space for my legs at all - it would have been better in a normal seat"

Pro: "The least service I have seen among all the airlines I have traveled so far"

Kontra: "The quality of the plane was a real shock after the excellence of the others on this holiday. It was impossible to sleep which was really needed on this particular leg of our journey. I asked if there was a spare pillow because I had a bad back and needed lumbar support. Also we paid a lot extra to book our seats and I could really not see why. I assume it was for the pleasure of sitting together!"

Pro: "Entertainment system has a good selection"
Kontra: "No earphones to listen to the soundtrack on the entertainment system"

Pro: "Upgraded from Business to First on a transcend A321. Seats amazing, hard product is just superb on these planes. Crew good but a bit animatronic as always with AA."

Pro: "The Boeing 777 200 was refurbished with the new business class pods"
Kontra: "Modern cabin space"

Pro: "The air stewardess was friendly and courteous, the meal were tasty and sufficient."
Kontra: "The flight came in early but we had to wait over thirty minutes for luggage to arrive."

Kontra: "The flight from Phillie to Albany was very warm. Stewardess genuinely apologized."

Kontra: "Waiting times and disorganised."

Kontra: "My wife and I were allocated different seats considering it was our 35th wedding anniversary; not very nice at all. A considerate passenger was decent enough to give her seat so my wife and I can sit together through the flight as a couple. This was our first flight with Avianca; the crew doesn't seem to be concerned, no empathy from our perspective, nor caring. By the way, one of the crew made the effort to sort the problem, as above if it weren't for the lady we do not think the problem would have been resolved - checking in was a whole different experience. No comment, please refer above."

Pro: "Flatbed and Bose headphones made it easy to sleep when listening to music."
Kontra: "Boarding plan took 45 minutes, too long to wait in business class. American Airlines give you two drink vouchers, this cheapens the experience."

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