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2+ transit, mulai Rp 15.666.156
2+ transit, mulai Rp 15.957.121
2+ transit, mulai Rp 5.467.075

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Rp 5.467.075

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Rp 16.447.933

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Rp 7.439.050
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  • Cari tiket murah ke Hawaii? 25% pengguna kami ketemu tiket ke Hawaii dengan harga berikut atau lebih murah: Dari Jakarta Rp 9.244.410 satu arah - Rp 19.378.254 pulang pergi, dari Surabaya Rp 20.951.454 pulang-pergi, dari Denpasar Rp 10.149.617 satu arah - Rp 24.930.986 pulang pergi
  • Pesan minimal 8 minggu sebelum berangkat agar harganya di bawah rata-rata.
  • Musim ramai biasanya Agustus, September, dan Oktober. Bulan paling murah untuk terbang Indonesia adalah November.
  • Masukkan bandara keberangkatan pilihan dan tanggal berwisata ke formulir penelusuran di atas untuk melihat promo terkini tiket Hawaii.

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Peringkat berdasarkan ulasan pelanggan KAYAK
Korean AirPeringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 4947 ulasan
8,8Naik Pesawat
8,5Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai
Pro: "Crews and their messages sounded nice but some parts sounded like it was little too much for normal passengers.; somewhat threatening or too warning ..?"
Kontra: "Transit should be guided better, especially if it involves terminal change. It was difficult to pickup and send the luggages as well. The airport terminals were way too hectic. It was hard to find ground staffs."
Baca selengkapnya tentang Korean Air
Pro: "Crews and their messages sounded nice but some parts sounded like it was little too much for normal passengers.; somewhat threatening or too warning ..?"
Kontra: "Transit should be guided better, especially if it involves terminal change. It was difficult to pickup and send the luggages as well. The airport terminals were way too hectic. It was hard to find ground staffs."
Pro: "The seats were cleaned and neatly arranged. Amenities were provided such as tooth brush and slippers which made the flight more comfortable."
Kontra: "The meals could have been prepared better in both taste and quantity. Flight attendants could have come around more often to refill beverages or requests during meal servicing."
Kontra: "A330 business class seats ate almost lay flat. Seats are older and don’t fully flatten out anymore"
Pro: "From Atlanta to Manila we were served 2 meals. The time gap between the two servings is just too long. For a 14 hour trip the first meal was just after take off and the second about 2-3 hours before landing. The snack was too small of which we were made to choose : a banana, a bread and a brownie."
Kontra: "Adding more to the food. And also if crew can check on passengers who lie down in economy as if they are in business class taking space of the other passengers making it uncomfortable."
Pro: "Crew was great and economy seats have above average legroom."
Kontra: "Bathrooms could have been cleaned up a bit."
Pro: "Service, entertainment, and seats are all great."
Kontra: "Korean airlines could use air nodules for their seats as both flights became very hot towards the end."
Pro: "Crew was very attentive. Even though the flight was delayed, we got to our destination earlier."
Kontra: "More frequent stops for water or drinks or at least larger cups. ."
Pro: "The food is great! The plane is clean. The crew is super nice."
Kontra: "The seats are uncomfortable, as with any seats in coach with other airlines."
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating. The food was delicious. The plane was clean. This was much better than United Airlines."
Kontra: "As with other airlines, flying coach is uncomfortable."
Pro: "Good service. Feed you twice. Which is great. But on a red eye. You want to sleep."
Kontra: "Plane feels dated. A title tired."
Pro: "Great crew, good food, easy to watch entertainment , and food better than most airlines"
Pro: "Good food. Good communication."
Kontra: "More water."
Pro: "The crew was amazing and accommodating as we had an infant."
Kontra: "Entertainment was subpar."
Pro: "excellent service - good food"
Kontra: "aircraft a bit outdated"
Pro: "Good service, 6 hour flight with 2 free meal!"
Kontra: "poor hospitality by cabin crews cabin crews are very stingy in providing drinks"
Pro: "Service and food was good."
Pro: "great service. my kids loved the special treatment!"
Kontra: "I flown KAL business class a number of times and it’s ok this was first back of the bus experience and it’s awful. I could give ten things I did not like about this flight but I’ll sum it up with one. I brought my own inflatable sleep pillow onboard and after using for about an hour I was woken up and told it was against company regulation to use your own pillow."
Pro: "My flight was postponed or delayed as the airline like to call it until the next day due to Narita International Airport closing after 11pm! First of all I didn’t realize major international airports closes especially with a airplane still on the runway! After our flight was “delayed” Korean Airlines scrambled to get us into hotels. This process was very poorly organization and many of us non Japanese speakers were left very confused because they kept forgetting to interpret what they said into English. I had to keep reminding them. We had to stay in long lines throughout the process which took up at least 3hrs. On top of that we waited at least 45 minutes the day after to get our new boarding passes! I was so over my trip to Japan by then and very disappointed with how Korean airlines handled the situation. I will most likely not take Korean airlines again and it will be a long time until I take another trip to Japan."
Kontra: "Their food"
Pro: "Very clean, you’re given headphones, slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste, blanket and pillow, wine or beer at no charge to you"
Kontra: "On our Round trip we were delayed due to flight crew both times"
Pro: "The crew was the most courteous and efficient we ever flew with. We were served 2 meals enroute to Japan with no charge as well as free entertainment. Children were given Pororo stuffed animals and blankets. We are frequent fliers with United Air and was never treated like this on any of their flights! United should take lessons from Korean Air on efficiency, graciousness and being #1!"
Kontra: "Wish Korean Air flew domestic US flights. We would only fly Korean!"
Pro: "I like the Korean bibimbap food in the movie selection was good for the Korean and Asian movies although there were just a few"
Kontra: "People did not follow the boarding orders everybody just lined up all at one time and the crew let them on board even though they weren't supposed to go on so even though I was supposed to board first I could board last. I didn't really like the selection for the Japanese and Korean m music with no CJ pop and Kpop like more traditional Japanese music like Koto and more traditional Korean music"
Pro: "Flight attendants are pretty and nice."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Korean Air is a cut above other airlines. The staff is professional and apparently very well trained. We received excellent customer service."
Pro: "They have bibimbap which is always a great meal option on a plane. The plane felt clean and new. Flight attendants were very nice and made several rounds of water service. Duty free catalog was immense, esp for Korean skincare. Great chance to shop."
Kontra: "If you're on an extra long flight, you might feel like there aren't enough movie options in the entertainment system, but my flight was only 8 hours so I was satisfied."
Pro: "The seats were very comfortable on this aircraft. The food was great and the staff was very attentive,"
Kontra: "I wish the flight was 2 hours longer so I could sleep more on the plane."
Pro: "Great flight crew, speedy and efficient departure procedure"
Pro: "Incheon Airport consistently rated one of the best in the world, has everything s traveler needs and more. Airplane was exceedingly clean, Flight Attenddents very professional, attentivel and efficient."
Pro: "비행기안 승무원들은항상 웃고 친절해서 편안한 여행을 할수있다"
Pro: "Friendly staff"
Pro: "The staff was friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "There wasnt anything that i didnt like"
Kontra: "Crew members scrambled to prepare for live demo of inflight saftey as video stoped. Crew member did not give clear demonstration of saftey. Such as seat belt buckle faced her, and life jacket was inside out."
Pro: "Entertainment had a wide variety of choices. The food that I could eat was delicious and served with REAL silverware on REAL plates and cups. Amazing. The commitment to the environment and style is truly outstanding."
Kontra: "I have a severe food allergy, and all of the dinner options had the food I was allergic to. BUT! They were willing to give me a bunch of little foods to make a whole meal, and were truly sympathetic to my plight. I'd fly with them again"
Pro: "Safe flight"
Kontra: "My flight was 30 mins late landing,I missed a very important meeting.Food selection wasn't great,I think it should more than Korean food to choice from,just awful food selection.check in service wouldn't allow me to upgrade from economy to business when the plan was full at all"
Pro: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Plane was clean, the seats and leg room were good. Cabin attendants were very friendly and attentive during the entire flight. Entertainment system was easy to use and had a lot of movies and other stuff to keep you busy. Headphones and slippers were provided. Enjoyed my flight. Will fly Korean Airlines again if I have the chance."
Pro: "The service and food is good"
Kontra: "I did not like the fact that Korean Air's policy is to have the air temperature set at 24 Celsius. Who does that? Even in our homes, nobody has their temperature set so high, even in the cold weather months. It is ridiculous!!"
Pro: "Light flight, extra space."
Kontra: "One of the luggage wheels is broken. No ground personal in the airport to take care of the matter. Called and eMailed the claim. However, KAL refuses to look into the matter."
Kontra: "Good customer service"
Pro: "Compared to U.S. carriers, except for Hawaiian Air, Korean Air has been very reliable and quite enjoyable over the years. Meals are quite good for contracted airline food, and attendants are typically very friendly."
Kontra: "Seats on any airline are always a bit tight unless you pay for an upgrade. The music variety could have featured a few more American artists."
Pro: "The service offered was different than my trip to INC from Kona. Which I would rate excellent service. But coming back the crew made it feel inconvenient. I had to wake for others to eat. I was very tired and just wanted to sleep."
Kontra: "I had to wake up so person behind me could eat."
Kontra: "Lights in cabin too bright while serving meals. Could turn it down a notch"
Pro: "Everything; from initiating reservations, seat assignments, check-in, inflight, etc. Korean Airlines is simply the best!"
Kontra: "There wasn't anything that I didn't like."
Pro: "we were attended 2 by the friendliest/courteous attendants....were fed 2X along the way and movies/music/games/drinks were free of charge also."
Kontra: "n/a"
Pro: "Friendly service. Seats and temperature in cabin was comfortable. Meals were tasty and good portion."
Kontra: "Slight delay in departure"
Pro: "The cabin crew was very courteous and attentive. There was a passenger on my flight who appeared to pass out and I was able to observe the care the cabin crew provided him. They acted very professional while the person appeared to be in and out of consciousness. The person eventually became better, but it is always good to see a well prepared crew deal with an issue. Also I am happy they had the bim bim bop on this flight. I didn't have it on the flight I had from Riyadh to Seoul that I took to get out there."
Kontra: "The movie selection of Hollywood hits could have been a bit more robust, but it was more that fine."
Pro: "Comfortable seats, good meals"
Kontra: "Can't book seat ahead of check in."
Pro: "Great service overall . Crew was very nice."
Kontra: "at 9pm flight they turn the lights on after the take off. Very difficult time sleeping. Again they'll turn the lights on 1.5hrs before landing, too."
Pro: "It was better than expected. A wide selection of in flight entertainment to help pass time. I'd give it a 5 if I were in first class."
Pro: "Time is good."
Kontra: "With long flight these two are a must ! Food is very limited and needs to have more movies."
Pro: "New plane or so it seemed. Crew very attentive to needs. Nice entertainment system with large screen."
Pro: "Outstanding service as always - ANA rocks!"
Kontra: "Too many (redundant) service announcements. Suggest simplifying and keeping them short and less repetitive to avoid inconvenience, esp while enjoying entertainment."
Pro: "Timely schedule"
Kontra: "Foods and beverages quality/variation"
Kontra: "All was 100%! Thanks!"
Pro: "More movies choices is better and I had asked to get seat comfortable, yes the boarding crew staff made it. Thank you."
Kontra: "Movies and musics more variables from all over the world."
Kontra: "The food wasn’t very good and the quantity of the snack meager. Worse, the crew refused to give a second roll to our 12 year old even which means that either they only have one for each passenger (and every passenger had theirs) or the crew are parsimonious."
Pro: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Kontra: "Movies on board need upgrade"
Pro: "Overall the service was good."
Kontra: "ANA flight attendants were not very well versed in the English language. Very hard to communicate our needs."
Pro: "ANA's staff were professional and helpful. They will do their very best to accommodate your request within reason, very satisfied how they handled our issue."
Kontra: "We made our reservations through kayak / justfly.com and paid an additional fee to reserve our preferred seating assignment. During check in, our seat reservations were not granted because justfly.com did convey our preferences."
Pro: "Food was ok for economy and they bring more coffee when you ask. The flight wasn’t so full so the seat next to me was empty and also I could sit in the exit isle to work on my laptop"
Kontra: "The seat pitch is such that you can’t use a laptop in a normal seat. This would have been a big issue if there wasn’t a seat in the exit row for me to borrow. Staff fine but nothing special."
Pro: "The 787 was awesome. Very comfortable. Great staff and service."
Pro: "The service...the food...the entertainmrnt....tq tq tq"
Pro: "Staff were amazing."
Kontra: "Nothing great experience!"
Pro: "The food, choices of entertainment, and the crew"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Food tasted great, flight attendants were super nice love the food holders under the seats to rest your feet"
Kontra: "Nothing really to Complain about. Selection of movies could have been a little better but it’s a Japanese airline didn’t expect a lot of American Content"
Kontra: "The food was dreadful. It was like being back in the 1990s. Kids entertainment options were poor. The original toy story movie was it!"
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "Everything the whole team was great."
Pro: "crew and food was great"
Kontra: "seat cushion was a bit on the dead side."
Pro: "The food and staff were great."
Pro: "Flight was fine"
Kontra: "I asked for a small water bottle (early flight from Tokyo to Jkt they gave a small water bottle) and it seems they mase a big deal to give me one and I traveled with my 2,5 yo and I tried to keep her hydrate since she has problem with dryness ans her skin"
Pro: "Friendly crew... awesome entertainment. Good drinks and food, one of the best traveling experiences I had. Thank you!"
Kontra: "Same repeating music"
Kontra: "Flight attendant didn't mention so well about drink service."
Pro: "Service and food were great."
Kontra: "That I was listed as standby when I went to check in; I eventually got my ticket and my preferred seat selection."
Pro: "Cheap prise"
Kontra: "Food and entertainment"
Pro: "The service from this airline is so great. Everyone is smiling and treats you like a valued guest."
Kontra: "Obviously you will not get the best food on an airplane. The food is enough to keep you alive, but is not going to earn michelín stars."
Pro: "Cabin crew were really nice & helpful. My upgraded seat next to an open seat was really nice & comfortable."
Pro: "ANA from Tokyo to Jakarta, ANA- Jakarta to Tokyo."
Kontra: "."
Pro: "Food and entertainment is great."
Kontra: "Boarding process. System was down. Very strict with the bagage rule. Excessive bagage charge is very expensive, unlike Eva air"
Pro: "Comfortable seats and leg room, especially for Economy. Staff was very helping and friendly. Entertainment selection provided enough options to find something of interest. Flight crew was outstanding keeping the flight punctual."
Kontra: "Limited food and drink options, and was disappointed when both things I tried to order from the first meal serving were out of stock."
Pro: "Service was great, food was decent. Bumpy ride though, plane felt "old"."
Kontra: "Everything was good. Only thing I could say is the plane felt outdated."
Pro: "Enough room for relax, I love this one"
Kontra: "none"
Pro: "The service, the professionalism, and the wonderful Dreamliner Boeing 787 aircraft"
Pro: "Flight crew was friendly, quick to respond to questions, and very helpful. I was able to switch seats even though the flight was full. The food was fine but the menu for the return flight looked better still."
Kontra: "The flight was 100% full. I took a redeye flight hoping to sleep a bit on the plane but I ended up not sleeping much. I am happy to take ANA on my return flight, which is not redeye. Also I will be happy to fly ANA again, but I would not take a redeye flight on any airline unless I was in business or first class which I cannot reasonably afford at the moment."
Pro: "friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Kontra: "the stroller take forever to show up when landing"
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Delay 4h+ while passangers stay inside aircraft. No firm information, information keep changing. Crazy!"
Pro: "They made a special dessart for my niece and her husband for their honeymoon trip."
Kontra: "Not realky."
Pro: "The food were good and just enough for the inflight need"
Kontra: "The time to get to the next flight is so tight! I wish there's a 30 minutes more so I don't have to rush and be the last one to get in the plane."
Pro: "Flight was very good - enjoyed meal and entertainment"
Kontra: "Signage at Honolulu airport is unclear - -difficult to find connecting terminal"
Pro: "Flight from Chicago had lots of leg room, Attendants are great!"
Kontra: "Maybe come around more often with water/drinks and offer more movies and food choices."
Kontra: "Seats seem extra small, narrow and short. As a window seat there was very little room between the seat and the wall. Food and entertainment average to below average (compared with Qantas, Singapore Airlines)"
Pro: "very comfy, great ground handling crew"
Kontra: "none"
Pro: "5 stars around"
Pro: "My 96-yr-old father was given an airport wheelchair after we checked his own transport chair. He was wheeled through security and to the departure gate. We were advised they changed us to a bulkhead row w/an unoccupied seat adjacent to his. Twice during the flight one of the flight attendants came to tell him that she would help him off the plane so to wait for her after the rest of the passengers disembarked. The meal was very tasty.Chicken karaage was not crispy but I wouldn't expect it to be. The rest of the items were well seasoned with the right consistency. Dessert was a flan custard with passion fruit sauce (very Hawaii!), even including a few seeds from the fruit as garnish."
Pro: "There was a delay"
Pro: "Good staff, good service, good entertainment"
Kontra: "Although my partner and I bought our tickets together and booked them almost 9 months in advance, we were not seated together, which made the flight more difficult and uncomfortable."
Kontra: "limited movie selections"
Pro: "The food was excellent and the flight attendants were courteous and thoughtful."
Kontra: "I slept through a meal."
Pro: "Very comfortable, and the crew was excellent."
Kontra: "The international breakfast (Spanish Omelet) was mediocre. Poor movie selection – United has a much better and larger selection of movies."
Pro: "The service is always top notch from the flight attendant, food is better than most airline and toilet is always clean. I could get a good seat with the leg room at my request."
Kontra: "Entertainment, the variety of film is quite limited but they have good Japanese movie."
Pro: "The service was outstanding! All of the flight attendants were amazing!"
Pro: "Just ok"
Kontra: "The crew and the service"
Kontra: "The rebalance was worst I've ever encountered I was actually scared I prayed many times 4 yo get home safely I was not impressed with my last flight n also why were We delayed coming from manila we turn back many times n I had only 50 mins to catch my flight to Perth if we had landed wen we should hv I'd hv time to buy some gifts I'm.glad that Philippines airlines will fly direct yo manila from Perth come March n I'll use them from now on as it's a few times in the years gone that things has happened to me I forgave ur airline but now i not need to as hv other airline to fly n my darling come here 3 or 4 times each year but will use Philippines airlines URS sincerely Trevor frahm"
Pro: "One of several preferred airlines when flying to Asia. Really enjoy their service, and it's wonderful to wake up to many beauties in view!"
Pro: "Food, service"
Kontra: "The space"
Pro: "everything, the crew was efficient"
Kontra: "more African entertainment to be added on the Johannesburg route"
Pro: "Very comfortable; excellent service"
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "The crew service is good. Not great, but still above average from other flagship carriers."
Kontra: "The seat (B787-10) is so cramp!!!"
Pro: "The crew was very helpful and courteous."
Kontra: "The flight was delayed and I decreased my time in Singapore"
Kontra: "No complain . It’s singapore airlines"
Kontra: "Great Airline. Great staff and service. Good food and drink."
Pro: "Crew was polite."
Kontra: "For such a long journey, the plane could have been nicer."
Pro: "Friendly crew and spacious."
Kontra: "Food could be better"
Pro: "Foods. Drinks. Entertainment."
Kontra: "Nothing. Everything’s so perfect!"
Pro: "Dim sum between Hong Kong & Singapore."
Pro: "More space then previous flights. Attendants very pleasant and helpful."
Kontra: "Ran out of the food choices by the time they reached me. Had to make do with what was left."
Pro: "I like everything crew, etc"
Kontra: "Nothing reallly"
Kontra: "Ran out of options for dinner and could not eat the macaroni cheese they had on offer, so got 2 small packets of nuts instead...international flight running out of food options? Pretty slack. A part of the interior wall fell off onto my foot upon take off and I had to hold it in place for a while until a hostess came....doesn’t give you the best feeling when the plane starts breaking on take off. One of the male stewards was appalling towards a young mum I sat next too...too the extent of giving her dirty looks because she spilled a bit of water on the seat and then told her she had to pack everything away she was using, including the baby wipes! I stepped in and told him how this was not ok and all other staff members were helpful and he was making this Mum upset. He should not be working for such a people friendly reputable airline! Maybe Jetstar instead! Was appalled at the entire flight to be honest!"
Pro: "Spacious business class seats, toilets super clean and well stocked. The best eye shades ever encountered."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Friendly crew I like that a lot. The diabetes food choice ecselent Thank you"
Kontra: "The toilets were very dirty"
Pro: "Ok"
Kontra: "Delayed"
Kontra: "The desserts. The bun."
Pro: "check-in, priority lane, BKK-SKL, boarding, crew, cabin, disembark, baggage claim to cab home"
Kontra: "baby crying throughout the flight"
Pro: "The ability to pre-order food helped bud to intolerance of good types. Crew were helpful in getting us off the place first because they knew were were short on time for our connection."
Kontra: "Delayed flight meant a stressful flight wondering if we would make our connection. Also the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbled and unclear information."
Pro: "Excellent service"
Kontra: "Very poor on board entertainment"
Kontra: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Poor service."
Pro: "Excellent flight experience"
Pro: "The aircrafts, on-board service on Sin Dxb route"
Kontra: "The thing that Inhad to fly Silk Air with one of four flights."
Pro: "Entertainment excellent, cabin crew superb"
Kontra: "Because the flight from IAD to London was cancelled, I never made it to this flight."
Pro: "The seats are very comfortable. There was ample entertainment."
Kontra: "No complaints at all. They are very professional and I would chose them again."
Pro: "Comfortable seats roomy 30kg allowance good a ttention form staff witohut fussing'"
Kontra: "nothing"
Pro: "Friendly, smiling staff, ever happy to help, nice food"
Kontra: "Seats on the A380 upper deck economy are too uncomfortable, couldn't relax at all during the 5h red-eye to Singapore"
Pro: "I love traveling on Singapore airlines. They have excellent service and always on time. Their entertainment system is very good. I won't say excellent as I've seem Emirates and they still have along way to go to catch up."
Kontra: "They did not give us the landing cards and we had to fill them in at the airport. Many were like us and I am surprised. Also for business class passengers they don't get into a priority lane as you see in Emirates and other airlines. while Singapore airline is very good, they still lack in the details."
Pro: "I like the services from Singapore Airlines."
Kontra: "Your web site tried to charge me $90 for aisle seat, do you agree that this is a big joke or what? I have decided no use your company any more. Not sure why a great airlines like Singapore Airlines would partner with your company???"
Pro: "The service crew served us well. They are friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "Too many Indian movies"
Pro: "The attendants are pleasant to the eye, thats about it."
Kontra: "I heard so many good things and was left disappointed. The service from staff try to help and be nice but some of them do not care at all, things like too busy to bring a beverage etc was a tad annoying. dont know if i will use them again"
Pro: "Foot rest, large movie screen, good food"
Kontra: "They ran out of diet drinks."
Pro: "Hard to find lounge for bclass users"
Pro: "Second bag was four foot bronze statue, no problem or extra cost"
Pro: "On time. Attentive crew."
Kontra: "Old TV screen that was difficult to see. Looked like it was from 1990. Limited movie selection."
Pro: "Attention to customer service and needs"
Kontra: "Couldn't use my own headphones to watch movies"
Pro: "Friendly staff, excellent customer service, great food"
Pro: "The SIA crew is the most gentle and careful I have ever encountered."
Kontra: "The food is below average. The quantity is OK but the choices/taste in not matching the best airlines."
Pro: "Aircraft was OK."
Kontra: "Cabin crew service can definitely be better. Should offer more snacks for long flights."
Pro: "Consistently good food."
Kontra: "Entertainment system sometimes froze, didn't remember where I was in the movie."
Pro: "It is really nice to have a direct flight option to Singapore"
Pro: "Lots of movie and game options"
Kontra: "Staff was slow to tend to my needs (i.e. Water), continually bumped into my shoulder or leg. Would not accommodate moving my seat next to my wife's because a couple wanted to have an entire row to themselves. Very frustrating"
Pro: "Everything about this airline was great. It would be impossible to go hungry on this airline. Half the time I can't get a bag of peanuts on a 6 hour flight. On Singapore airlines someone was always there to accommodate you. Best service I've had yet. Highly recommend this airline!"
Pro: "Finally the staggered deboarding. It feels like COVID has actually disciplined us passengers this time and kept us from behaving like unruly cattle once the plane halts."
Kontra: "Initial confusion at boarding with paperwork and onward passage through Athens,GREECE. Once again the airport teams reached out to my colleagues and I ahead of time and managed to resolve to satisfaction. Perhaps reservation team can trigger a call to the passengers while they are still at home asking for the documentation validation electronically over a secured database.... just a thought. Again, being a part of the Experience and Innovation team, travel and tourism needs less human interaction, now more than ever. While we digitalized the obvious, the exceptions can remain humanized."
Kontra: "I bought my seat assignment in advance, and they did not give me this seat on the plane. Before boarding, I asked at the gate if my new seat was a window--which is what I paid for--and they confirmed yes, my new seat was a window. Turns out, it was not, it was a middle seat. I asked a flight attendant to relocate me to a window seat, which she kindly did, however this seat was quite uncomfortable as I was seated next to a large gentleman who probably should have been required to purchase two seats. Overall, there were two issues with Qatar Airways during this trip: they did not give me the seat I had requested and paid for, and then lied when I asked if my new seat was a window."
Pro: "Quality aircrafts and entertainment."
Kontra: "Service and helpfulness of attendants."
Pro: "The crew in the plane was very supportive and assisted us with the baby and have provided all possible comfort"
Kontra: "we have booked a wheelchair to carry old grandmother with permanent injured hand and the baby to the plane, and we have confirmed availability of the same by calling QA office in Qatar. However QA did not provide a wheelchair during check-in at Paris Charles de Gaulle for whatever unjustified reason"
Pro: "Crew was nice, attentive and very helpful"
Kontra: "More leg room"
Kontra: "Slow boarding while passengers stand in the queue, late take off"
Pro: "Liked the smoothness on boarding and the organization. Keep it up!"
Kontra: "Attitude of some of the flight attendants and more entertainment."
Kontra: "I was given incorrect date and missed my flight. I had to spend 750 £ and buy a flight from another airline to get home"
Pro: "Everything!!!"
Pro: "The service was super and the food was delicious even the seats are very comfortable"
Kontra: "Everything was super"
Pro: "Great service onboard!!"
Kontra: "Checkin at Zurich!!!Waited two hours in line to weigh in... Staff was friendly but not enough staff"
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Kontra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Pro: "I liked that the flight was not full and I was able to use the entire row of seats and lie down as straight as possible to get some sleep. The crew was very friendly and allowed us to sleep most of the flight --- I guess they figured that most of the travelers prefer to just sleep and not be disturbed during a 15-hour flight. There was a good selection of movies and shows to watch to pass the time. I liked that there was time to go on the city tour of Doha and that there is a counter at the airport for the city tour."
Kontra: "My flight started in Kathmandu and the layover for the connecting flight from Doha to LAX was 12 hours. I hope Qatar can come up with a schedule that will reduce the layover down to less hours while still giving passengers time to go on the city tour, if they want to."
Pro: "The trip was very comfortable and food suited me"
Pro: "The crew was attentive and polite. The flights were on time, and the entertainment options were good. The Doha airport is quite nice, with many eating and retail options. although everything is very expensive, even by airport standards."
Kontra: "My wife and I personally don't mind a selection that leans heavily toward Indian food, but I imagine others will not. The main courses were mediocre and the "sandwich" offered between meals on the 13+ hour flight was cold, soggy and inedible. The seats on our A350 were hard and not very comfortable, and the recline function was difficult to operate. Security at the Doha airport was confusing. We had to go through 3 separate checkpoints for our transfer, each with different rules and procedures. The final check at our departure gate was the worst, with impatient officials giving hurried instructions in heavily-accented English, and scolding if passengers didn't understand. I was sent back through a second time to remove my camera from the bag (and to be scolded by the agent), and was patted down a second time coming back through the x-ray, which had green-lighted me both times. It made me wonder if this was a reaction to the extra scrutiny that Arab passengers receive from our airport security in the USA."
Pro: "The crew were nice and very helpful. Vegeterian meal was great"
Kontra: "It was cold almost for everyone and everyone used blanket, some people asked for second blanket."
Kontra: "Snacks and drinks could be betteri"
Pro: "Wonderful crew. Pretty nice and clean plane, I wish the normal distances between chairs were a bit bigger. My knees hurt. Flight was very smooth, landing seamless."
Kontra: "Boarding in jfk is always a nightmare, and this was not any better. Huge crowds blocking the hallways, boarding started 15 minutes late, departed late - therefore arrived late and we missed the connection to Kiev, had to spend 8 hours in Doha."
Kontra: "Display showed TV news, not boarding Info. Boarding Zones were announced only once, if you missed it stuck in security you have no way of finding out."
Pro: "Went out of their way to be helpful"
Pro: "On business class, so service was extraordinary"
Pro: "The staff are great, the food is good."
Kontra: "The seats are awful, especially on the 7 hour flight from Doha to Barcelona. Very narrow, marginal recline. Also the flight was very hot, my watch thermometer said 33° at one point"
Kontra: "The seat from Jakarta to Doha, especially the head/neck holder was uncomfortoble. Too big and stiff and wasn’t on the right possition even though it is adjustable. One of the crew didn’t say anything, not even smile after she opened the curtain between bussiness and economy class at row J K L. She just walked away."
Pro: "air hostess very nice polite five star"
Kontra: "seat alloted"
Pro: "The food was great with three options for each meal and there were a lot of options for in flight entertainment"
Pro: "Food service was good"
Kontra: "Flight was delayed leaving LAX and was about an hour late to arrive at Doha. Fortunately, despite the 45 minute window for connection, I managed to get my connecting flight to Islamabad thanks to good support from ground staff in Doha"
Pro: "On time flights, orderly boarding, plenty of room for carry on luggage, no overcrowding, connection through Doha airport was nice as it is not crowded and has plenty of shopping options."
Kontra: "Too many crying babies on board, food was just okay, crew were also just okay, entertainment system didn’t always work, cut out well before landing and took forever to reset."
Pro: "Video on Demand at each seat in coach. Friendly staff. Also patient staff, what with the languages they have to cover with each flight. The airline goes everywhere so it’s impossible to say what anyone will be speaking."
Pro: "Food, entertainment options, comfortable seats, warm blankets"
Pro: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Kontra: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Pro: "Foods, crew are accomodating and all sevice facility are very good"
Kontra: "Just update the movies regularly"
Kontra: "The seats were very uncomfortable. Food was less than mediocre."
Pro: "The Qatar crew was great and the entertainment was on point."
Kontra: "That my departure times were 1 to 2 hours earlier than what was on my electronic ticket, if I hadn't checked on the airport website, I would've missed all my flights!!"
Pro: "Doha to hyd was good. Crew was courteous."
Kontra: "Even after online checkin. Just to drop the bags it took 1 hr. The thin old black lady at the baggage drop off counter was very partial in treating people. She allowed a black male take 27.8 kgs but asked us to adjust our bags when we had 23 kgs. Also if the passenger is allowed to carry a laptop bag, according to her training and theory she only knows 1 shape and does not recognize a back pack which has only the laptop. I travelled several times in Qatar, but never had this kind of experience."
Pro: "Overall"
Kontra: "Overall"
Pro: "timeliness"
Kontra: "food"
Pro: "childrens meals and play packages. service was good, and bathrooms were kept clean. The meals were tastey and fresh."
Kontra: "Checkin at Jakarta needs fine tuning. Checkin in started 30mins later than what the QR rep informed me an hr previously. QR lounge needs upgrading."
Kontra: "The passenger sitting next to me was really sick due to flu. When i explained the situation and asked for masks to the attendant, you guys did not have even one. I was disappointed with that. I think the flight should have some for these kinds of situation so that other passengers can protect themselves. Thanks."
Kontra: "Before our trip we called Kayak service desk with the request to reserve our seats. The answer obtained was that we should do it online. When we went online there were almost no more seats available so we decided to go to the check in counter in the airport. Although we were more than 3 hours in advance in the airport there were almost no seats available. We were very disappointed about this service, we never experienced this with any other airline companies..."
Pro: "Great service. Great food. Solid entertainment."
Kontra: "But the onboarding was a bit disorganized. The zone method was confusing to non native speakers so everyone was confused. It then become chaotic. Also the 320 product was too different than the 350 flight"
Kontra: "The boarding process was strange, with one guy directing several different zones to stand in line, people not cooperating and just overrall not very organized."
Pro: "Space, food, service, handling"
Kontra: "That I could not and cannot retrieve my flight on the Qatar Airlines website."
Kontra: "Leg space in economic class is too less. No options in vegetarian food. They don't give you what you want."
Kontra: "The Qatar stuff at Nairobi airport was very rude when I tried to ask for their help. She was extremely inpatient and showed us angry face. Totally disappointed and not expected from an airline claimed to be one of the best."
Pro: "The seats recline far enough tonsleep good Good movie selection Good tv selection although more episodes would be nice"
Pro: "-Great selection of movies, Ted talks, and games to view on individual screens, headphones were provided. - Blankets and pillows were provided to everyone, along with a kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and eye mask. - Adjustable head rest. - Nice to have wifi, although only 15 minutes is free."
Kontra: "- Tiny, cramped seats and aisles. I'd heard the Quatar has more leg room than other airlines. This is definitely not true. If the person in front of me reclined all the way, they crushed my knees and I'm only 5'7". - Seat cushions are thin and hard. - baggage check in took a very long time; about 45-60"
Pro: "It was a short flight, so no problems"
Pro: "I have never had such an easy long distance flight. Hope to fly with Qatar again!"
Pro: "Entertainment"
Kontra: "Food"
Kontra: "When open rows are available they should be able to be used instead of making people cram together. I saw several elderly people turned away.. crew was very rude and I’m highly disappointed"
Kontra: "Everything was perfect excellent service by the crew."
Kontra: "Overall service was good but the equipment used is older. So the LCD screen is too small!! Even my iPad mini has a bigger screen ."
Pro: "Amazing crew and delicious food."
Kontra: "Of course seats could me more comfortable"
Pro: "Food choices were great, Crew were friendly, fast and efficient, Toilets were kept clean, organized and stocked the whole time."
Kontra: "More choices for movies, and i wish subtitles in English would be made available even when watching the movie in English."
Pro: "Great services. Seat was good."
Kontra: "The queue to board could be better."
Pro: "Already commented in the Hanoi to Seoul part. Sorry."
Pro: "Crew is great and professional"
Pro: "I slept like a baby the whole way!"
Kontra: "I don't care for the food. It upsets my stomache."
Pro: "Crew was attentive"
Kontra: "Food was sub par and I flew TO Manila on the flight - the discrepancy in the food quality was very different. Entertainment is dated and for such long flights very limited compared to competitors."
Pro: "Great entertainment system for every seats unlike the other 777 I took a few days ago. This one also had plug-ins available. As always, cabin attendants were excellent."
Kontra: "Food quality was not as good as my earlier Asiana flight from Honolulu to Seoul."
Pro: "Typical airline"
Kontra: "The flight was delayed but no one was able to provide a clear answer why. The communication was horrible. 3 hr delay"
Kontra: "Delayed and stuck inside of air plane for 3 hrs."
Pro: "A wonderful airlines, IMHO. I cannot give any complaints about it. The airline crew was really helpful. I cannot rate the meals because I only had drinks on but legs of flights."
Pro: "Everything went smooth. The temperature of the cabin was good. The crew were on it. Food and entertainment was great!"
Pro: "My vegetarian husband had good food on an airplane, which is rare. Also the service is wonderful on Asiana,"
Pro: "Service"
Kontra: "Limited entertainment"
Pro: "Glad to have food and drink on the flight. Airline flight attendants were superb on all 4 Asiana flights from Honolulu, Hawaii to Vietnam via Seoul, Korea that I took. Beautiful as well as super efficient and responsive to all requests. I felt "served" as a customer in the best sense of the word, something I have not felt for a long time on an airplane. Even through the flights were long and very full, the attendants were very professional and this made the flight seem shorter and more enjoyable. The economy seat had more legroom and seat space than most other airlines, which made sleeping/dozing much easier. Pillow and blanket too."
Kontra: "Food was so-so, except for the Korean dinner which was very good. I had to ask for a 2nd glass of wine - skimpy portions both times."
Pro: "See comments above."
Kontra: "See comments above."
Pro: "Crew very attentive and friendly"
Pro: "Arriving on time even though it took off 45 min late"
Kontra: "They lost all of our luggages(five pieces) and never attempted to locate them at LAX. Which were transferred from United airlines. It took eight contacts and finally reaching out to LAX office in 36 hours later, they located the luggages in 45 minutes. asiana from Inchon office kept on telling me that it is in LA office’s hand and yet they weren’t willing to call for LA office’s assistance. They were simply relying on the process which has been broken. Then upon the delivery, the driver informed us the severe damage in my tumi bag."
Pro: "Service, food and legroom, cleanliness"
Kontra: "Crew are attentive, service is good.. food is good and legroom is better than most airlines.. The aircraft is warm and I had to call the attention of the FA and she took care of it.. I am surprised, being a gold member does not give you any priority regarding boarding.. Hopefully this will be addressed, especially to loyal clients.."
Pro: "Great transfer lounge in Inc he on airport"
Pro: "Staff as usual Asiana provided superb service."
Kontra: "other passengers being obnoxious and rude"
Pro: "Nothing"
Pro: "No entertainment at bulk head"
Pro: "Crew was excellent. Food was great. Would definitely recommend Asiana to my friends and family."
Pro: "The large leg space/room!"
Kontra: "The food was limited and it's actually not that good."
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "No charger outlet"
Kontra: "Comfortable seats"
Pro: "Food and staff"
Kontra: "tv screen too small... need upgrade or newer type plane..."
Pro: "The food was again good and the service was excellent. The entertainment was also good"
Kontra: "Fight was so late that i missed my connection. I allowed three hours. The flight was 2 1/2 hours late so there was not time to go threw customs."
Pro: "Boarding was pleasantly quick relative to other flights I have been o"
Kontra: "Flight attendants made me it feel like they didn't want to be working there. Made me not want to ask for anything when I needed something"
Pro: "The Korean dinners were fine. Good last minute exit window seat"
Kontra: "There should have been more snacks during the flight for the passengers to nosh. Cathay Pacific would have trays of goodies for people to take and the attendants would bring cup noodles and water upon request. The mid flight pizza sliver was a joke. The movie choices were limited."
Kontra: "Delay to board then delay in plane to take off"
Kontra: "The food is always our problem, bec we r not used to eating Korean food, and by the time they ask us what food we can get? They run out every time they get to us , who , like us who are in the back seats- all is left is Korean food and we have no choice! Please make more food varieties, thank you"
Pro: "Great flight attendants"
Kontra: "These folks never take off on time. Preflight is done way too late...minutes before boarding. Never an apology for late departures. If this is the norm, I think I'll pay a little extra next time."
Pro: "Crew was super. 2 wonderful hot meals."
Pro: "The gluten free meal was much better on this flight and the ladies were pleasant as usual."
Kontra: "Less entertainment offerings compared to our 10hr flight but other than that, all went well."
Pro: "The flight attendants were very nice and the on-board entertainment options were decent enough. I had the gluten free meal plan which was ok. The ladies were very organized and I got my meal before the rest of the plane."
Kontra: "The plane was delayed so our supposed hour and a half layover turned into a mad mad dash across the airport and through security, again. It would have been extremely helpful if they could have gotten the two handfuls of us passengers off before everyone else so we could get to our connecting flight with the same airliner..."
Pro: "The food was good and the movie selection was good."
Kontra: "the flight was late 30'."
Pro: "Flight time was change making very difficult to make connections and every flight was at lest 15 minutes late. Also my bags was lost and I had to reschedule my wedding because my bags never made it to Jakarta days later. I was given a 100.00 dollars to buy clothes and was told by a baggage service representative Thant that is enough to buy wedding clothes The baggage service office in Jakarta never sent me any info or mae contact with me I had to call them and get the run around because the cannot make decision without the Asiana represent I've who only work after 8 at night The never respond to my emails Overall once in flight service was great but support services is vey poor"
Pro: "The crew was nice"
Kontra: "Movie selection"
Pro: "Flight quality was good"
Kontra: "The return flight had delays."
Pro: "I enjoyed the Korean dish options and having metal silverware was a nice touch. The cabin crew was very attentive and friendly throughout the flight. The legroom was pretty good for a coach seat."
Kontra: "The boarding process was a little chaotic. There was a gate change at Pudong Airport and we had to leave from a lower level gate which involves bus ride to the plane. And there was a long wait after the initial bus until further busses came. Then we stayed on the ground for quite a while until we were allowed to take off, maybe one hour or more late."
Pro: "Friendly service, Korean meals, accommodation and courtesy for disabled passengers"
Kontra: "Not enough Korean meals"
Kontra: "Wish there was a bigger movie selection"
Kontra: "I absolutely hated how EACH and every flight (4 total) was delayed using this airline."
Pro: "The crew was nice & helpful. Seats were roomy. Washroom was kept clean."
Kontra: "A larger selection of movies and t.v. shows would have been better."

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Hawaii - Indonesia

Jelajahi tempat asal:

Rp 16.799.388
Rp 15.788.668

Jelajahi tujuan wisata:

Rp 15.849.923
Rp 30.183.768
Rp 37.335.376
Rp 15.849.923
Rp 28.070.444
Rp 28.698.316
Rp 28.698.316
Rp 37.335.376
Rp 30.183.768
Rp 15.849.923
Rp 28.070.444
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