Temukan tiket murah dari Munchen ke Kota Solo


Temukan tiket murah dari Munchen ke Kota Solo

Pulang pergi
Munchen (MUC)
Kota Solo Adi Sumarmo
Kam 29/10
Kam 5/11
Bulan mana pun
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FAQ untuk Memesan Penerbangan dari Munchen ke Kota Solo

Bagaimana KAYAK menemukan harga yang begitu rendah untuk penerbangan dari Munchen ke Kota Solo?

Bagaimana alat Prakiraan Harga tiket KAYAK membantu saya dalam memilih waktu yang tepat untuk membeli tiket pesawat dari Munchen ke Kota Solo?

Apa opsi 14057 Mix untuk penerbangan dari Munchen ke Kota Solo?

Fitur "tanggal fleksibel" KAYAK itu maksudnya apa dan apa gunanya saat mencari penerbangan dari Munchen ke Kota Solo?

Maskapai terpopuler yang terbang dari Munchen Franz Josef Strauss ke Kota Solo Adi Sumarmo

Peringkat berdasarkan ulasan pelanggan KAYAK

Garuda Indonesia
Peringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 713 ulasan
Naik Pesawat
Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai

Kontra: "New Aircraft with more seating space"

Pro: "Perjalanannya Tepat Waktu... Dan pelayanannya Sangat Baik Dan Ramah"
Kontra: "Terus pertahankan Pelayanannya...."

Pro: "Crew always polite"
Kontra: "Meals"

Pro: "NA"
Kontra: "Since I had to cancel the flight due to personal problems at home, it would have been better if you hadn’t reminded me of the missed opportunity by asking me to review said flight. This has caused me emotional stress."

Pro: "Checkin process very smooth"
Kontra: "Boarding process, and gate assigned is quite far .."

Pro: "Good service"
Kontra: "Old plane, walking distance to board the plane is so far"

Pro: "Despite a short delay fo boarding, everything's just great!"
Kontra: "a short delay on boarding"

Pro: "Quick flight"
Kontra: "Food was terrible"

Kontra: "Meal was terrible"

Pro: "It was a direct flight. The greeting crew member at boarding was nice."
Kontra: "The flight was late. Food and beverage was average. Crew were unengaged. Seating was squashy and I was placed between 2 men."

Pro: "Staff very accomadating throughout the flight"
Kontra: "NA"

Pro: "Cabin crew services very friendly"
Kontra: "Mediocre food, old movie list mostly. The biggest complain is both duiring the CGK T3 international outbound and inbound flight makes you walk the whole length of t3 from the departure gate as the plane for this international flight was parked at the most corner part of domestic terminal. No travellator, no buggy. Terrible for the elders.and bi assistance can be seen"

Pro: "On time"
Kontra: "Passengers Have to walk a long way during boarding as the plane is not at the assigned intl gate but on the domestic side. Food is bland, instant noodle may taste much better."

Pro: "Quick boarding, good entertainment"
Kontra: "n/a"

Pro: "The level of care given I required wheelchair assistance to the aircraft."
Kontra: "Being woken up at 4am for breakfast, when I asked not to be woken up."

Pro: "Flight was normal. Nothing special. Flight wad on time."
Kontra: "Boarding didn't commence as started"

Pro: "Check in at Perth Airport extremely helpful. Husband has health problems. They offered priority boarding and luggage. Priority was not a priority at all at Denpasar."
Kontra: "The plane was very squished up, seating, no leg room and difficult with one aisle to get past other passengers and staff. Toilet very small.."

Kontra: "The flight was on time, everything on schedule. Everything was good"

Pro: "The boarding procedure from CGK T3 is pretty smooth and good!"
Kontra: "The food... taste quite weird. It’s a far far cry from the standard of an Indonesian food."

Pro: "The female air crews. Indonesian female air stewardess are simply beautiful and shapely!"
Kontra: "My entertainment set’s headphone plug doesn’t work at all. So I’m watching movie with no sound throughout the whole flight."

Kontra: "Delayed"

Pro: "Very friendly staff, excellent service, good food and clean facilities, smooth flight and great landing. On-time departure and arrival. Really a great experience!"
Kontra: "Nothing to dislike."

Pro: "There was better movie choices on the way back compared to the way over but as it was a night flight I tried to get some sleep & didn't get to watch all the movies I wanted to see."
Kontra: "I didn't like food options on the way back....."

Pro: "Food and service is excellent"

Kontra: "i didnt like the fact that the flight was cancelled and i was not notified the staff there were no help at all , overall pathetic by then having to take a later flight i then missed my connecting flight to Melbourne which in turn caused me to delay my return by a day then causing me to miss my transport back to my home which is three hours from the airport , i was told in Jakarta that someone would meet me in Melbourne on my arrival to make arrangment for my travel home but no one was there so i had to make my own way home costing me extra money . Overall my exsperience with your airline was a disaster for a so called international airline and i would never recomend to my friends to fly with you ."

Kontra: "Garuda played loud “music” on arrival so we couldn’t watch the entertainment system. Getting onto the flight was horrid with long long long wait on the bus to go from terminal to airplane. Food was ultra salty and dreadful."

Pro: "Excellent and plentiful food."
Kontra: "Limited storage in business class seat"

Kontra: "Jakarta Terminal 3 directions are not properly set up. Confusing"

Pro: "All the flight handling is fine all the way from Perth up to Jakarta"

Pro: "I loved the food and the headrest bit."
Kontra: "nothing really!"

Pro: "new plane list of movies"
Kontra: "food quality is not good to and fro flights"

Pro: "Crew still manage to provide their excellent services instead of all of the problem related to boarding."
Kontra: "There's no dedicated Garuda counter for internet checked-in international passengers at Soekarno Hatta T3; you need to queue together with the other passengers. I've put a formal suggestion before to Garuda several months ago; seems nobody care. Gate information is confusing, initially shown gate number at *domestic* terminal; then changed again twice. In the end they took you on a bus-ride to domestic gate; need to climb a couple of narrow stairs (good luck for older people); the escalator next to it is set for descending only while the ground crew doing nothing. Then your plane are on the 7th queue for another 20 minutes. Food is mediocre, in flight entertainment suddenly went blank and resetting for several minutes."

Kontra: "Flight was delayed and more assistance could be provided to passenger on transit as most are not familiar with the new huge airport"

Pro: "Garuda is still the best over the other international airlines. The crews were so kind and helpful. Its pilots handled the bad weather very smooth. During the flight they kept giving foods and drinks."

Pro: "good"
Kontra: "-"

Pro: "Love Fly Ing GA"

Pro: "GA always Great"

Pro: "Food and beverage excellent. I bid for business flight but didn't get. Economy for a short 6 hour flight was acceptable."
Kontra: "That the return flight is overnight so we've had to choose jetstar on the way back"

Pro: "..service great - I normally fly Singapore airlines - but now I will always consider guruda"
Kontra: "...had same movies going to Indonesia ...and on the return journey to London being a 14hr 20 min flight to Jakarta I had watched many of the film's - I was a little disappointed to see the film list hadn't changed when I was about to sit through a 13 hr return trip !!"

Kontra: "....the food a little bland - but the constant bringing of refreshments and food made up for this .....overall - great work !!"

Pro: "Gr8 service on land and air way to go Garuda"

Pro: "Crew always courteous"
Kontra: "Operational Delay? 75 min?! Unacceptable for a country flagship carrier.. The explanation Operational issue is lack of respect to Garuda customers.. It say nothing at all."

Pro: "Organised, well turned out, polite and efficient, a refreshing change to British Airways"

Pro: "I met with a best friend whom I didn't meet for a decades, and he was I the same GA flight but not a member of GFF. Lounge Team give me a courtesy access so we can have a quite discussion in GA Lounge"

Pro: "One thing that i love about garuda indonesia is their service"
Kontra: "The entertainment system need more variation"

Pro: "Gracious, smiling, helpful cabin crew."
Kontra: "Trying to sleep in economy."

Pro: "Garuda Indonesia is just a very good airline."
Kontra: "The bad things is the luggage handling at smaller airports."

Pro: "Pretty on time"
Kontra: "The food is bad"

Pro: "Their lounge in Soekarno Hatta is cozy with a lot of food choices."
Kontra: "Now, they won't give you a choice for the meal. The movie selection has been stagnant for three months. Boarding in Soekarno Hatta is based on first come first based basis, not based on class/membership/row number."

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