Temukan tiket murah ke West Palm Beach


Temukan tiket murah ke West Palm Beach

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Boston (BOS)
Palm Beach Intl
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Kontra: "Business class seats not very long if you are tall. Western meal option is not really very western. Crew is a little too efficient- got woken up 90 minutes before landing to clear the mattresses. Lots of announcements- a bit too much. On time, and quick to respond to requests. Sake was good as was the ramen."

Pro: "Nothing to complaint. Excellent airline nowadays"

Kontra: "Very good airline except for the fact that the staff at Narita airport."

Pro: "Wonderful crew"

Pro: "even though I was in Economy class, the seat was comfortable, the food was good and the flight attendands were attentive and polite"

Pro: "Perfect service, never had a more pleasant and attentive crew"
Kontra: "Movies were pretty much still the same as 10 weeks ago. Not possible to sleep in the seat in premium economy right by the toilets and galley. Constant door clattering and toilet flushing. In other cabins the noise wasn't as bad, probably better insulated?"

Kontra: "Flight attendants"

Pro: "Service was excellent. Premium economy seats well worth the few extra $$."

Pro: "The food the service and the staff"

Pro: "The food the service and flight was great"

Kontra: "Food was awful. Huge hassle having to clear immigration pick up bags and check in again in Shanghai."

Pro: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
Kontra: "Some staff lack of basic english"

Pro: "Excellent Service, food and beverage. Comfortable aircraft cabin atmosphere."
Kontra: "in-flight Wifi is not working"

Pro: "It was very good no prO lens at all:)"

Pro: "Cabin crew were very nice. Food was okay, while the legroom was good too."
Kontra: "Delayed flight, but the email notification from JL was lacking the most important detail... The new take off time! It was 70 minutes later than advertised, but then delayed by another five minutes on top after a late take off."

Pro: "The staff were fantastic nothing was too much trouble and great fun attitudes."
Kontra: "No entertainment systems."

Pro: "The business class layout was very good. Seats comfortable with excellent cabin staff and the food and its presentation was A+"
Kontra: "Hard to think of something here...possibly better movie selection and having to bus from plane to terminal... But that's about it!"

Pro: "Beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food. Electronic windows."
Kontra: "Not overly impressed with the 12:05am departure time. Western food not overly impressive. Having to travel from the plane to terminal by bus."

Kontra: "No space for cabin bags. Late by 2 hours. Super rude and passive aggressive staff. Kept in bus at Frankfurt for 10 mins. Won’t fly BA again if i can help it."

Pro: "Attentive staff. Great food. Great service. Vast improvement over Cathay Pacific."

Kontra: "Double standard"

Pro: "So cramped. Very uncomfortable flight."

Pro: "Great service."

Pro: "I got an upgrade!"

Pro: "The meals. The attention to service details. The seats are better."
Kontra: "Ticket reservation follow up."

Pro: "Superb services!"
Kontra: "I don't think there's anything I didn't like during my journey"

Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Everything. Screens were small. Leg space was little to none. Food was trrrible. I will never fly with JAL again"

Kontra: "Great airline great service. Haihly recommended"

Pro: "The friendliness of the crew and the comfort of the seat + size of the screen"
Kontra: "Possibly more food options could of been better, only had western or Japanese option"

Pro: "Simply excellent !!!"

Kontra: "Why does the shorter of the two flights have more comfortable seats?"

Pro: "Very efficient boarding. Using two doors and a twin aisle plane made boarding very efficient despite the size of the plane and the number of people. Free WiFi worked surprisingly well - I was able to make a video call to my family. The plane was clean and tidy . Not really much more to say as it was a very short flight."
Kontra: "No food offered, not even a biscuit, only very basic drink selection."

Kontra: "Leg room"

Kontra: "Leg room"

Pro: "I was early to check in . But the check in was slow and I. Had to run to my plane ride .. and had no time to shop"
Kontra: "The service was so so and food was lousy"

Pro: "The food (Japanese) clearly was a league of its own. Service was prompt, attentive yet discreet."
Kontra: "Selection of video entertainment could be increased and improved."

Pro: "Everything, from booking till landing"

Pro: "Service and polite staff."
Kontra: "Not much space between the seats for my long legs."

Pro: "Very attentive service, very comfortable seats on economy, good food, excellent attention to detail"

Pro: "The food was good, which I didn't expect. The crew was kind."

Pro: "The aircraft was clean and boarding went smoothly. The flight was late but the staff seemed courteous, polite, and apologetic for the delay."
Kontra: "I thought I had ordered a vegetarian meal when I booked the flight roughly 1.5 months prior to my trip. However, when the meal was being served, there was only a chicken or pork option and my vegetarian meal had either not been properly booked or had been forgotten. When I informed the staff, I was asked to show proof that I ordered a veggie meal. I could not pull up my email confirmation as we were flying and there was no internet access. I had to lug my bag out of the overhead and search for a print out confirmation. I had not come prepared with the "evidence" the stewardess wanted. While the staff tried to be polite, I also found them to be quite rude, demanding that I produce evidence. Could they not have simply given me an extra salad without all the fuss? I felt I was being treated as a criminal for requesting a veggie meal that had, unfortunately, not been recorded in their system."

Pro: "The service, food, entertainment, everything was perfect. Thanks so much"

Pro: "Comfortable plane, good service"

Pro: "Very spacious and comfortable, modern plane"

Kontra: "Some crew members from Hong Kong better make more effort to improve service skills."

Pro: "The airplane was quite and clean and the crew were helpful"
Kontra: "Some items were not new and not in a good shape like the headphones and the pillows. The crew didn't pickup the plates after we finished our meal"

Pro: "The crew were cooperative and the supplies were good"
Kontra: "The chairs were not comfortable and the toilets were so dirty"

Pro: "The flight was really comfortable, the food was the best meals on the plane as far as I could remember. The stewardess were very helpful and friendly."

Pro: "The flight was really comfortable, the food was the best meals on the plane as far as I could remember. The stewardess were very helpful and friendly."

Pro: "It’s an old plane, so the seats are those older yet more comfortable type of seats!"
Kontra: "Better service from the crews."

Pro: "Smooth boarding"
Kontra: "If they could serve a light snack would be good"

Pro: "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Kontra: "the food is disgusting"

Pro: "The crew is always amazing: highly professional, attentive and friendly. The whole experience with Singapore Airlines is always a treat."

Pro: "The crew was friendly"
Kontra: "In this fairly new plane, the rows of seats are so close together, the leg room is minimal. When the tray is lowered, you feel completely squashed in the seat. The food trays are not picked up quickly after eating."

Kontra: "crew isnt very careful in serving the food but its not really that bad. but im just comparing it from my previous flights so i think that group of FA's can do better. And the food was served a bit a late so they dont have time to serve hot beverage anymore."

Kontra: "For business class SQ, the crew service was severely sub-par. Seat arrangement same as in bigger 777, so actual space is much shorter and therefore uncomfortable for sleeping and lounging."

Pro: "The crew Were exceptional ."
Kontra: "If The seat recline could go down a bit more innpremium economy, that would be perfect"

Kontra: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"

Pro: "Entertainment system ok"
Kontra: "Change if gate 30 minutes before departure and no info at old gate. New gate very far away, terrible for old people."

Pro: "I have bought air ticket a few months in advance. I have paid a lot after changing the flight schedule."
Kontra: "I will not buy the air ticket from cheap ticket any more."

Kontra: "Transit time is good for way too tight"

Pro: "Service was great on both sectors"
Kontra: "Premium economy seat is still not comfortable enough in comparison with economy."

Kontra: "We ask for wheelchair help from Perth to brooome but it was not provided ."

Pro: "the boarding, the attention to detail exactly how i remembered Singapore Airlines from many times i travelled."
Kontra: "The food was disgraceful, the entertainment, the quality of the movies was poor.."

Pro: "Five Star Singapore Service on board the aircraft."

Pro: "The staff is amazing and know what parents of bubs need."

Pro: "Food, service"

Pro: "Excellent"

Pro: "Staff were very attentive and checked in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. Food was great and ammenities kept spotless."

Kontra: "Older plane not so comfortable for a long flight. Movies, not much choice and far away from seat."

Pro: "Espresso coffee, champagne, crew, headphones"

Pro: "So good to get on a flight where I can fit in the seats..."

Pro: "Spacious and clean"
Kontra: "Crew wasn’t attentive. Brought wrong order, forgot order, walked by hurriedly and hit passengers. Empty sauce on the Tray- when asked said it was for presentation!"

Pro: "The crew and the little things like blanket, pillow, hot towels etc that is just standard. The food was great except the bread rolls Entertainment system was fantastic"
Kontra: "They seemed to miss a whole section with immigration cards which delayed my party of travellers when we landed. The recline of the seat is huge, great for those wo recline, not so great for the person behind them"

Pro: "Spacious economy class seating and great service"

Pro: "Great amount of legroom in the seats we were lucky enough to be granted. Entertainment was good!"
Kontra: "Frantic service from crew. They seemed anxious and rushed at all times. Food was also very average."

Kontra: "SQ860 flight on 4th April morning delayed and greatly affected my today trip scheduled."

Pro: "Entertainment excellent, cabin crew superb"

Kontra: "Crew woke me up from deep sleep to raise seatback for meal service. Sleep versus food?? Should prioritise sleep every time on night flights."

Pro: "I liked the space I had to stretch out, 3 seats to myself in economy enabled me to get some solid sleep between meals. The crew werebalways very polite and friendly."

Kontra: "Food not hood"

Pro: "Service is the best among the airlines I’ve ever taken"
Kontra: "Never ever get free upgrade"

Pro: "Friendliness and efficiency of crew. Comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment."
Kontra: "Not much. This airline is up there with the best."

Pro: "Entertaiment"

Pro: "Is Singapore Airlines food quality slipping? First time I’ve been really unenthusiastic about it..."

Kontra: "breakfast was terrible"

Pro: "Staff managed to change seating due to height. Very accommodating."
Kontra: "Entertainment console dated. Sound very crackly. Video images not sharp."

Pro: "All went great"
Kontra: "I liked all - end to end excellent service"

Pro: "Great service with a smile and can do attitude"

Pro: "Friendliness of crew"

Pro: "The air stewardesses took their time to get back to me about a question I posed to them. It took 2 stewardesses and 3 efforts."

Pro: "Getting up at 4am on a Monday (post Singapore 7s) - couldn't have been a better timing for a free upgrade (as the plane was full). Travelling on Singapore Air is always a pleasure - but that made it even better....."

Kontra: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold in the plane"

Kontra: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold"

Pro: "Aircraft was OK."
Kontra: "Cabin crew service can definitely be better. Should offer more snacks for long flights."

Pro: "Clean ,on time"
Kontra: "The movies were not updated"

Pro: "Great staff. Aircrafts has more leg room. The food and entertainment was good as well."

Pro: "Great food and plenty of movies. Friendly crew"

Pro: "Service was good, but then that's expected."
Kontra: "Leg room was bad... The foot rest attached to the seat in front of me kept lowering itself on its own."

Pro: "Qatar Airways ground staff and cabin crew were excellent throughout the journey. The cleanliness and comfort of the plane was also fantastic."
Kontra: "I can't think of anything that wasn't good."

Kontra: "I bought my seat assignment in advance, and they did not give me this seat on the plane. Before boarding, I asked at the gate if my new seat was a window--which is what I paid for--and they confirmed yes, my new seat was a window. Turns out, it was not, it was a middle seat. I asked a flight attendant to relocate me to a window seat, which she kindly did, however this seat was quite uncomfortable as I was seated next to a large gentleman who probably should have been required to purchase two seats. Overall, there were two issues with Qatar Airways during this trip: they did not give me the seat I had requested and paid for, and then lied when I asked if my new seat was a window."

Kontra: "Headphones- only one channel."

Pro: "Great staff, great comfort. Great airline!"
Kontra: "The boarding system is somewhat confusing with 5 different zonings."

Pro: "Very efficient and comfortable flight."
Kontra: "The airline appears to have done away with the courtesy pack, and this was the one time I was travelling without ear plugs!"

Pro: "the new seating in Business Class is very comfortable and so similar, although slightly less spacious, than First on some carriers. Crew is top class. Doha is a great airport too. I prefer it to Dubai."

Pro: "Seats are great!"
Kontra: "The food options were not that good this time."

Pro: "Awesome leg room in economy. Helpful staff."
Kontra: "Main courses weren’t all the great."

Kontra: "I was given incorrect date and missed my flight. I had to spend 750 £ and buy a flight from another airline to get home"

Pro: "Ambiance"

Pro: "the staff were friendly and accomplished good travel nothing was too much for them."
Kontra: "nil"

Pro: "Everything frim the xrew I could at the JKIA, NBO to Delhi. One thing more from my city Lubumbashi, I didn't care about getting my phone bzttery low. I could chzrge my phone all the journey long. And from Nairobi, I dodn't czre at zll about my phobe, because I knew I could charge dur to the usb device. If ever something to complain about, I'll let you know. Regards Richzrd DIAS"

Pro: "empty seat next to me!"
Kontra: "more cramped than akld to doha"

Pro: "Very polite and friendly crew. Very helpful."
Kontra: "Did not have the duty free item I wanted in stock"

Pro: "Faultless as per usual QA flights"

Pro: "I appreciated the friendly and always service minded staff. The plane was clean and I enjoyed good leg room. I was happy with the menus and the film selection was entertaining and current. All over a great experience and I would not hesitate to choose Qatar again."

Pro: "Choice of flight from Utapao really was a no brainer. 45 minutes from home to departure lounge, had I flown from Bangkok I would still have been on the motorway! Everything went like a dream, a huge thank you to all at Qatar Airways, a true quality service."

Pro: "Food crew and entertainment were all good thanks"
Kontra: "A child behind me kept kicking the back of the seat all the time and the mother did nothing about it"

Pro: "I haven't flown with Qatar for several years, but my memories of an exceptional experience were replicated. Fantastic modern aircraft, brilliant crew and great food."
Kontra: "Only one minor gripe, the passengers seated behind me talked incessantly, making my attempts to sleep impossible. I asked if there were any ear plugs available, but none could be found. My own fault, I should have packed my own."

Kontra: "Bad app don’t trust"

Kontra: "- Leg Space is challenge"

Pro: "Good service but need to improve food quality and quantity."

Pro: "Great food, great help when travelling with baby, affordable price. Entertainment system was a bit annoying with unusable unresponsive touchscreen and unintuitive menu."

Kontra: "both flights had 2 hours delay... also lugages cames with next flight."

Kontra: "Not one of their newest planes."

Pro: "Good legroom, friendly crew."

Kontra: "The online check in system was down so we all had to line up to check in."

Pro: "Crew were helpful and not interefering in long flight"
Kontra: "Flight from Qatar to Seoul was quite old I believe. USB on my chair did not work and media in LCD screens were not new enough. seats were quite old and not convenient for 10 hours flight."

Kontra: "USD 20 wi fi and you only get 200 MB seems a bit antiquated"

Kontra: "USD 20 wi fi and you only get 200 MB seems a bit antiquated"

Kontra: "The trays of water could come around more frequently"

Pro: "Everything, great airlineevrething"

Pro: "Boarding, the welcome on board, the food choice and quality were all excellent. The seat was comfortable and I got a few hours sleep. The entertainment screen was big and clear, and the choice of films was good."
Kontra: "The choice of films and tv programmes, was good, but before watching each one i chose, I had to endure a couple off minutes of an advert- the same one every time."

Kontra: "We landed 30 minutes late, with no explanation - even though we took off on time. Even with a short dog leg over Iran, we should have been able to make up any delay over an 8 hour flight"

Pro: "The usual customer care, from checking in to leaving the plane, second to none. Food choice and quality excellent."
Kontra: "The new diagonal seats are good, except when trying to put my feet up. The raised foot area is very cramped, and for me sleeping wasn't possible. I left my feet on the floor."

Pro: "The flight was on time. It was quiet so no boarding issues done quickly. Food was good. Good choice of flights."
Kontra: "No Wi-Fi. Grew not a friendly. Seats are very hard after 6 hours. The dreamliner is already aged. The screens are in poor condition already."

Pro: "Cabin crew friendly and efficient, great service"

Pro: "Much better knee space. Excellent flight, good service..."

Pro: "Everything was good!"
Kontra: "I had a torn budd/hamstring muscle and an upgrade to another class would have been great because I was in constant pain. Hopefully, when I return in a few days - this could be arranged?"

Pro: "Food and entertainment"
Kontra: "There was a rude counter staff when we checked in in Singapore."

Pro: "Another B787. Had empty seats next to me."
Kontra: "No menus handed out by the crew and little explanation of what the meal was beyond beef and rice or chicken and potato. For some reason they only serve a snack instead of a second meal on this flight."

Pro: "Boeing 787 with comfortable seats and large dimmable windows; handed out menus and two meals served; nice crew."
Kontra: "The 787 entertainment system seems buggier than that on the A380—possibly an older system?"

Kontra: "It was canceled while am at the airport and i rebooked"

Kontra: "Check in crew in Lahore ganged up against me and wanted to extort £200 for taking me laptop on board along with my hand carry. No where in the world has an airline ever asked me for this, and I fly a fair bit. Since I didn't allow them to extort me, they forced me to throw away my brand new Delsey hand carry at the airport. I had no cover as they threatened to if load my luggage and not let me fly home. Not a 5 start airline from any angle. Will never use Qatar again!!! This was my first and last flight with them."

Kontra: "Check in crew in Lahore ganged up against me and wanted to extort £200 for taking me laptop on board along with my hand carry. No where in the world has an airline ever asked me for this, and I fly a fair bit. Since I didn't allow them to extort me, they forced me to throw away my brand new Delsey hand carry at the airport. I had no cover as they threatened to if load my luggage and not let me fly home. Not a 5 start airline from any angle. Will never use Qatar again!!! This was my first and last flight with them."

Pro: "Respect the scheduel and well organize."

Pro: "The inflight entertainment didnt work at all. Food choice was pathetic."
Kontra: "Food and inflight entertainment"

Pro: "Friendly crew Good choice of food and beverage"
Kontra: "Aircraft changed without notice Trapped in cramped window seat No storage bins IFE strobing windows tabs and would not switch off Useless design of chair lead to loss and destruction of my Kindle"

Pro: "Overall I would highly recommend it. Excellent service, good food, good on board entertainment. Flight attendants and crew in general very polite and very helpful. Despite our delay in arriving at the airport (check in was done online in advance), the flight attendants accepted us for the trip. The whole process was extremely efficient, there was no delay in take off time and the suitcases arrived all on time to our destination. I really appreciated their help: we did have a medical emergency 3 hours prior to our arrival to the airport, hence the delay.."
Kontra: "Everything went smoothly, I had no bad experience with this flight.."

Pro: "it makes my trip wonderful. Thanks quatar airlines and kayak"

Kontra: "The best Airlines ever from every aspects, I’m frequent traveler of Turkish airlines and will be for good."

Pro: "Sluruh awak kabinnya sangat ramah, tempat duduknya lega dan nyaman"
Kontra: "Wifi nya harus ditingkatkan dg pelayanan lebih baik lagi"

Pro: "Staff is the best, very accommodating."
Kontra: "It was an old plane so not much comfort in business class"

Kontra: "Crew could have been more pleasant"

Pro: "Everything went well"

Pro: "Full seasons of resurrection ertugrul would be appreciated. The flight really wouldn’t have felt so long"

Pro: "I love the food and the movies"

Pro: "We were sat in the middle rows for this flight. But only flew for 50minutes so not a big problem"

Pro: "Good crew. Clean"
Kontra: "A little late"

Kontra: "Bording the plane has no order passengers seated in the front border before the rear. I was in 32a to he worst seat on the plane"

Pro: "Again, food and service in business class were superb. A newer 777 and more comfortable lie-flat seats"
Kontra: "Business class gets only one small lavatory."

Pro: "Turkish do a good job of giving you a good service for your money."
Kontra: "Why not keep us informed why there are delays before take off. Headphones that worked well without having to fiddle with the connection would be good"

Kontra: "Flight arrived 20 mins late. Luckily my connection is 12 hours later"

Kontra: "My bag was lost"

Pro: "Crew was very kind"
Kontra: "Food was terrible. Far from what usually TK is expected to offer on an short international flight"

Pro: "Istanbul Airport has good facilities and F&B options"
Kontra: "Flight from Istanbul to Bangkok was delayed for 3.5 hours with no apology and no compensatory measures such as drinks and food or lounge access Power outlets in Istanbul airport are all round plug European with no USB terminals for phone recharging"

Pro: "Entertainment options good"

Pro: "Food and service is excellent. Istanbul lounge is great."
Kontra: "Delayed in both directions. Happens. But zero announcements. Zero. Staff didn't know what was going on. Complete chaos."

Pro: "The crew was extremely friendly. Main course had a variety and the prawns were especially good."
Kontra: "No inflight entertainment even for business class passengers."

Kontra: "Need More premier economy seats"

Pro: "Thr A330 has 32" pitch which was ok. The 2-4-2 seating made this less of an issue. Food was ok. Screens are decent and responsive."
Kontra: "It's 32" for a 10 hour flight. Not really comfortable and enjoyable, and a squeeze throughout."

Pro: "Nothing much to shout about this flight. It got there safely?"
Kontra: "At 31" the pitch is terrible for a tall guy like myself. The screen was old and unresponsive, and there wasn't even a pleasant crew to supplement. How it won Best European Airline befuddles me."

Pro: "Comfortable seats, good food"
Kontra: "Nothing"

Kontra: "My taxi crashed on the way to Izmir, I missed my flight to Istanbul and my connection to Dublin in still stuck in Istanbul"

Kontra: "The food - I always have a v-meal - is sadly inadequate. Not enough of it, and very unimaginative. And they always supply the same thing, unless I was just unlucky to have the same thing three times in a row. Boarding was chaotic - a full flight crammed into a departure lounge with far too few seats. There were many families trying to board and the staff could barely cope."

Pro: "The food was quite good"
Kontra: "The new type of aircraft - less room between seats, entertainment system was poor, online check in didn't work, when I got to the airport I was sent away for an hour - was unable to get my prefered seat (window) by the time I had returned."

Kontra: "Small seats in the economy class"

Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "At gate sign advertised their lie flat beds in business.. we were on business. No lie flat beds!"

Pro: "Better of most European airlines.. nice enough lounge and inflight service pretty good with room to improve for sure."
Kontra: "Boarding was simply chaotic where staff isn’t managing the queue well separating business and economy. At arrival baggage priority meant nothing. Half the non priority bags arrived way before a massive batch of priority bags arrived. Defeats the purpose of giving your guest fast track immigration !"

Pro: "Infinitely superior to BA on the London to Istanbul route , in economy but especially so in business. Great entertainment whilst BA have non. Also full service meals in economy whereas BA make you pay on boatd"

Pro: "Overall it was ok. I enjoyed the leg space."
Kontra: "I suppose it's just a matter of different manners"

Pro: "All is good"

Pro: "their services in the plain and they are very discipline as well"
Kontra: "they don't do well in their transit point they should employ more people who speaks English to direct passengers in the airport. English is international language so they should train some people to direct passengers who comes there everyday"

Pro: "Entertaiment was good with choices on the latest movies and live sports channels. Boarding was fast enough and the crew are friendly."
Kontra: "The seats are not able to be lowered and for a 11.5hrs flight, thats really painful. Food wasnt really tasty and portion seems smaller compare to other flights i had been on."

Pro: "Everything was fine on this flight."
Kontra: "Everything was fine on this flight."

Pro: "I liked the overall plane journey."
Kontra: "Flight was delayed which caused us to miss our connection flight."

Pro: "Great service in the airplane plus they offer some amenities like slippers, tooth paste and toothbrush, they offer you wet towels to clean and refresh yourself during he flight. Really good."

Pro: "Good comfort, staff friendly and smiling. Passport control, security and boarding were straightforward."
Kontra: "No boarding pass available online in advance for flights from Nicosia (neither electronic nor printed). Only to be collected at the airport. As a result , although I had no hold luggage (only cabin bag), I had to queue at the check-in/drop-baggage desk to obtain my boarding pass! This is the old prehistoric system dating back to the last century."

Pro: "Excellent customer service, crew always helpful and glad to please."
Kontra: "Atatürk airport link too confusing and decreased my flight experience"

Pro: "Excellent service by good mood personal and cabine crew. I enjoyed the short flight."

Pro: "Aircraft was clean enough Crew was fine Food was ok Turkish could have planned to be better than European airlines It is trying to become like them Restroom was cleaner than competition"
Kontra: "Ok"

Kontra: "They was late for boarding The food is bad It's was my bad experience this travel"

Kontra: "I had a connection from Istanbul to Frankfurt with Lufthansa . I was disappointed that TK airlines did not allow me to check the luggage through to Frankfurt because the flight was on a different ticket . As an Elite Plus member , I expect better cooperation among the star alliance member airlines . I had to check out and back again , took almost two hours of waiting in lines . Good that on this occasion I had sufficient time and did not miss the LH flight ."

Pro: "Flight was very punctual (actually early enough to cause problems with being collected on arrival), despite being full, there was ample space. The food was very edible, brings service was sufficient and the crew were friendly and helpful."
Kontra: "The gate was a good 15-20 minutes walk from the main duty free area of the terminal with not much signage indicating this. The touch function on my inflight entertainment screen lagged a bit and there was no USB charging offered"

Pro: "No real issues, we were served a decent meal, plane was new and the crew were friendly."
Kontra: "Flight was severely delayed, not due to any fault of the airline but we were left sitting on board for 90 minutes with very little information m."

Pro: "Boarding was orderly"
Kontra: "No entertainment"

Pro: "Excellent carrier, modern planes and good food on board Also on european flight a proper meal and inflight entertainment"

Pro: "فى رحلة الذهاب فقدنا شنطة وكان الفطور جدا ضعيف لأ يلق بطيران وصلنا مطار اسطنبول تعامل سيئ جدا من الموظفين. هناك مشكلة في الدولة صحيح لاكن تعامل جدا سيء"

Pro: "Crew was courteous and helpful. In flight entertainment was great, wide selection of movies and games to keep people occupied."
Kontra: "Seats can be bit squeezy and uncomfortable, wifi onboard only for business class. Food need to have more variety."

Pro: "Comfort Movie Selection Friendly Hostess Thoughtfulness"
Kontra: "None"

Pro: "did not get the flight,because of no not given correct notice"
Kontra: "don't know,flight missed..virgi s fault 100%"

Pro: "crew was decent"
Kontra: "everything"

Pro: "Overall satisfied.."

Kontra: "All the food is halal."

Kontra: "Getting more minimal on the food service. Emirate have more and better quality"

Pro: "Crew was super friendly and helpful. Had good seats, we were able to change them at bag drop. Smooth flight and good entertainment and food"

Pro: "Got me from a to be"
Kontra: "Just don't use Etihad"

Pro: "Good crew"
Kontra: "Service could have been better"

Pro: "Yes"
Kontra: "Everything was great"

Pro: "Helpful staff"
Kontra: "Bigger and more comfortable seats"

Pro: "Main meal (Singapore noodles) was actually ok."
Kontra: "The cabin crew had a very difficult time dealing with the annoying passengers, who were mainly tourists returning from Abu Dhabi. They had a tough job, but it was all very negative and stressful."

Pro: "Good quality overall from Etihad"
Kontra: "Selection of movies/tv was pretty dire and the wifi was awful."

Kontra: "The main meal was ok but that was it. If you can't do food to a standard them dint do it at all. A piece of fruit would have been better"

Kontra: "Poor food quality. When long haul involves 4 flights in total MUCH more variety is required. When the snacks are predominantly cheese based, then that's repeated x4 Entertainment was poor. Not enough comedy, not enough documentaries and again by the 4 th flight, well just try to sleep as you've done all the good movies"

Kontra: "The food was seriously too small in portion! Had to go hungry on a full service 14hr flight!"

Pro: "Clean & tidy planes. Good service. Sufficient legroom for me - I'm six foot two inches tall & the 787 was great. Much more room than the airbus we flew to Athens on from Tel Aviv."

Kontra: "Very limited food served at inappropriate times with no flexibility. No information provided on what meals would be served at what times. Very limited entertainment. Very long uncomfortable flight compounded by crew hawking duty free goods like vendors at a fish market, waking many of those who had been fortunate enough to fall asleep."

Kontra: "Smaller leg room than other airlines"

Pro: "Flight was empty so had enough room next to my window seat"
Kontra: "The food was an express snack! For a 2.5 hour flight, I think it’s seriously a shame!"

Pro: "Crew is friendly"
Kontra: "Everything else"


Pro: "They didn't let me n my sister fly. Plus they took 3 hours to give our bags back."
Kontra: "The attitude of the airline n everyone was poor. No help nothing from anyone."

Kontra: "Service was a bit average. Attendants bumping into you... no apologies"

Pro: "The crew on board were gracious in helping swap seats with a passenger so that my partner and I could sit next to each other."
Kontra: "My partner and I had booked our tickets separately and so were under different levels of check in (online). We were first to baggage drop at Ahmedabad and believed the staff at the check in counter would assist in getting our seats together as I have been shifted from my checked in seat on a previous flight. However he was unfriendly and unaccomodating which made it a very unpleasant journey."

Kontra: "The temperature in the plane was too high ie it was too hot and not enough drinks given out"

Pro: "Great vegetarian food and good assortment of latest movies/tv shows."

Pro: "In flight entertainment"
Kontra: "Air con too cold"

Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Maybe if me and my son was Muslim we would have been treated with dignity and respect but will not and wasn't"

Pro: "That me and my son had a extra seat each"
Kontra: "Wasn't served any food at all. And I had to go and get my own water from the staff"

Kontra: "Flight delay with no reason for two hours which made me cancel another flight and wait for another five hours in transit and pay a huge amount of money to reschedule flight. Medicore plane on a long flight of seven hours from abu dhabi to kuala lampur. Cabin crew not helping. Bad toilets."

Pro: "As above"

Pro: "Only inflight entertainment"
Kontra: "No one told me or suggested me of asking for accomodation as I had stopover for over 15 hours. Staff made an excuse and blamed ticketing agent. Even Kayak.com did not suggest this. Had to spend couple of hundred dollar for accomodation . Not happy at all. First time experience with flight and booking agent is very unsatisfied. Thank you though"

Pro: "Really nice crew and helpful. Food excellent"
Kontra: "Older plane and a bit cramped for a longer flight"

Pro: "Almost everything. Lovely staff....good seats.....plenty of recent movie options. Made 7 hours fly by!"

Pro: "Staff were very friendly."
Kontra: "Checked in online and booked seats that had extra legroom. When boarding the plane seats had been changed and we were separated. Not happy about it. Agree with other reviewers re Abu Dhabi, not the most pleasant experience in the connections hall. A bit all over the place!"

Pro: "Quick boarding"
Kontra: "comfort crew"

Kontra: "The cupcake served was eaten by some animal before opening. Have lodged complaint and may send them video."

Kontra: "See above"

Pro: "Gets you where you need to be"
Kontra: "Broken entertainment, very uncomfortable seats, a feeling that economy is not that important to them despite the fact tickets are not exactly economy! Horrible dated beige colours everywhere and dated planes"

Pro: "Good choice of entertainment. Food is better than most of the airlines."
Kontra: "Boarding experience is horrible. Every time you need to board a bus to get to the terminal in AbuDhabi. Why can't they get more gates for better boarding. Why should we go through another security check as soon as you arrive in AbuDhabi ? I have never seen this any other airport."

Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "The toilet configuration is not good. It is cramped and the sink positioing makes It difficult to wash your teeth."

Pro: "Staff excellent on board Plane very high standard"
Kontra: "Waiting 1.25 hrs to check in in SYD- with 10 and 12 year old children Check-in staff member unclear on passport requirements"

Kontra: "Ticket was not emitted I discovered it two days before departure."

Pro: "The plane was fantastic, although my experience is slightly more skewed towards a positive one given the flight was fairly empty and we were free to choose alternative seating after takeoff. The plane itself was fairly comfortable, a noticeable step up from budget lines, and the staff were an absolute dream. Very very friendly, never seemed put out and frequently checking on passengers. The difference of inflight entertainment technology was certainly VERY noticeable & I actually preferred it. Better, clearer, bigger screens. It just changes the experience for the passenger if we can be happily distracted."
Kontra: "Really only the food. There was one meal which I didn't eat after tasting - it was just tasteless and not worth eating. A scone sandwich would have been more preferable. I still believe the standard of inflight food could be raised a notch or too, even if it was looking at a company like Pret A Manger and offering some nice sandwiches, fruit and soup, that would be more desirable and satisfying."

Kontra: "People sitting in wrong seats and queue jumping"

Pro: "Just average flight, nothing so special"
Kontra: "the flight was so overbooked that I had to stand in the queue for an hour for check-in, All the overhead compartments were full and I could not put a small bag in it, the crew even did not bother to help me with it. Ultimately I had to stow it beneath the seat. The seats were so cramped"

Pro: "Seats were not reclining. Food is not tasty. Boarding is not satisfactory Entertainment is below average movies. Would not prefer to fly again"

Pro: "Same like above"

Pro: "Very old and not up to date . Not enough choice ."
Kontra: "Wider choice more current content especially movies ."

Pro: "Staff was accommodating and friendly."
Kontra: "Aircraft condition, smelly."

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