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JALPeringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 4533 ulasan
8,9Naik Pesawat
8,5Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai
Pro: "I like how the crew made rounds hourly to provide drinks and ensure we are good! Also appreciated when they were able to accommodate last minute meal changes!!"
Baca selengkapnya tentang JAL
Pro: "I like how the crew made rounds hourly to provide drinks and ensure we are good! Also appreciated when they were able to accommodate last minute meal changes!!"
Pro: "None"
Kontra: "Crew was not very helpful"
Pro: "The crew was polite, responsive and friendly. The food was very good and served hot. For a flight to Japan, I thought $1,000 round trip direct from Boston was an excellent price considering you got 2 complete meals and additional snacks. Much more than I expected. Would fly Japan Airlines again."
Kontra: "I don't think there was much that could have been improved. The seats were as comfortable as could be expected when paying an economy price."
Pro: "Professional and friendly crew"
Kontra: "Food quality from Jakarta is bad"
Pro: "Delay of check in with upgrade"
Kontra: "Very professional and friendly crew. Food quality was excellent."
Kontra: "Boarding took forever and flight was delayed"
Pro: "Punctual and direct flight NRT-BOS. Time-efficient."
Pro: "I think Japan Airlines is the best airline."
Kontra: "Great experience all around. Need to improve access customer service support."
Pro: "Privacy of window side seat"
Kontra: "Please contact me immediately!"
Pro: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
Kontra: "Some staff lack of basic english"
Pro: "Entertainment was good"
Kontra: "PA system was used excessively."
Pro: "Japan Airlines hasn’t the best customer service of any airline I have ever flown. Flight attendants aren’t very friendly and they give you a lot of food. The entertainment was great as well."
Kontra: "The staff at Tokyo Narita was slow and unfriendly, which doesn’t reflect well for Japan air."
Pro: "I had a pleasant flight experience with JAL. Nothing to complain about."
Kontra: "I was able to choose an aisle seat but it did not go through. I have to get to Narita to be able to get an aisle seat."
Pro: "I would recommend to everyone JAL"
Pro: "Great service."
Kontra: "Meal was served frozen."
Pro: "From bathroom amenities to food/drinks on board. Japan airlines knows the meaning of service and I had a very pleasant flight."
Pro: "I love JAL! The customer service was top notch, the food was delicious, and it was very spacious for economy."
Pro: "Great crew, good food selection."
Kontra: "Everything was good"
Pro: "Service is outstanding. Attentive but not invasive and always with a genuine smile. Will fly JAL every time it’s an option"
Pro: "JAL was very flexible with me leaving a day earlier due to tropical storm which I greatly appreciated"
Kontra: "would have liked more food options and recent movie selections"
Pro: "The flight is on time,service is excellent."
Pro: "The staff continued to check on the passengers throughout the flight. The food on the flight across the Pacific was excellent for airline food. Used trays did not stay in front of the passengers for a long time. They were removed in a very timely manner."
Pro: "Japan Airline is a notch above the rest. The services was constant and consistent, the food was delicious and abundant, and the seats were comfortable. I was surprised at how often they would go up and down the aisles checking on passengers, picking up trash, and serving small food items. To top it off towards the end of the trip they put toothbrushes in the bathroom so you can leave fresh, awesome."
Kontra: "I really dont have a negative things to say, I was really happy with the service. Especially since I hate flying this make the trip so bearable."
Pro: "The flight from Jakart to Japan, Japan to Chicago, was not a problem. Although thr food was typical plane food."
Kontra: "My brother and his wife had to wait 12 hrs for plane delay,just to hear that AA canceled all flight for that date. The crew told my brother and his wife to wait for another12 hours which is the next morning, for next flight. My brother decided to just take a rental car to KZO, and was going to just take their luggage from the airline, but the AA crew would not let them did so, and was really rude. It was very traumatic experience for the both of them and other passangers of how bad they treated this plane delay/cancellation issue. One passenger with baby was having a panic attack, but nothing was done. So far, no compensation, or apology email has been sent. Will never take this airline anymore. We are done."
Pro: "The workers are always wonderful."
Kontra: "Food was not as good as in the passed."
Pro: "Everyone on the flight was very nice and helpful. Food was excellent! There were a lot of choices of movies to watch. It was probably the best flight experience I've ever had and I travel overseas quite a lot. If I ever get the chance to fly them again, I will. Great service and outstanding experience."
Pro: "When I checked in for my connecting flight from Tokyo Narita to New York, the crew said there was no more seat on economy class. She was making sure that I got on the plane by placing me on the premium economy seat. I appreciate the effort and the courtesy of JAL."
Kontra: "The meal and dessert were served at the same time. Too much food all at once."
Pro: "Polite service, comfortable flight, no delays"
Pro: "Staff- the ladies in flight were very friendly and courteous."
Pro: "Very good"
Kontra: "WiFi was very flakey, and could not complete the Credit Card transaction to login... Wasted several hours."
Pro: "Nice"
Kontra: "Nth"
Pro: "Our flight had a long delay, but one we were on board it was a short and smooth flight."
Pro: "Plane was spotlessly clean, smelled nice, bathrooms also very clean and had toothbrushes and toothpaste. I requested the vegetarian meal and it was the best airline food I have ever eaten Flight crew was friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy working for Japan Airlines. I don't see that very often on any domestic US air carriers. I highly recommend Japan Air."
Kontra: "Headset was too big for me and kept skipping back."
Pro: "Everything went smoothly. Great take off, great landing the stewardess were doing excellent jobs to accommodate us. Will fly with JAL again in the future."
Pro: "The crew was very nice and pleasant. They were very accommodating as well."
Kontra: "For my entire flight back I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I had to change my clothes and it still didn't help very much. My meals were also pretty bad on the way back, which is odd because they were not bad on the way there. It was definitely one of the worst flights that I've ever had, mostly because of the heat."
Pro: "Amazing customer service, flight attendants could not be more welcoming."
Kontra: "My seat was not comfortable and it was uncomfortably warm."
Pro: "Good food and punctuality"
Kontra: "No English subtitles for English speaking movies"
Pro: "The service was excellent and the seats were really comfortable"
Kontra: "The food choice was a bit poor"
Pro: "Boarding is efficient. Crew helpful and willing to please."
Kontra: "The food and overall service amenities are lacking in JAL. My flight was 8 hours and only one meal was served and one snack. The meals themselves are nothing special or enjoyable."
Pro: "We left on time, we arrived early. The crew was very polite and helpful. The food was decent on board and the seats were comfy."
Kontra: "I wish they flew all over the USA, American carriers should be ashamed"
Pro: "Japan airport is big and too much shopping needs to be done, and liked the fact that boarding started just 15 minutes before departure which gave me ample amount of time."
Kontra: "Movie selection wasn't the greatest. The mid-flight meal was a burger instead of the beloved ramen."
Pro: "Service & Food"
Pro: "Boarding!"
Kontra: "Food was below standard."
Kontra: "We couldn't land in Narita due to bad weather, so we did emergency landing to Haneda to refuel and go back to Narita. But after we got off in Narita, the immigration is chaos. Nobody arranging it and people just going wild, nobody knows where the line should begin. We spent 2 hours plus in the imigration line. So from the scheduled time to arrive at Tokyo 5pm, we get to our Hotel at 2am. Good job Narita airport!"
Pro: "Time is good."
Kontra: "With long flight these two are a must ! Food is very limited and needs to have more movies."
Pro: "Timely schedule"
Kontra: "Foods and beverages quality/variation"
Pro: "Staff was great!"
Kontra: "Food wasn’t the best."
Kontra: "All was 100%! Thanks!"
Pro: "More movies choices is better and I had asked to get seat comfortable, yes the boarding crew staff made it. Thank you."
Kontra: "Movies and musics more variables from all over the world."
Kontra: "The food wasn’t very good and the quantity of the snack meager. Worse, the crew refused to give a second roll to our 12 year old even which means that either they only have one for each passenger (and every passenger had theirs) or the crew are parsimonious."
Pro: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Kontra: "Movies on board need upgrade"
Pro: "Overall the service was good."
Kontra: "ANA flight attendants were not very well versed in the English language. Very hard to communicate our needs."
Pro: "Food was ok for economy and they bring more coffee when you ask. The flight wasn’t so full so the seat next to me was empty and also I could sit in the exit isle to work on my laptop"
Kontra: "The seat pitch is such that you can’t use a laptop in a normal seat. This would have been a big issue if there wasn’t a seat in the exit row for me to borrow. Staff fine but nothing special."
Pro: "everything"
Pro: "The 787 was awesome. Very comfortable. Great staff and service."
Kontra: "Enjoy the free money, cause I didn't go on my flight. Work had me cancel my vacation a month ago. I tried to cancel, but it wouldn't let me. I tried cancelling through the insurance I purchased on it and they said they couldn't either (even though cancellation was covered in full)."
Pro: "The service...the food...the entertainmrnt....tq tq tq"
Pro: "The food, choices of entertainment, and the crew"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Food tasted great, flight attendants were super nice love the food holders under the seats to rest your feet"
Kontra: "Nothing really to Complain about. Selection of movies could have been a little better but it’s a Japanese airline didn’t expect a lot of American Content"
Kontra: "The food was dreadful. It was like being back in the 1990s. Kids entertainment options were poor. The original toy story movie was it!"
Pro: "crew and food was great"
Kontra: "seat cushion was a bit on the dead side."
Pro: "The food and staff were great."
Pro: "Flight was fine"
Kontra: "I asked for a small water bottle (early flight from Tokyo to Jkt they gave a small water bottle) and it seems they mase a big deal to give me one and I traveled with my 2,5 yo and I tried to keep her hydrate since she has problem with dryness ans her skin"
Pro: "Friendly crew... awesome entertainment. Good drinks and food, one of the best traveling experiences I had. Thank you!"
Kontra: "Same repeating music"
Pro: "It was alright."
Kontra: "Prepare to wake up with neck pain."
Pro: "After some considerable panic at losing my long confirmed seat assignment as a result of weather problems in Tokyo, the doors ended up closing with at least 20 empty seats in coach. (Boeing 777-300)"
Kontra: "Although it is served with care, the food on ANA (in coach) ends up being a bit too Japanese. I understand this carrier needs to cater to a broad cultural and geographic audience, but I think they make it too complicated. Giving meal service a decidedly Japanese angle results in main courses that are mush, and sides that are OK. Good yogurt, decent fruit, delicately prepared salads, delicious cookies and hagen daz are pretty simple and make the meals fun. (especially since chop sticks are always included), but the ovens turn the main courses into a stinky and kinda nasty thing. I wish they would simplify."
Pro: "easy check in."
Kontra: "can't choose my own seats."
Pro: "On time. Flight attendants don't shy away from helping passengers put their carryons in the cabin compartments. They were there in a split seconf to assist you - ANA flight attendants only. Food was great in ANA airlines. Toilet is clean. Boardinh was orderly."
Pro: "Big TV screen. Food."
Pro: "Cheap prise"
Kontra: "Food and entertainment"
Pro: "The service from this airline is so great. Everyone is smiling and treats you like a valued guest."
Kontra: "Obviously you will not get the best food on an airplane. The food is enough to keep you alive, but is not going to earn michelín stars."
Pro: "Same as above"
Kontra: "Same as above"
Pro: "ANA from Tokyo to Jakarta, ANA- Jakarta to Tokyo."
Kontra: "."
Pro: "Food and entertainment is great."
Kontra: "Boarding process. System was down. Very strict with the bagage rule. Excessive bagage charge is very expensive, unlike Eva air"
Pro: "free movies"
Kontra: "somehow new seat of this aircraft is very uncomfortable with my hip. It was kind of painful to sit tight for long period. I think my body likes older seat which actually reclining toward behind other guests. or I guess maybe I just get older. I asked 2 beer cans but completely ignored. maybe I was too shy."
Pro: "ANA has done well recently, with top notch offerings of food, flight crew, entertainment, and creature comforts. The food options consistently good (and I do enjoy the small touches like the candy at the end), and they are very friendly!"
Kontra: "The music... it's catchy... but too catchy and I find myself whistling it for an hour or so after the flight!"
Pro: "The service, the professionalism, and the wonderful Dreamliner Boeing 787 aircraft"
Pro: "friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Kontra: "the stroller take forever to show up when landing"
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Delay 4h+ while passangers stay inside aircraft. No firm information, information keep changing. Crazy!"
Pro: "The food were good and just enough for the inflight need"
Kontra: "The time to get to the next flight is so tight! I wish there's a 30 minutes more so I don't have to rush and be the last one to get in the plane."
Kontra: "Seats seem extra small, narrow and short. As a window seat there was very little room between the seat and the wall. Food and entertainment average to below average (compared with Qantas, Singapore Airlines)"
Pro: "very comfy, great ground handling crew"
Kontra: "none"
Kontra: "Unorganized. No info to transfer from ANA to united code share partner. United staff unhelpful. Had to go back and forth to multiple counters at least three times."
Pro: "Food"
Pro: "2 inches more legroom in economy than other airlines on that route."
Pro: "The food was excellent and the flight attendants were courteous and thoughtful."
Kontra: "I slept through a meal."
Pro: "crew was awesome! Service was outstanding"
Kontra: "a little warm on the plane. food was ordinary"
Pro: "Treated with respect and calmness."
Pro: "ANA food and service is awesome"
Pro: "food , service"
Pro: "Very comfortable, and the crew was excellent."
Kontra: "The international breakfast (Spanish Omelet) was mediocre. Poor movie selection – United has a much better and larger selection of movies."
Pro: "The service is always top notch from the flight attendant, food is better than most airline and toilet is always clean. I could get a good seat with the leg room at my request."
Kontra: "Entertainment, the variety of film is quite limited but they have good Japanese movie."
Pro: "I had a long flight and with their hospitality and smile on their face makes me feels relax."
Pro: "I like the service and professionalism being showed by all staffs of the ANA airlines and highly recommendable to my relatives and friends who are planning to have a vacation in Japan or in any other places in the world..they are very punctual with the schedules .I was so happy with my experience with ANA Airlines. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience we had."
Pro: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Kontra: "Better service from the crews."
Pro: "The crew was excellent."
Kontra: "The business seats at B777-300ER was very uncomfortable for a long distance trip with duration of 14,5 hours."
Pro: "New aircraft"
Kontra: "The willingness to provide a better quality service by the entire cabin crew and improved food quality."
Pro: "Spacious Premium Economy seats with excellent flight attendants looking after general wellness of customers."
Kontra: "In-Flight Wi-Fi has archaic plans… 30MB Chat App-only Plan for 2-Hours. It also usually has a pause button to halt and resume the internet session later, but there wasn’t one this time."
Kontra: "Poor customer service and lack of care for loyal passengers"
Pro: "I loved that the airline offered several meals, snack options and drinks. The attendants were amazing and would highly recommend Singapore airlines to anyone flying internationally"
Kontra: "The limited arm room/personal space. Not much leg room in economy for a 10 hour flight. Would be nice if airlines would decrease the number of seats and give a little more room so people aren’t hitting each other in the head with their arms"
Pro: "The service was excellent"
Pro: "Nothing special."
Kontra: "Meal was disappointing. Beef was overcook and hard. Service quality is just okay."
Kontra: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Pro: "Serve customers with a smile"
Kontra: "Better tasting meal packages served at economy cabin"
Pro: "Very cramped seats"
Pro: "I always like Singapore Airlines. They should continue to be the best."
Kontra: "Some flexibility to select food choices even if we book the flight in short notice."
Pro: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Kontra: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Kontra: "No complain . It’s singapore airlines"
Kontra: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"
Pro: "Although business was full, it was quiet. Cabin chief was very helpfull and professional."
Kontra: "food choices are not bad. TV screens are super bad. Resoulition is almost from 90's era first flat screens! One stewardess had friends in business. a couple sitting one after another in window seats. She spent most of her time chatting with them, taking photos while we were trying to sleep."
Pro: "Perfect timing"
Kontra: "Singapore Airlines is so wildly overrated. The service is frequently poor, and the cabin environment dirty and old unless flying on their very latest planes. Even their A380s are now stale and musty. Not nice."
Kontra: "Very cramped. Worst leg of the journey"
Kontra: "My moslem meal selection wasn’t provided onboard"
Pro: "Everything food was better selection and allowed me to taste bali food before arriving. The seats were comfortable on the last plane Thank god"
Pro: "Generally good Flight was operated by Silk Air"
Kontra: "Entertainment score is not meaningful because of the short flight time."
Pro: "Excellent"
Pro: "Friendly staff."
Kontra: "The food for Premium Economy was very poor. The choices were substandard and the food at some meals was inedible. Very disappointing for the price of the tickets. The cabins and equipment seemed old and jaded."
Pro: "everything good"
Kontra: "need new toilet"
Kontra: "No entertaining at all, only old movies. The seats are very tight. There was a guy snoring during the flight keeping everybody awake. The breakfast was mediocre, just a a bun with fruit"
Pro: "What can I say about a flight of this length? Its always an epic journey to go from the US to Asia. However I will say that with Singapore Airlines things are a lot easier. Excellent crew who were always willing to help with my fondness for a beer. Food was as expected and up to the standard of Singapore Airlines. All round it was a long trip made a lot easier......5 stars."
Pro: "Excellent service"
Kontra: "Very poor on board entertainment"
Kontra: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
Pro: "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines. they delivered!"
Kontra: "Food not hood"
Kontra: "Mediocre food, lousy entertainment system that belongs to the last decade. Singapore Airlines has not been the premium carrier it was a decade ago and is now simply a so-so airline charging exorbitant fares."
Pro: "the first class seats from HK to SFO, IFE, service, dom perignon, red wine, excellent attention, greeted personally by four of flight team, provided flight details personally. Im 6'0" so the bed was a little short. it was simply a wonderful experience."
Kontra: "the IFE is not touch screen and pausing on the hand held was fidgety, but a huge 24 inch screen and beautiful."
Pro: "The people were excellent."
Kontra: "I had planned to check an extra piece of luggage, gifts and purchases for church needs. They wanted to charge me $3,655(!!!) for that. Absurd. I had to leave the suitcase behind. I will probably fly on a different airline whenever I go to Russia now."
Pro: "Efficient, courteous and attractive crew. Good food and drink selection and great entertainment system with large screens."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Helpful crew. Full food service!"
Pro: "Everything great personnel"
Pro: "New plane- Airbus A350 with latest in seats, entertainment system, and cabin fittings. Decent wine. Highly courteous, attractive and attentive crew."
Pro: "All went great"
Kontra: "I liked all - end to end excellent service"
Pro: "Overall just a really great experience."
Kontra: "Nothing negative to report."
Pro: "We did not die in a hellacious ball of flame Aviation incident!"
Kontra: "Bulkhead seating (required for bassinet) Row 41, my seat was practically in the aisle. No where to put my feet without getting trodden on by everyone! Broken entertainment screen, would not stay upright, due to several hundred thousand past passengers bashing into it after having first trodden on the unfortunate passengers feet! Crew unresponsive with drink and food requests, I had to ask for services multiple times on several occasions. Pressing my 'attendant button' my light was lit for 10 minutes before a crew member noticed. My first trip on Singapore, my expectations were not met. Shame"
Pro: "Second bag was four foot bronze statue, no problem or extra cost"
Pro: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
Kontra: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."
Pro: "The seat comes with foot rest attached to the front seat."
Kontra: "I asked for decaf coffee and the attendant totally forgot about my request."
Pro: "Getting up at 4am on a Monday (post Singapore 7s) - couldn't have been a better timing for a free upgrade (as the plane was full). Travelling on Singapore Air is always a pleasure - but that made it even better....."
Pro: "Excellent crew service and entertainment."
Pro: "Onboard Crew was great. I sympathize that they have to rush a service on a 1hr 20min flight with turbulance."
Kontra: "I have started taking SQ instead of budget airlines hoping for good service and on time travel. However, both times travelling from SQ from jakarta was delayed. Yesterday, I got home 1.5hrs later than I should have. I have also to pay for additional surcharge due to midnight cab fare. Further, when I wsa travelling to Jakarta - none of the inflight entertainment was working. So it has been disappointing."
Pro: "Great food. Very fresh looking flight attendants. Awesome personal entertainment system."
Kontra: "Service has faltered recently. I had asked fo Riesling, and the flight attendant said they would bring later. Never did. Also, they no longer offer various Crabtree and Evelyn products in bathroom, and my night pack didn't even come with a visor to cover my eyes for sleeping."
Pro: "Singapore Air is keeping up their standard which is a tough job. I give credit to them while doing so. They do have a high bar to keep. Singapore Air still pampers its travellers by providing hot towels for refreshment. Something that I don't enjoy while flying on other airlines. Keep up the good job."
Kontra: "I saw a scotch tape taping over the arm of the seat! This is rather amusing and seems unacceptable. This is Singapore Air that we are talking about. Are we saying that Singapore Air do not have any proper repair kit to fix it without using scotch tape?? Being one of the world's 5-star airline, I think Singapore Airline can do better than that. :)"
Pro: "Thank you flight itself was v good but not check in"
Kontra: "Check in was terrible Long slow moving lines to just drop a bag! Can definitely improve as it is not like this anywhere any longer"
Pro: "Crew friendly it's my son favorite"
Kontra: "Seat selection and little needs comfortable for young kids with mothers"
Kontra: "Food variety"
Pro: "Crew was amazing"
Kontra: "I bought my seat assignment in advance, and they did not give me this seat on the plane. Before boarding, I asked at the gate if my new seat was a window--which is what I paid for--and they confirmed yes, my new seat was a window. Turns out, it was not, it was a middle seat. I asked a flight attendant to relocate me to a window seat, which she kindly did, however this seat was quite uncomfortable as I was seated next to a large gentleman who probably should have been required to purchase two seats. Overall, there were two issues with Qatar Airways during this trip: they did not give me the seat I had requested and paid for, and then lied when I asked if my new seat was a window."
Pro: "Staff were helpful, pleasant, and attentive. Really appreciated that due to the length of my layover in Doha, I was given a hotel room - which I hadn't asked for, and which Qatar Airlines personnel told me I might be able to get, and then arranged or me. That's excellent service!"
Kontra: "I wish NO ONE's seat tipped back - space is already tight, and if everyone just stayed in their own space rather than tipping seats aback, everyone would have more room! Once the person in front has leaned their seat back, it's impossible to really use the tray, which is pretty frustrating."
Pro: "Staff is nice and polite."
Kontra: "Need more movies choice and TV"
Pro: "Crew was amazing."
Kontra: "I had a problem with the seat cushion. Not comfy enough."
Kontra: "I had a carry on plus a laptop bag. On the website they say you are allowed to carry a personal item such as handbag or a laptop bag along with the carry on piece. This guy at Nagpur airport says the weight of both these combined should be under 15 lbs. are you kidding me?"
Kontra: "I was given incorrect date and missed my flight. I had to spend 750 £ and buy a flight from another airline to get home"
Pro: "I think that my review and comments about the first portion of the flight apply equally to the second portion of the flight. Despite my criticism of the food, the flight attendant service was above expectations."
Kontra: "The food. Hire a chef that knows how to make the food palatable."
Pro: "The trip was very comfortable and food suited me"
Kontra: "just did not like the baggage policy for carry on"
Kontra: "I didn’t like the spicy food"
Pro: "The crew were nice and very helpful. Vegeterian meal was great"
Kontra: "It was cold almost for everyone and everyone used blanket, some people asked for second blanket."
Pro: "The crew was FANTASTIC!! SO kind and helpful, and went out of their way the whole flight to assist us with anything and everything we needed! :)"
Pro: "Good movie selection, very friendly crew"
Pro: "Food was good and staff was friendly."
Kontra: "Had to wait 3 hrs because of a system malfunction. And had a screaming toddler behind me the entire 13 hr ride. The headrest on the seats are very uncomfortable."
Pro: "Flight crew was very helpful. I didn't have any special requests, but I noticed them being extremely helpful to other passengers. Much better than US based airlines, as most others are."
Kontra: "Extra security going to USA is a nuisance. Food was ok, not as good as previous trips. Lamb was only selection left when they got to my seat. Not my favorite also very fatty."
Kontra: "They claimed they have free WiFi, but this is not true. Passengers has to pay if they want access to WiFi. Uncomfortable sitting and you cannot adjust it to a comfortable level. Crew keeps demanding sit need to be upright."
Pro: "On business class, so service was extraordinary"
Kontra: "The seat from Jakarta to Doha, especially the head/neck holder was uncomfortoble. Too big and stiff and wasn’t on the right possition even though it is adjustable. One of the crew didn’t say anything, not even smile after she opened the curtain between bussiness and economy class at row J K L. She just walked away."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "I fly a lot, and I notice when things go well. There is nothing I can complain about with Qatar; their equipment is up-to-date; their service is first-rate; their record for on-time departures and arrivals is excellent, and their food is good! I will gladly fly with them in the future."
Pro: "Food, entertainment options, comfortable seats, warm blankets"
Pro: "I had an exit seat"
Kontra: "Service was only fair, no power outlets for a 15 hour flight. Seats too narrow. Only good options for every meal was chicken and vegetarian"
Kontra: "The seats were very uncomfortable. Food was less than mediocre."
Pro: "Food was far superior to any other airline food. As was customer service. Airline payed for a nice hotel during lng layover."
Kontra: "Clearing immigration in Qatar took about two hours. They had so many staff overal at the airport, but were super understaffed at immigration."
Pro: "The Qatar crew was great and the entertainment was on point."
Kontra: "That my departure times were 1 to 2 hours earlier than what was on my electronic ticket, if I hadn't checked on the airport website, I would've missed all my flights!!"
Pro: "food, crew ."
Kontra: "entertainment choices for Hollywood movies are limited."
Pro: "Beautiful airplane with an incredibly hospitable staff. Food was delicious, seats were spacious and comfortable. Couldn’t ask for a better 14-hour flight!"
Pro: "Great service, on-time flights, very comfortable planes in excellent condition. Great value for flight cost, BOS-KTM, through DOH. I would fly again with them."
Kontra: "Lots of mediocre movies to select from. Very slow deboarding in Doha onto buses."
Pro: "Qatar airways is the best in middle East"
Kontra: "Checkin at Jakarta needs fine tuning. Checkin in started 30mins later than what the QR rep informed me an hr previously. QR lounge needs upgrading."
Kontra: "Before our trip we called Kayak service desk with the request to reserve our seats. The answer obtained was that we should do it online. When we went online there were almost no more seats available so we decided to go to the check in counter in the airport. Although we were more than 3 hours in advance in the airport there were almost no seats available. We were very disappointed about this service, we never experienced this with any other airline companies..."
Pro: "On time. food were good in general."
Kontra: "Complimentary hotel for 10 hours layover is needed whether or not if it's an economic passenger. Air stewardess can improve basic English pronounciation of English is her / his second language."
Pro: "The crew was always present. The food was good too."
Kontra: "Too many crying children, but that has nothing to do with you guys. And the movie selection could have been more and better. The bathrooms should be frequently checked and cleaned."
Kontra: "NA"
Kontra: "Food is not fresh, very uncomfortable seats and very little leg room."
Pro: "Craft"
Kontra: "Food and behaviour of hostess serving in our line I.e. Seat 34 b & 34c"
Pro: "Meeting me at the gate of the previous flight Driving me to the next gate all in a very hospitable atmosphere. Free sleeping pajamas Full food menu around the clock bed making service attention to detalis friendly air crew."
Kontra: "Wifi is for a limited time and hard to figure out. toliettes get too busy during at peak times."
Kontra: "Food could have been better. Dessert was disappointing, more choice could have been good."
Pro: "Courteous crew members Nice food tray containers"
Kontra: "Portions were a little too small for me"
Kontra: "no one came to help even after asking for assistance"
Pro: "Crew had amazing customer service with a badly serviced plane"
Kontra: "Was on flight QR 743 Doha to Boston. The pilot landed as if it was an afterthought In good weather, it sounded as if the pilot used the computer to land. The crew worked with great pains within a difficult situation. The flight was delayed by an hour, full flight had dirty lavatories without water from the get go! One of the middle lavatories could not lock! This plane should have been better serviced by ground crew before it departed Doha! Infotainment system is confusing, keep it simple and add more up to date movies. Even then, I will still fly QR over all else."
Pro: "They make you feel welcome like you are a big deal unlike most US airlines. Ticamporn was a great hostess especially . Food was great as well."
Kontra: "The layover was too long"
Pro: "Crew Service"
Kontra: "If a customer has not ordered Vegeterian / Special meal earlier, the crew doesn't carry any extra meal."
Pro: "Among airlines, theirs is one of the best. The have good leg room in economy, good food, good entertainment, and an excellent cabin staff."
Pro: "Amicable staff"
Kontra: "Baggage was damaged. They seemed to be running low on vegetarian food (despite having selected so online) - I was compensated never the less."
Pro: "I like the new 350 plane. Comfortable seats, good entertainment and connections. I especially like that you can display cameras from outside the plane on your seat's screen."
Kontra: "It was a confusing boarding procedure. We were sorted into zones, but boarded late. So, folks tried to get on all at once. We were in zone 1, and should have been the first economy on, but others just pushed past."

Flight attendant Catalina was one of best ever. Paid attention to every detail. Food was good. Comfortable private seats in business class. We were not allowed in business class lounge in Dubai because our ticket supposedly didn’t cover this. They said our travel agent should of told us that. That has never happened on any other airline before. Beware of this especially if you have a long layover like we did.

Pro: "Crew is professional, caring. Excellent experience"
Pro: "Crew, food and entertainment."
Kontra: "Everything went well."
Kontra: "Services of crew very poor specially onboard services in business class"
Pro: "They rescheduled without our consent and didn’t give any accommodation either. We stuck at Dubai for 24 hour"
Pro: "Five Stars Airlines, we seat Economy Class, so Airlines give us Upgrade to Bussiness Class by Free... Thank you Emirates A380-800 Flight No.903 Dubai DXB - QAIA Amman Jordan, glad fly with you,,,"
Kontra: "WiFi is free for chatting only, its better we can viedeo call on the sky... Recomended Airlines,,,"
Pro: "Emirates A380-800 Jeddah - Dubai most beautiful and big airlines, Amazing Airlines"
Kontra: "All of Crue very friendly and helpfull"
Pro: "The options for drinks for this 13hr flight were great. The food was sufficient. The ride was smooth as usual."
Kontra: "I know the crew gets tired too, but the whole crew shouldn't be tired and disappear all at once."
Pro: "Big Airlines A380-800 Dubai - Jeddah,"
Kontra: "WiFi On Air not work"
Pro: "Dream on the sky, all crew cabin is very friendly and nice smile."
Kontra: "Free WiFi please up for faster"
Pro: "Great entertainment, great seating and space comfort. Overall a great experience. But, Etihad airways is still better than Emirates."
Kontra: "Longer wait for boarding. The assigned zones were the last possible ones. Zone F or something similar. Flight attendants were okay, cared less for economy class. Also, Bluetooth headphones pairing did not work."
Kontra: "Poor staff"
Kontra: "No Bassinet provided. Staff was not friendly One of them was very rude. Food was not good. Couldn't get a vegetarian food"
Pro: "Very nice"
Pro: "the food was wonderful, the economy seats were comfy, and the service was superb. I really liked being able to watch movies and listen to music w/o a charge."
Kontra: "I was taken by surprise that I could not take my SLR camera on board as carry-on luggage and had to check it (they were doing this to everyone, not just me and it covered laptops, kindles, cameras, etc - everything electronic except phones). This was not done on the flight into Dubai. Also irritating was when I got to Boston, an Emirates guy cut open the packing envelope open and in the process, accidentally sliced the camera neck strap. He was, however, very apologetic and eagerly got me the info needed to submit a claim to Emirates."
Pro: "Everything!"
Kontra: "Not a single thing. Emirates is terrific!"
Pro: "Nice trip"
Kontra: "Every thing"
Pro: "Great service; wonderful crew; best food & entertainment!"
Pro: "Low cholesterol meal was quiet good"
Kontra: "Seats on the 777 are very uncomfortable, even more we you have a flight as long as DXB->BOS"
Pro: "Hi nice flight"
Pro: "food and drink selection and quality very good. The service and attention paid to children is outstanding. Very much appreciated."
Kontra: "I did not use much of the entertainment other than radio/music so can not really rate."
Kontra: "server told person asking to take away her tray that she did not have three hands"
Pro: "Everything was very good!"
Pro: "The plane was not full and I had three seats to myself, so my very positive review is not totally fair. However, on a relative basis in comparison to other airlines, Emirates is the best on which I have flown."
Pro: "The entertainment options are excellent and legspace on the aircraft is good."
Kontra: "For a 14 hour flight there are no water bottles provided. You need more than the couple of cups of water provided on the flight, and it is not practical to keep on asking for more water from the crew. Quality of food (Asian veg) was not very good."
Pro: "The best"
Kontra: "None"
Pro: "Great service, food can be improved. Stop serving pizza it is not healthy and not appropriate for half the passengers"
Pro: "Pleased with everything."
Kontra: "Well Emirates left me 1 day in Boston and it wasn't my plan...Also Emirates front desk clerk tell my boyfriend he smell very hard to alcohol and maybe couldn't go in the flight and he didn't drink any alcohol."
Pro: "Everything."
Kontra: "None."
Pro: "Good movie selection Comfortable seats"
Kontra: "No internet Food was not tasty"
Kontra: "There was a group of teenagers sitting in 8 seats in two of the middle rows right next to me. They spent the whole flight climbing all over the seats and each other. They were very loud, often banging into other passenger's seats, and leaving their stuff in the aisle where people were tripping over things as they walked by. They were really inconsiderate of other passengers - many of whom were trying to sleep on a 13-hour flight. It would have been nice if the crew would have told them to be quieter and more respectful of other passengers."
Pro: "It was a nice flight"
Kontra: "Baggage took close to 2 hours to get to baggage claim on return trip"
Pro: "Everthing"
Kontra: "I liked everything"
Pro: "In flight crew were nice."
Kontra: "Had requested for wheel chair assistance but was denied saying everyone was " too busy". When the passenger stated she cannot go without help, the flight attendant helped her out and to a bus. She almost fell while getting on to the bus. Assistance was requested because of her poor eye sight on the left eye and issues with mobility because of that. Although I'm glad nothing bad happened, denial of assistance and making her feel concerned and speak for herself for someone to help could have been avoided if Emirates could keep their promised support. Very disappointed."
Pro: "The crew were friendly."
Kontra: "The hand luggage compartment of the aircraft makes terrifying noises during turbulence like it is going to drop on one's head during the flight. It should be fixed."
Pro: "The crew on board is always friendly and helpful. One of the toilets was quite big compared to most others."
Kontra: "The food options are always more limited when you are seated near the back."
Kontra: "Again the same indifferent attitude by cabin crew towards student gustes and particularly females. I was sick on the fligt despite informing crew no care was taken. I lost one of my check inn bag airline is indifferent. No help or compensation."
Pro: "Ok"
Kontra: "Seating"
Kontra: "We were not able to print the online checking ahead of time, so we had to stand in a lot of very long lines. The person printed the wrong boarding passes because they didn't know many details about domestic and international flights. There was also confusion about checking in the luggage between the domestic and international flights. A boarding pass from Dubai to Ahembadvad was not given at the New York airport."
Pro: "Crew very professional. Fare for flight very reasonable."
Kontra: "Had 90 minutes fr connection, 30 min delay so 1 hr left. Had to walk walk and walk for nearly 1 hr to barely make it. Airport is TERRIBLE in terms of going from gate to gate- loong walks with no moving walkways. Train is a joke covering very short distance. Once arrived in Boston, took 1hr before luggage started unloading, and then to find out our 4 bags didn't come at all. Staff on ground not courteous, wouldn't send bags to home town in Raleigh. Had to wait till afternoon to get the bags and then fly to final destination. Entertainment system very bad, audio/video stop and go, stop and go- really terrible (though notice some people's screens were working fine)."
Pro: "Nothing much."
Kontra: "Food was awful."
Pro: "Service and crew were lovely and gracious. Food was good. Some items were delicious, like the vegetarian entrees. Bread, pizza was not so good. Entertainment system is amazing."
Kontra: "First set of headphones I unwrapped were dirty. Luckily was able to obtain another set."
Pro: "Food and entertainment seemed a bit upscale."
Kontra: "Young air hostesses with a bit of attitude. Wouldn't talk, just shake their heads in a weird way, to ask about what I wanted to drink or eat. None of my luggage made it."
Pro: "Please Refund my ticket"
Kontra: "Lost baggage. It had important stuff"
Pro: "I like Emirates, and it was the first time that I flew Jet Blue. Jet Blue staff is friendly and helpful."
Kontra: "Doesn't seem to me that Emirates and Jet Blue are aligned. JetBlue does not recognize what my status is with Emirates, the layover was long without a lounge, you can not select your seat on Jet Blue through Emirates (this is a huge irritation!), you can't check in online through Emirates for the Jet Blue return trip, and the seat selection for Jet Blue was awful."
Pro: "This airline is a dream."
Pro: "After a tiring 14 hr stop over in Dubai, I boarded my flight to Boston from Dubai at around 3 in the morning. I don't know when I fell asleep because I did not even wake up for the takeoff. The crew let me be and when I did wake up 5 hrs later they provided me with something to eat because I had missed the meal served earlier. The even closed my window shade as not to have the early morning sun disturb me. I call that great service."

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Rp 17.886.676
Rp 17.886.676