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Harga tiket pulang-pergi yang ditemukan oleh pengguna kami di KAYAK dalam kurun waktu 72 jam terakhir

1 transit, mulai Rp 12.462.372
2+ transit, mulai Rp 18.076.460
2+ transit, mulai Rp 7.916.918
San Francisco
1 transit, mulai Rp 13.425.647
2+ transit, mulai Rp 14.930.765
1 transit, mulai Rp 8.082.480
San Jose
2+ transit, mulai Rp 16.180.012
2+ transit, mulai Rp 10.821.794

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Rp 7.916.918

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Rp 14.693.859

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Rp 8.928.808
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  • Cari tiket murah ke California? 25% pengguna kami ketemu tiket ke California dengan harga berikut atau lebih murah: Dari Jakarta Rp 10.324.089 satu arah - Rp 18.621.700 pulang pergi, dari Denpasar Rp 16.213.677 satu arah - Rp 19.394.566 pulang pergi, dari Kota Manado Rp 23.010.988 pulang-pergi
  • Pesan minimal 4 minggu sebelum berangkat agar harganya di bawah rata-rata.
  • Musim ramai biasanya Juli, Agustus, dan September. Bulan paling murah untuk terbang Indonesia adalah Februari.
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Peringkat berdasarkan ulasan pelanggan KAYAK
JALPeringkat keseluruhan berdasarkan 4534 ulasan
8,9Naik Pesawat
8,5Tempat Hiburan
Ulasan maskapai
Pro: "My seat"
Kontra: "Time check in maybe earlier."
Baca selengkapnya tentang JAL
Pro: "My seat"
Kontra: "Time check in maybe earlier."
Pro: "I like the spirit of Christmas in some of the staff."
Kontra: "Board people by section instead of a madsive line."
Pro: "None"
Kontra: "Crew was not very helpful"
Kontra: "Good"
Pro: "Professional and friendly crew"
Kontra: "Food quality from Jakarta is bad"
Kontra: "Very professional and friendly crew. Food quality was excellent."
Kontra: "Boarding took forever and flight was delayed"
Pro: "I think Japan Airlines is the best airline."
Pro: "JAL operates with incredible efficiency."
Kontra: "Luggage lost. Tv audio did not work"
Pro: "I really got a good deal on my trip's cost, and for the price, all the comforts of a top-quality airline were there. I especially appreciate how helpful and friendly the airline staff were."
Kontra: "The outbound flight still had the exact same movie selection as the inbound flight had, even though they were six weeks apart for my trip. I really feel like the movie selection should be changed every month (or even more frequently than that), as I ran out of films to watch."
Kontra: "PA announcements could have been louder. I also had difficulty understanding when I could hear the English words."
Kontra: "Great experience all around. Need to improve access customer service support."
Pro: "Politeness."
Pro: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
Kontra: "Some staff lack of basic english"
Pro: "Check in early and easy.... Bags straight through to Sydney... JAL... What other airlines should aspire to."
Pro: "Food wasn’t bad and flight crew were polite Flight took off around the time intended. Boarded and deplaned passengers quickly"
Kontra: "Flight was too warm for 11hrs and I had to ask for temp to be reduced. Very stuffy Didn’t have sparkling water after 4hrs or ginger ale"
Pro: "JAL went above and beyond. The aircraft was very comfortable, temperature was near perfect.. Onboard entertainment was very good. Flight attendants were very friendly, very helpful. And with out a doubt, this was the best meal I have ever had in-flight."
Kontra: "N/A"
Pro: "Excelent good service.Staff are friendly."
Kontra: "Almost i like everything"
Pro: "Great service."
Kontra: "Selections of movies"
Pro: "Great crew, good food selection."
Kontra: "Everything was good"
Pro: "The crew were extremely polite and caring. Food and entertainment were of the highest quality."
Kontra: "Seats were extremely uncomfortable. US to Japan flight had much better cushions and support."
Pro: "From check in to final destination, customer service to amenities, Japan Airlines exceeded my expectations in every regard."
Kontra: "The flights were everything I expected and more."
Pro: "Crews are very polite and willing. They During the entire 13 hours flight, they continued serving drinks and snacks. I have not seen such services on the other airlines."
Kontra: "The movies were not the first run ones."
Pro: "JAL doesn't disappoint!"
Pro: "Japan Airline is a notch above the rest. The services was constant and consistent, the food was delicious and abundant, and the seats were comfortable. I was surprised at how often they would go up and down the aisles checking on passengers, picking up trash, and serving small food items. To top it off towards the end of the trip they put toothbrushes in the bathroom so you can leave fresh, awesome."
Kontra: "I really dont have a negative things to say, I was really happy with the service. Especially since I hate flying this make the trip so bearable."
Pro: "The flight from Jakart to Japan, Japan to Chicago, was not a problem. Although thr food was typical plane food."
Kontra: "My brother and his wife had to wait 12 hrs for plane delay,just to hear that AA canceled all flight for that date. The crew told my brother and his wife to wait for another12 hours which is the next morning, for next flight. My brother decided to just take a rental car to KZO, and was going to just take their luggage from the airline, but the AA crew would not let them did so, and was really rude. It was very traumatic experience for the both of them and other passangers of how bad they treated this plane delay/cancellation issue. One passenger with baby was having a panic attack, but nothing was done. So far, no compensation, or apology email has been sent. Will never take this airline anymore. We are done."
Kontra: "Flight delayed 1 hr."
Pro: "Good food. Very friendly and helpful attendants. They also gave souvenir toys for my 2-year-old son."
Pro: "The flight attendants were so nice and gave a gift to my wife and I when they found out we were traveling for our anniversary! Everyone was so respectful and the food service was awesome. We even flew economy and had a great time!"
Pro: "When I checked in for my connecting flight from Tokyo Narita to New York, the crew said there was no more seat on economy class. She was making sure that I got on the plane by placing me on the premium economy seat. I appreciate the effort and the courtesy of JAL."
Kontra: "The meal and dessert were served at the same time. Too much food all at once."
Pro: "Service was exceptional and good was good. Everything was to my expectations and would certainly use Japan Airlines again"
Pro: "Plane was spotlessly clean, smelled nice, bathrooms also very clean and had toothbrushes and toothpaste. I requested the vegetarian meal and it was the best airline food I have ever eaten Flight crew was friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy working for Japan Airlines. I don't see that very often on any domestic US air carriers. I highly recommend Japan Air."
Kontra: "Headset was too big for me and kept skipping back."
Pro: "Everything went smoothly. Great take off, great landing the stewardess were doing excellent jobs to accommodate us. Will fly with JAL again in the future."
Pro: "Very attentive and polite staff. Was given a free upgrade as well, very much appreciated."
Pro: "Amazing customer service, flight attendants could not be more welcoming."
Pro: "The main entree was excellent."
Pro: "Upgraded to premium economy and the seat was comfortable. However the food was lacking. The snack was a collection of overly sweet bars and bread. The meal was okay."
Pro: "The bathroom is super clean."
Kontra: "Maybe you can make some alterations with your meal offerings."
Pro: "The good: The food was tasty given we were on an airplane. Better entertainment selection than my AA flight to Japan. I prefer the 3-3-3 seat layout to the 2-5-2 because even though I had a middle seat there was only one person to get past in either direction."
Kontra: "The bad: The plane was warm. I understand some people get cold, but since blankets are provided I would much prefer a colder plan than a warmer one. The warmth made it hard to sleep, which is a big problem on an overnight flight. JAL does not provide individual air vents to passengers seated where I was. I understand the reason for this, but I wish there was some way to get more comfortable. The seats were standard airline economy seats, roomy enough and with enough legroom for my sub-6-foot frame, but not the most comfortable."
Pro: "The aircraft was clean and boarding went smoothly. The flight was late but the staff seemed courteous, polite, and apologetic for the delay."
Kontra: "I thought I had ordered a vegetarian meal when I booked the flight roughly 1.5 months prior to my trip. However, when the meal was being served, there was only a chicken or pork option and my vegetarian meal had either not been properly booked or had been forgotten. When I informed the staff, I was asked to show proof that I ordered a veggie meal. I could not pull up my email confirmation as we were flying and there was no internet access. I had to lug my bag out of the overhead and search for a print out confirmation. I had not come prepared with the "evidence" the stewardess wanted. While the staff tried to be polite, I also found them to be quite rude, demanding that I produce evidence. Could they not have simply given me an extra salad without all the fuss? I felt I was being treated as a criminal for requesting a veggie meal that had, unfortunately, not been recorded in their system."
Pro: "Boarding is efficient. Crew helpful and willing to please."
Kontra: "The food and overall service amenities are lacking in JAL. My flight was 8 hours and only one meal was served and one snack. The meals themselves are nothing special or enjoyable."
Pro: "Attention given to each passenger by flight crew."
Pro: "The crew's attention to detail, service."
Kontra: "Sort of bumpy flight."
Pro: "Boarding!"
Kontra: "Food was below standard."
Pro: "Almost everything"
Kontra: "Can't say because I was satisfied w/ my flight"
Kontra: "We couldn't land in Narita due to bad weather, so we did emergency landing to Haneda to refuel and go back to Narita. But after we got off in Narita, the immigration is chaos. Nobody arranging it and people just going wild, nobody knows where the line should begin. We spent 2 hours plus in the imigration line. So from the scheduled time to arrive at Tokyo 5pm, we get to our Hotel at 2am. Good job Narita airport!"
Pro: "JAL is by far my most favorite airline. Their service overall from check in to the cabin crew is excellent. They always make me feel special, very courteous and friendly."
Pro: "The seat soace is sufficient enough"
Kontra: "Pork contain food is served but the crew didn't explain it when giving it away."
Pro: "Cramped seats and no beverage service. No crew interaction."
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "Everything was great"
Pro: "crew was amazing and movie selection was good"
Kontra: "poor business class seats and small screens"
Pro: "Everything, from boarding to departure, the service is excellent! The staff was attentive and very welcoming. Spending a few hours reminded me why I fell in love with SK in the first place."
Kontra: "Food selection was ehhh. Selection and quality of food flying into SK was a lot better."
Pro: "The great service and comfortable flight"
Kontra: "N/A"
Pro: "The trip was excellent because first of all, I was the one who booked it. Secondly, I selected all the aisle seats. The airline isnine of the best with friendly and courteous crew."
Kontra: "The USB port on my seat to charge my cell phone was broken. And the airplane gets warmer in the duration of the flight. The crew should always make sure that the air conditioning's thermostat is in the coller setting."
Kontra: "My seat was broken and uncomfortable. 13 hour flight and you can’t lean back one bit"
Pro: "The cabin crew are the most professional and beautiful in the airline business."
Kontra: "The fact that the flight was delayed over 4 hours, added to the 7 hour layover that had, made the trip very long. I would of liked at least a voucher for a hotel to sleep, because lounge chairs are not very comfortable."
Pro: "best airline ever"
Kontra: "The website did not let me choose the seat when I tried to check-in. In addition, the flight attendant was not welcoming because she kept saying that you cannot have more food :("
Pro: "Flight attendants were very friendly and professional. Made us feel very welcomed. Everything went smoothly from the beginning. From ticketing agents through the baggage claims. No problems locating our luggage. Everything was efficient. Will travel again with them when I go back."
Pro: "Good service. The food was good, better than most airlines that I've flown with. The seat was comfortable with good leg room. Good documentary films."
Kontra: "There wad a7 hour delay in Korea and the staff at the airport were not helpful. I asked them if I was in the right place for my connecting flight and all they said was come back in 1 hour. I came back 1 hour later and asked if I'm still in the right place sand when my flight would be boarding. They again said come back in 1 hour. This went on for 7 hours and they never made Amy announcements to inform anyone of when the flights would finally board."
Pro: "Cabins were spotless, restrooms kept clean, attendants always pleasant and food excellent"
Kontra: "Too much material in seatback pockets, couldn’t store anything"
Kontra: "Horrible delayed and no food offer or available even to purchase!"
Pro: "I love it."
Kontra: "none"
Pro: "Was very far but the crew was very helpful and attentive all the way here. We had an infant with us and the crew did everything to make him comfortable when he was fuzzy."
Pro: "The staff is friendly and helpful"
Kontra: "There wasnt anything i didnt like for this flight"
Pro: "I enjoy flying Korean Air. I get great deals with great service and accommodation."
Kontra: "It was a late direct flight from Bali to Seoul. The flight was for a 0120 departure, and about 7 hours long. For the flight being a very late departure and both locations being around the same timezone (1 hour difference) I feel as if the lights were left on for too long, over an hour after departure, and then turned on too early, 2 hours prior to landing. Too improve comfort I would suggest to begin service upon takeoff and turning the lights off immediately after, and turning them on an hour before landing to conduct service. Better yet, if possible, conduct service with the lights off and individuals that require additional lighting may use their individual light. I believe, and witnessed in my area, a majority of personnel that just wanted to sleep during these flight hours."
Pro: "The service and entertainment"
Kontra: "Sitting down 12 hrs it was very painful to be sitting that long. My seat eould heat up and it was uncomfortable also. I couldn't sleep during the flight"
Pro: "the flight attendants were great and it flight was smooth."
Kontra: "long flight"
Kontra: "Seats too small for a seven hour flight"
Pro: "Outstanding customer service! We will fly Korean Air again!"
Kontra: "They ran out of 2 of the 3 food choices after serving only half of the plane."
Pro: "Cabin crew was polite. Restrooms kept clean by the cabin crew"
Kontra: "Seat was hard."
Pro: "I could never have survived that long a trip on a cramped US airline sitting in a center seat."
Kontra: "I don't like their policy of closing all the blinds when it is daylight outside."
Pro: "Good more choices"
Kontra: "Transit in Korea make shorter hour"
Pro: "Light flight, extra space."
Kontra: "One of the luggage wheels is broken. No ground personal in the airport to take care of the matter. Called and eMailed the claim. However, KAL refuses to look into the matter."
Pro: "The seats were roomy and considering this was 14 hour flight that was important. The entertainment was superb - they had all the latest movies and plenty of them to last 14 hours. The service was the best. Flight attendants were so nice and accommodating at all hours of the day and didn't even flinch once after our multiple requests for more wine. They made sure we had enough food and snacks throughout the flights and provided plenty of water and juices to stay hydrated."
Pro: "Awesome trip"
Kontra: "No complain. The crew did great service."
Pro: "A380 is great plane (this coming from a real Boeing enthusiast). Very Quiet! Coach had more leg room than I expected, especially for a non-US carrier. Good service and great inflight entertainment. The airline is not a US domestic carrier so flight staff might not understand every English word of a request but they try very hard. Most US carriers would not try as hard if I were speaking Korean! The whole world does not speak your language and remember that coach is coach for a reason $$$. Customs procedures are out of the control of carriers so comments about that."
Kontra: "No individual control for air vent and it was a bit warm for me but most people were comfortable."
Pro: "Cabin crews are very kind."
Kontra: "Since long flights with reduced body movement tend to create constipation, would be good to increase vegetables, reduce other stuff."
Pro: "Everything was perfect!"
Pro: "Good customer service"
Pro: "Staff great"
Kontra: "Food selection"
Pro: "All of the flight attendants were professional in appearance and behavior. They cleaned the restrooms after each client left the restroom."
Kontra: "I was coming from a very cold climate and had on long underwear under my street clothes. So unfortunately, it seemed that the blankets were "too" warm on the plane."
Pro: "The stewardesses are very good and attentive."
Kontra: "Not applicable"
Pro: "The crew's professionalism and service. I wish Korean Air could provide training to the US based airlines! Well done!"
Kontra: "The vegan meal was served twice during the flight. A bit more variety would have been nice. Qatar airways has a better variety of entertainment."
Kontra: "Next time"
Pro: "The food was good, and there were enough different types of entertainment that made the long flight easy to get through. The crew members are also really nice. I also love that they give you slippers and a toothbrushort and paste. I also like the lotion that is provided in the bathroom!"
Kontra: "The seats are small."
Pro: "It may be my imagination, but I feel like the seats on this Korean Air Flight lean back more and have more leg room that flights I've been on in the past. Also the crew was so kind, even when dealing with tired, grumpy passengers."
Kontra: "I'm a big person so the seats are not comfortable for sleeping during long flights. Also, the Korean crew is usually excellent so I was surprised the crew on this flight was only average."
Pro: "Generally, i liked the flight. We were granted our request for a change in seats when i found out that me and my husband were not seated side by side."
Kontra: "The entertainment has limited choice of movies."
Pro: "Great Service Check-in Process Boarding Process Lounge Food"
Kontra: "Seat is a bit outdated: lie flat but not very comfortable. Their new Business seat on B777 seems much better Security / Immigration in Bali took 2.5h all flights to China, Korea, Japan, Australia seems to depart between 11pm and 2am Breakfast was served 2.5h before landing reducing sleep time"
Pro: "The crew were very friendly and helpful. I appreciate how attentive they are."
Kontra: "Kids in business class. Do not like that. They're loud and needy. I pay a lot to feel relaxed and enjoy peace. Need more tv shows and better ones. Censoring movies made it hard to understand certain parts."
Pro: "The incheon airport efficiency, the food Inboard, the transit was food."
Kontra: "No snacks like ice cream or snacks. Crew was not as sensitive and attractive to passengers."
Pro: "Bathriom cleanliness and the good work of the stewardesses"
Pro: "Friendly crew and the airport in Incheon. Though our layover took 15 hours, I was able to rest in their lounge on second floor and able to took a nice shower too. I will fly Korwan Air again. Only one thing, please improve the quality of food, other than than that it was excellent experience!"
Kontra: "The food needs to be improved."
Pro: "Flight attendants are very kind; food and drink was enjoyable."
Pro: "Fast Chaco in and nice crew"
Kontra: "The food was not great and no vegetarian options"
Kontra: "Mid night snack can be improved, it’s too small a portion."
Pro: "Very caring, and pay full attention to passengers."
Kontra: "Better food quality, more movies please."
Pro: "Friendly, helpful, attentive crew; good amount of storage in business class; very good food with an excellent variety."
Pro: "Great"
Kontra: "Great"
Kontra: "Seat cushion could have been softer"
Pro: "Overall the service was good."
Kontra: "ANA flight attendants were not very well versed in the English language. Very hard to communicate our needs."
Pro: "The 787 was awesome. Very comfortable. Great staff and service."
Pro: "Flight attendants were incredible!"
Pro: "The service...the food...the entertainmrnt....tq tq tq"
Kontra: "Seats are almost impossible to sit comfortably for such a long flight. Not nearly enough legroom."
Pro: "The food, choices of entertainment, and the crew"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Their service"
Kontra: "Foods"
Pro: "Service, staff, and food were all above-average as compared to other companies with whom I've flown"
Kontra: "Spacing was a little bit cramped, and side-to-side leg-room was so cramped that my neighbor fell asleep, spread his legs and suddenly had no where to escape. Made sleeping difficult/impossible."
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "Everything the whole team was great."
Pro: "crew and food was great"
Kontra: "seat cushion was a bit on the dead side."
Pro: "very clean over a 9 hr flight , great seat and flight attendant"
Pro: "From start to Finish from ticketing to baggage claim we received Premier Customer Service !!!!!"
Pro: "The food and staff were great."
Pro: "Staff is awesome"
Pro: "Friendly crew... awesome entertainment. Good drinks and food, one of the best traveling experiences I had. Thank you!"
Kontra: "Same repeating music"
Pro: "Been flying with ANA ever since I started living in Japan, and it has always been a pleasure. No complaints whatsoever."
Kontra: "No problems."
Pro: "The quality of your aircraft. Clean, modern, plenty of leg room."
Kontra: "The "meal" served about 1.5 hours after takeoff was just a very light snack. Nothing substantial. Could have been more food."
Kontra: "cancelled, hard to rebook flight, staff unhelpful, rebooked on worse flight. very bad experience."
Pro: "The crew is attentive and kind, the promptness is the airline, they aren’t afraid to serve you top notch food and dessert"
Kontra: "The only thing that soured my trip was on the way back, it was a passenger who was just way overboard disgusting. First of all he takes off his shoes and then his socks and crosses his legs so his barefoot is right next to my tray table. Then he proceeds to unbutton his pants and unbuckle his belt. Reaches down into his nethers and takes a good whiff of his hand. This passenger continually kept encroaching into my seat, either sitting on a portion of my leg or putting his shoulder over my shoulder, even at one point used me as lean on. It was a 9 hour flight of misery... I was definitely uncomfortable for majority of that flight due to the passenger in 40A on flight NH176"
Pro: "I enjoyed the hospitality and attention to detail."
Pro: "Staff are super kind."
Kontra: "---"
Pro: "This was my first time flying ANA (LAX to Haneda and back) and I have to admit it was surprisingly great. I am a pretty tall guy and found the room for my feet in economy to be more than adequate even though i found myself in a middle seat both flights. The flight attendants were extremely attentive, even as my flights were both overnight/red-eyes. The selection of movies available at each seat was pretty good and included your standard Hollywood stuff along with a decent selection of Japanese film, television, and various documentaries. Whether or not subtitles are available for non-Japanese speakers for Japanese language media was kind of hit and miss (I actually did browse around quite a bit), but I was impressed nonetheless. I would warn some western based travelers that they may not find the food to be all that appetizing. I chose the Japanese style option both flights (rice, miso, salad, fish), however I know that had I had any of my family members along for the flight they would have gone with the international option and they probably wouldn't have enjoyed it all that much."
Pro: "The staff is very nice."
Kontra: "The exonomy seats."
Pro: "Timely departure/arrival, great flight crew, good food, excellent ride, clean cabin."
Pro: "The crew is so polite and attentive. Snacks are free, generous, and tasty. Food is pretty good for airplane food. Interior was very clean and kept clean during the flight."
Kontra: "I suppose the food could be better."
Pro: "Cheap prise"
Kontra: "Food and entertainment"
Pro: "Friendly staff and great food. Cabin was spacious even for Economy."
Kontra: "The VOML food"
Kontra: "The fact that my feet got very swollen (twice their normal size) due to the small space - that had the passenger to my right sleeping on top of my right side."
Pro: "ANA from Tokyo to Jakarta, ANA- Jakarta to Tokyo."
Kontra: "."
Pro: "Movies"
Kontra: "Food needs improvement"
Pro: "Staff was pleasant, food was good, decent movies overall."
Kontra: "Cramped for average size American man. 5'10", can't imagine being 6' 2" or taller flying coach."
Pro: "I feel like home"
Kontra: "The crew smail"
Pro: "Incredible service"
Pro: "friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Kontra: "the stroller take forever to show up when landing"
Pro: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Delay 4h+ while passangers stay inside aircraft. No firm information, information keep changing. Crazy!"
Kontra: "Touch screens were a bit glitchy. Was not able to adjust brightness, and volume kept readjusting by itself."
Pro: "very comfy, great ground handling crew"
Kontra: "none"
Pro: "Great service! Wonderful flight attendants, smooth flight and ice cream! Will always fly with ANA!"
Pro: "Great service, excellent and curteous. Clean cabin"
Kontra: "Food can be improved, economy seats are tight. Movie selection not as vast as SQ and Cathay"
Pro: "Good staff, good service, good entertainment"
Kontra: "Although my partner and I bought our tickets together and booked them almost 9 months in advance, we were not seated together, which made the flight more difficult and uncomfortable."
Kontra: "Hdhdhd"
Pro: "Good Business Class, will fly them again. Excellent service."
Kontra: "No meal served upon take off, snacks only."
Pro: "Crew is always awesome"
Kontra: "Needed more Japanese movie options"
Pro: "Was able to request a gluten-free meal for the flight"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Crew was excellent"
Kontra: "Better seat cushions"
Pro: "SQ always has the best looking flight attendants"
Pro: "Flat bed is wide and comfortable. Cabin crew was excellent."
Pro: "Great inflight entertainment"
Kontra: "Have WiFi that is working"
Pro: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
Kontra: "Memory foam seats"
Pro: "Amazing crew! They handled a full flight with screaming indisciplined kids and clueless adults with grace. Entertainment was great as usual"
Kontra: "Singapore food and drinks quality has deteriorated significantly. Flights are always packed with uncomfortable seating. These days you get amenities only if you ask."
Kontra: "On time would be better."
Kontra: "This time Singapore Airlines Staff seem to be not so helpful. Previously they were happy to help with smiling face and approachable immediately. This time in spite of asking for help in the cabin no one turned up even after multiple requests. I could only get help when someone one walks next to me."
Pro: "Super friendly crew. Enough food and drink."
Pro: "The crew was really nice. The plane was clean and comfortable."
Pro: "Seats were good"
Kontra: "Food could have been better"
Kontra: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"
Pro: "Being one of the best airlines in the world, you can really go wrong with these guys. Always a good experience."
Kontra: "As always, economy class is getting tighter. But economy here is still better than the western airlines."
Pro: "Nothing beats Singapore SQ!"
Pro: "Hotel location is convenient, quite comfortable and clean."
Kontra: "I love the foods in Hongkong, so many varieties . Price wise is affordable."
Pro: "The flight attendants are very attractive and attentive. They do make an effort to make one’s trip pleasurable."
Kontra: "Need to update the planes.."
Kontra: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
Pro: "Everything from Ticketing, Checking in......"
Pro: "Great experience"
Kontra: "Seating arrangement was bad"
Pro: "The food is very good in economy. Large screen tv gor movies and games."
Kontra: "all was good, nothing bad"
Pro: "Seats, crew"
Kontra: "Nothing else other than above"
Kontra: "Stewardesses were a bit rude"
Pro: "I loved the professionalism of the crew, and how they treat the passengers with such care. I prefer Singapore airlines over any other. Seats are very comfortable. This craft had touch screen monitors that worked well. I was able to use my own ear buds by pulling the jack out part way."
Kontra: "I really only have one gripe. I wish there were more movie choices for adults that did not have foul language and immoral scenes."
Pro: "great service"
Kontra: "too long"
Pro: "The business class bed was the best I have yet encountered. The food and service were great. And the stews? Gorgeous and so agreeable. One young lady even helped me with my back injury; turns out she was studying physical therapy. You can't find a better ride than that,"
Pro: "crew was very polite and cheerful."
Pro: "Overall experience and wonderful crew"
Kontra: "Nothing really."
Pro: "Helpful crew. Full food service!"
Kontra: "Kids playing and out of control and the flight attendants wouldn't do anything."
Pro: "All went great"
Kontra: "I liked all - end to end excellent service"
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "Put some natural spray in the washroom for guests to kill their odor. I was the lucky one sitting outside the washrooms."
Pro: "Food, entertainment, cleanliness of the restrooms"
Kontra: "There was a passenger on the return flight who had the window shutter up during sleep time right across my row, and the cabin was so bright to sleep for me. I notified the crew but they were not keen on bothering the passenger"
Pro: "service, good TV quality and good movie selection"
Kontra: "sound quality with headphones was horrible"
Pro: "Everything is excellent!"
Pro: "Amazing plane and crew!"
Kontra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Great price"
Kontra: "Food is not good"
Pro: "The new non stop flight frim Singapore to San Francisco really reduced the total travel time. I saved at least 4 hours in choosing this flight"
Pro: "Crew is remarkable"
Pro: "Fast boarding"
Kontra: "Hot cabin. Chairs makes so much movement when the back of the chair where the folding table is moving. Chair movememt of the seatmeat is felt in the same rows of seats."
Pro: "Everything"
Kontra: "No complaints"
Pro: "Courteous, Professional Crew. Amazing Service."
Pro: "Before booking my flight on Singapore airlines, I took the time to read through some reviews and to be honest, the reviews left by previous passengers did not do the airlines any justice. I rarely, if at all, leave any reviews myself but my flights (from SFO - Singapore and vice versa) were AMAZING! I was sitting in economy and the level of attentiveness that we received, I could only imagine how great first class could be. if i could fly Singapore on all my trips overseas I would."
Kontra: "Food not so good"
Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "Nada"
Pro: "None"
Kontra: "All"
Pro: "The flight was half full. The staff reassigned me a seat to an empty row so I could stretch out and rest."
Kontra: "I ordered the seafood meals and they were terrible on the outbound as well as the inbound flights."
Pro: "Crew staff were excellent. Food was pretty good. Overall trip was flawless including and early arrival. The A350 aircraft feels roomy. Most importantly, given the total duration of the flight, it was a pretty good experience on-board."
Kontra: "The seats and especially the hand-rests on the A350 seem very slim and flimsy. The movies choices in the in-flight entertainment were wanting."
Pro: "They treat you very nicely on Singapore Airlines - from warm washcloths to wine with your meal. Seats are comfortable and the long flight not so wearing."
Kontra: "My husband reacted to the spicy beef/rice dish served for breakfast."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "Great services considering the extraordinary conditions associated with continuing to provide services during the Coronavirus pandemic."
Kontra: "Great"
Pro: "Nice flight with good crew service."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Kontra: "Please notify customer full details of schedule and do not change the flight information last minutes."
Pro: "2 passengers seats Food Quick boarding Flight on time"
Pro: "Friendly staff"
Kontra: "More various food"
Pro: "Spacious and comfortable"
Kontra: "Food was pretty bad"
Pro: "Flight was on time and the ride was smooth."
Kontra: "Need option to order vegetarian food, including a day in advance."
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "Good service"
Kontra: "Amazing flight"
Pro: "Seat is very comfortable..."
Pro: "The crew was very attentive and the seats were comfortable."
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Great friendly crew an staff. Comfy seats without packing you in."
Kontra: "I wish EVA would tell people, especially overweight prople, to respect the space of thier neighbors and not recline thier bodies using part of thier neighbors space."
Kontra: "One of my luggage was damaged when I was from LA to Taipei."
Pro: "Amazing service and experience. Great movie selection. Food was very good. I love EVA!"
Kontra: "I liked everything! Eva does an amazing job and should choose them more often."
Kontra: "Wifi is too expensive to be that slow. Please do better with your wifi. Not beneficial to business travelers at all."
Pro: "Great staff"
Kontra: "Food not too good, bad terbulance"
Kontra: "Nothinh"
Kontra: "The food doesn’t taste good"
Kontra: "Eva’s Air is cheap with drinks, whether water or wine. About a Dixie cup of each for a meal."
Pro: "Hello Kitty theme plane"
Kontra: "Food can be better"
Pro: "Left and arrived on time. Gracious crew. Exceptional meals. Movies and games made a 13 hour flight bearable even in the economy section."
Kontra: "Would like a meal schedule so that sleep and snacks could be better managed"
Pro: "Very accommodating"
Kontra: "Nothing to report"
Pro: "Crew friendliness"
Kontra: "Food"
Pro: "Service was neat Took of on time Good entertainment Barely felt the overseas flight"
Pro: "Food"
Kontra: "Customer service and entertainment were awful"
Pro: "Eva Air handle my check in luggage very well, extra helpful."
Kontra: "Eva Air check in counter staff in Cebu, Philippines had a hard time with my Star Alliance Premier Gold status. They probably need more training with computers and dealing with Star Alliance members. They were very nice though, and apologetic for the inconvenience I had to go through."
Pro: "Great service, crew felt happy with their job"
Kontra: "It was a really turbulent ride"
Kontra: "Food and entertainment selection"
Pro: "food and entertainment was great"
Kontra: "someone puked Dx"
Pro: "The service on line was excellent.! The staff was friendly and accommodating. The pilot was informative. I would definitely fly EVAAIR with my family again."
Kontra: "The staff speaks English very well, but they think they have to speak really loud for the customer to understand them. That is not the case everyone understands and just because someone speaks louder it doesn't make a difference if they did not understand. Please let your staff know they can speak in a normal tone, we understood every single person on our trip. Also too many interruptions overhead. People were trying to sleep."
Pro: "same as above"
Pro: "I would take EVA air again!"
Pro: "Friendly staff"
Kontra: "The sauce was old and make me sick."
Pro: "The staff were excellent. They were very attentive and professional. The food was also pretty good for plane food. The entertainment was good."
Pro: "Crew was very attentive."
Kontra: "Movie and TV selections were minimal compared to other airlines. After landing in LAX, took a very long time for checked baggage to appear, and I had another non-connected flight to catch."
Pro: "Smooth flight with little turbulence."
Pro: "Great service. Great team!"
Kontra: "My son & I traveled together on a trip from Manila to USA in Taipei. We had a 3 hour transit time, and waited by the gate of the flight from Taipei to USA. To exercise, I left the gate and walked around the terminal. Coming back to the gate, I could not enter because the ground stewardess blocked the entrance to the gate. I had to wait for 30 minutes until I finally was able to sneak thru the rope barrier that was placed there after the stewardess left. Then when I was confronted again, I explained my situation and this time she let me through to join my son, who was at the gate all this time."
Pro: "Large selection of free movies"
Pro: "Comfortable."
Kontra: "Kids should be provided with kids meals and served ahead of other passengers if possible. More choices of food would be better."
Kontra: "Need more choice in movies."
Pro: "What caught my attention when we arrive at Taiwan Airport everything was extremely exceptionally clean and organize the bathroom you can practically sit on the floor in there that how clean it was."
Kontra: "The long stand by time"
Pro: "Departed and arrived on time!"
Pro: "Nice crew"
Kontra: "Seats small good vegetarian food not real great"
Pro: "I like everything good service , and want to apply mileage to EVA Air.thank you."
Kontra: "Flight always delayed, but it s not a problem."
Pro: "The service that the crew provided was excellent. They were friendly and professional. The fight attendants were nonstop helping the passengers throughout the whole fight. My flight was on time and there was no delays. 10+ rating, I will fly EVA again soon. I'm already plaining my trip back to Asia in three months and I will be using EVA AIR. And yes, I will tell a friend to fly EVA AIR. FRED from California."
Kontra: "Just the passengers boarding the plane crewed the main gate."
Pro: "The staff made the whole flight quite pleasant"
Kontra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Flight crew was excellent."
Kontra: "The food was awful. Not enough liquids were offered. I would definitely bring my own water. Entertainment options were limited for English language speakers."

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Rp 16.029.500
Rp 17.384.106
Rp 12.808.549
Rp 12.447.321
Rp 12.808.549
Rp 12.447.321
Rp 25.045.154
Rp 12.808.549
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Rp 21.131.848
Rp 12.808.549
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Rp 12.447.321
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Rp 12.808.549
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Rp 12.447.321
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